GE BiliSoft Phototherapy System. BiliSoft Phototherapy System is the next generation LED fiber-optic based technology for treatment of indirect. LED Phototherapy System BiliSoft™ Nominal Spectral Irradiance: 35 μW•cm-2• nm-1, Wavelength: nm (peak nm) GE Healthcare M Find out all of the information about the GE Healthcare product: infant phototherapy lamp / transportable / LED BiliSoft. Contact a supplier or the parent company.


Bilisoft User Manual The BiliSoft LED Phototherapy System should not be used adjacent to or be stacked on other equipment. If adjacent Page 4/27. Access Free Bilisoft User Manual or stacked use is necessary, the BiliSoft LED Phototherapy System should be observed to verify normal operation in. It shows Service Shop from GE Healthcare offers direct access to GE medical equipment parts and productivity tools. Such as the BiliSoft. LED Phototherapy System and the You can use the BiliBlanket Meter II with LED 2015 General Electric Company. GE BiliSoft LED Phototherapy System, Operator and Service Manuals included.

  • Manuals, IFUs, recalls & alerts incl GE Lullaby Operation and Maintenance Manual Rev E 2011, Ohmeda BiliBlanket Meter 2 Operation and Maintenance Manual April 2000, Ohmeda Giraffe Spot PT Lite Phototherapy System Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual Rev 105, Ohmeda Transilluminator System Operation, Maintenance and Service Manual Jan 2003, GE BiliSoft LED Phototherapy System.
  • Led Light Therapy Manual The BiliSoft LED Phototherapy System consists of a light box and a detachable fiberoptic light pad with a long, flexible fiberoptic cable. The fiberoptic cable delivers light from a high intensity LED module in the light box to the fiberoptic light pad. BiliSoft™ LED Phototherapy System.
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BiliSoft Phototherapy System Intensive phototherapy while supporting family-centered care. Transformation of Blue light – Intensive blanket bilisot for large treatment surface supporting developmental and family-centered care – Innovations Improving Care: Read More Read Less.

Infant phototherapy lamp / transportable / LED – BiliSoft – GE Healthcare

This form will auto-populate account information for registered users. Ultra-soft, disposable BiliSoft covers are made of skin-friendly fabric and are available in flat covers or nests. GEHC warrants that replacement biilsoft probes are free from defects in workmanship or materials under normal usage for a period of twelve 12 months from delivery and any claim should be submitted in writing within such period.

Bilisoft Led Phototherapy System Service Manual

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Customer is solely responsible for the installation of Life Care Solutions spare parts purchased through this website strictly in accordance with any bilisodt manufacturer’s instructions contained in the user manual, service manual if available or any other supporting documentation. Tour Open Supports Developmental Care BiliSoft promotes developmental care and enables infant-parent bonding while providing healing therapy where it is needed.

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Back BiliSoft Phototherapy System. GEHC may perform such installation upon Customer’s request and for additional fees.

Either option ensures quick and easy access to the newborn – Easy positioning: Should the probe not be in stock, the approximate estimated delivery date will be communicated to the Buyer by GEHC upon placement of the order.

Please enter appropriate Account ID. BiliSoft promotes g care and enables infant-parent bonding while providing healing therapy where it is needed. Adding this promotional item will still require a Quote and prevent Checkout. You already have a “request for a quote” item in your cart. Provides a large surface area. Please try again after some time.

BiliSoft Phototherapy System GE Healthcare

A long, flexible, fiberoptic cable makes positioning easier than ever – Wavelength: Adding this “request for a quote” item will require a Quote and prevent checkout. Part availability and reference numbers are subject to change. Bilisofft Coverage Provides a large surface area. Add to Wish List. Please enter Email Address.

BiliSoft Phototherapy System

Do you want to continue? Your cart has been saved and will be available when you login next time. For the most current information, including updates on a particular spare part, please contact GEHC. Please enter appropriate zipcode. The baby can be held, fed, or gf while receiving treatment.

The BiliSoft Phototherapy System features the technology that you need to provide intensive, efficacious phototherapy as recommended by AAP Guidelines. Bed mounted units that conserve space in all care areas Roll stand mounted options that provide added flexibility Both options help ensure quick access to bilisotf baby. The pad design also helps to eliminate distance deficiencies entirely. Its increased surface area, high spectral irradiance, and long-lasting blue, narrow-band LED light are just the beginning.

Ge Bilisoft 2.0 Service Manual

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