Kim Braly Signature (KBS) Tour Shafts was formed in early 2008 and has rapidly become the fastest growing steel shaft brand in the industry. In a relatively short time, KBS shafts have been adopted by top PGA Tour professionals and the custom department of every major manufacturer. The KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft is a lighter and stiffer Driver/Wood shaft that has the characteristics of the original KBS feel, efficiency, and optimization of spin and launch that the KBS product line is known for. KBS has completed their matrix of carbon fiber shafts with a driver shaft. There are 15 models from 40 grams to 80 grams. The shafts are labeled with a weigh and a category. The category is stiffness. KBS has done a very good job of maintaining this stiffness rating across weights. For the first time ever, KBS is adding a Driver/Wood shaft to the KBS product line. The KBS TD is a lighter and stiffer Driver/Wood shaft with characteristics of the original KBS feel. It is the perfect complement to our already proven performance-driven line of golf shafts now fitting your entire golf bag. See full list on pluggedingolf.com. Kbs driver shaft cracked.

Here is the video game “4x4 Evo 2”! Released in 2001 on Windows, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. It's a racing / driving and sports game, set in an off-road / monster truck, licensed title, vehicle simulator and automobile themes. 4x4 Evo 2 last edited by videogamerkc on 06/15/18 11:44AM View full history Overview 4x4 Evo 2 is a 3D off-road racing game developed by Terminal Reality and published by God Games (US Xbox and PC releases), Gathering of Developers (UK and EU Xbox and PC releases), Aspyr Media (EU Mac releases), Universal Interactive (US GameCube release), and BAM! Evo-F 2 is the second installment of the fantastic Evo-F series. In this game, you can drive in a new location! You can jump into many different realistic vehicles and show your skill.

4x4 Evo 2 free full. download Pc Windows

4x4 EVO 2
PC game English Genre: Racing 442 MB
So you've had enough of watching your favorite SUV pillage some rocky terrain in a TV commercial and decide to imitate art. Only, you paid a lot for that SUV and the idea of scratching its paint or blowing out its transmission is holding you back from your dirty dreams. Worry not, Mud Warrior, just slip in 4x4 EVO 2 and witness the awesome power high torque all terrain vehicles possess. The game features Quick Race, Free Roam, Time Attack and Career Racing, hundreds of licensed vehicles, parts for customization, and 30 racing stages from across the world.

4x4 Evo 2 free full. download Full


# Multiple game modes including Quick Race, Free Roam, Time Attack, and Career racing.
# Hundreds of vehicles from multiple manufacturers.
# Hundreds of generic and brand name parts to customize your vehicle.
# Be recruited by and race for a professional team.
# Face off against a buddy in head to head action.
# 30 planet spanning racing areas.
Hardware Requirements
Pentium III,IV or Athlon at 450 MHz or better
128MB System RAM
100% DirectX8 or OpenGL compatible 3D accelerator with 32MB of RAM
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
1.2 GB free uncompressed hard disk space
Recommended System Specs
Pentium III, IV, or Athlon at 700MHz or better 256MB System RAM
NVidia GeForce2 or GeForce3, Matrox G400, or ATI Radeon
Sound Blaster Live
1.5 GB free uncompressed hard disk space
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