Affinity Designer is a new vector-based graphics editor developed by Serif for various creation needs with the help of professional but extremely easy-to-use instruments. Inkscape is a free and open source vector drawing software, which features a special format that is very flexible and gives users with a variety of tools with helpful data. Affinity Designer is a comprehensive graphics editing application, and a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator if you’re looking for a modern, one-payment app. The software is affordable, supports a wide variety of file types, and very beginner-friendly. The community for Affinity Designer is growing.

From the studio of the inimitable Bob Byrne, a.k.a Clamnuts, we bring you The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack. A collection of grungy Styles, gritty Brushes and awesome Assets, ready to give your projects an instant creative edge.

So, how were they made?

When you work with textures in your designs you can’t help but notice the gnarly old paint on the slide when you’re at the park with your kid. Collecting interesting and unusual real-world textures is where this started, many of which were taken from this same dilapidated playground, they were then edited to create a bold, inked look.

Originally the collection was created by Bob for use in his own projects, the Styles in this collection are a shorthand way to apply awesome texture and pattern to projects. Paired with vector brushes that add interest to line-art and texture to the edges of shapes, plus a set of ultra-useful assets, this collection grew and grew into the monster you see before you!

What do you get?

  • 92 Assets
  • 25 Vector Brushes
  • 100 Styles (split into 3 parts)
  • Part 1—44 Styles
  • Part 2—36 Styles
  • Part 3—20 Styles (100 in total)

How should I use them?

The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack is a toolkit for enhancing your vector art. The vector Brushes can be added to vector lines to add texture and pattern, the Styles add instant bitmap texture and grunge to your vector shapes and the Assets are a collection of useful resources that can be dropped onto your canvas at any time. Resize and fine-tune your creations through the wonder of Affinity Designer’s Appearance Studio.

The Shizzle Brushes


Draw a vector line and add a vector brushstroke for instant interest. It doesn’t have to be an outline either, use the brushes for scribbled textures and gradual grainy shading. The great thing about using vector brushes for shading is you can change the brushstroke, tweak the vector curve and recolour them til your heart’s content, no erasing or redrawing necessary. If you need to make quick changes to your client projects or like to change your mind a lot, this is the way to go!

The Shizzle Styles—in three parts

Grizzle up your vectors using the Shizzle Styles. In just one click, you can add grains, dots, shadows, hand-drawn patterns, tones and textures to your work to give it that extra oomph. Styles work by selecting a vector shape and clicking the Style of your choice in the Styles Panel to apply it to the shape. You can then edit using the Appearance Studio.

The Shizzle Assets

Drag and drop or insert an asset from the Assets Panel, colour it, clip it, use it as a mask, the options are endless. Shapes and patterns, great for building up comic book panels or for experimenting with the other elements of this collection.

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Subcategories include Shiznuggets—bits and bobs to play around with, shadows, lines with brushes pre-applied and ready to edit, line groups that create patterns waiting for some magic and perfect for clipping, irregular circles and rough edges squares and much more.


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Check out some of the cool illustrations Bob has created using the brushes, styles and assets in The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack.

Where can I get hold of this epic collection?

The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack is now available to purchase on the Affinity store.

About the creator

Affinity Designer Update

Bob Byrne is an Irish freelance illustrator and product designer. Since founding Clamnuts design studio 20 years ago with its roots in Irish underground comic and zine culture, Bob has expanded his company to encompass the Dr Moku language learning apps and product range, animations and illustration for top brands such as Cadbury and mobile game development, with more products and apps on the horizon. Bob has been involved in the development of Affinity products from the early days, with his feedback and experience helping shape the apps.

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You can see more of Bob’s work on the Clamnuts website and Twitter.

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You can also read our behind the scenes interview with Bob here and check out his Affinity Lockdown 2020 Creative Session on YouTube where he talks us through how to use Styles in animated projects.

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