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Absolute Dollar Milton Hours

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You’ve been searching for a sex doll to buy and finally found the perfect one for you. She has a gorgeous face and body and you can’t wait to own her. There’s just one problem: You never heard of the website and don’t know if you’re going to get scammed or not. Are they legit?

Did you know that 90% of sex doll websites sell counterfeit/imitation products? Read this article to find out signs of scams and how to tell whether a website is legitimate or not.

1. Do Not Buy From Aliexpress/Alibaba, Ebay, or Amazon

Top sex doll brands DO NOT sell on marketplace websites such as Aliexpress, DHgate, Ebay, or Amazon. You will not find legitimate, top-brand dolls on any of these websites. Anyone can sell anything on these websites, and 99% of the time, dolls on these sites are cheap, imitation dolls using the photos from top brands.

2. Check For Legitimate Prices

Price is a good indicator of whether a website is trustworthy or not. Sex dolls under $1000 is a very obvious sign of a scam. The price is appealing, but no legitimate sex doll sells for that cheap (unless it’s a mini-doll). Legitimate TPE sex dolls usually sell for around $1500-$2000+ (depending on the brand and size) and Silicone sex dolls usually sell for around $2000-$3000.

Silicone Lovers is a TDF-approved supplier we trust and their site give a good sense of how much sex dolls should cost. Their prices are fairly low already so any sites with prices lower than Silicone Lovers comes off as sketchy. SexDolls-Shop is also a great, trusted site to compare prices.

Absolute Dollars Definition

3. They Must Show the Doll Brand Names

Most legitimate sex doll stores carry multiple sex doll brands, such as WM Doll, 6YE, Piper Doll, etc. The doll’s product page should clearly mention the brand of the doll. If a website does not show the doll brand or claim to be the brand (i.e. a website called XDolls claiming that their dolls are XDolls brand when they clearly use photos from other brands) are red flags not to trust the website. Websites they don’t show the brand usually manufacture or sell imitation dolls.

4. Good English/Grammar

This only applies to sex doll stores in English. Usually the English and grammar can be an indication of whether a website is trustworthy. There’s nothing wrong with a few typos but continuous bad English and grammar usually gives off a red flag. Many Chinese manufacturers and sellers of imitation dolls create websites in English to sell to the West, and their poor English makes it obvious. Avoid websites with badly written English and grammar.

5. Fast and Good Customer Service

Before buying from a website, always contact their customer support first, preferably through email. Most websites have live chat, but they may not always be online. The intelligent investor free online. Ask them many questions through email and see how quickly and well they respond. It’s also great if they have a phone number, and you can try calling them. If they reply fast, with good English/grammar, and are professional and polite, that is a good sign that they can be trusted.


Found a website and would like to know whether it’s legit or not? Feel free to comment below and I can tell you what I think.

You can also check out our list of trustworthy sex doll websites here: https://celesdolls.com/trusted-sex-doll-websites/

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