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  2. Season 2, Episode 4 Wolves in the Sheep Pen January 4, 1978 A cocky Navy rookie is assigned to help the Black Sheep sink a radar ship.
  1. Black Sheep Squadron Season 2 Episode 7

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Baa Baa Black Sheep (renamed for Season 2 as Black Sheep Squadron and later syndicated under that title) was a television series that premiered on September 21, 1976 with a lead-in movie ('Flying Misfits') and ran from September 23, 1976 to April 6, 1978. The series consisted of 2 seasons, a 23-episode Season 1, and a 13-episode Season 2, for a total of 36 episodes.


Series overview[edit]



Season 1: 1976–77[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected by:Written by:Original air date
1212'Flying Misfits'Russ MayberryStephen J. CannellSeptember 21, 1976
2-hour pilot.
Guest stars: Sharon Gless, George Gaynes
33'Best Three Out of Five'Lawrence DohenyStephen J. CannellSeptember 23, 1976
Guest stars: Charles Napier
44'Small War'Walter DonigerPhilip DeGuere Jr.September 28, 1976
Guest star: Rene Auberjonois
55'High Jinx'John PeyserKen PettusOctober 5, 1976
Guest star: Donald Petrie
66'Prisoners of War'Jackie CooperKen PettusOctober 12, 1976
Guest star: Clyde Kusatsu
77'Presumed Dead'Lawrence DohenyPhilip DeGuere Jr. & Milt RosenOctober 26, 1976
Guest stars: Kent McCord, James Hong, Norman Burton
88'The Meatball Circus'John PeyserStephen J. CannellNovember 9, 1976
Guest stars: Stewart Moss, Robert Clarke
99'Up for Grabs'Ivan Dixon & Alex BeatonTBANovember 16, 1976
Guest stars: George Takei, Yuki Shimoda
1010'Anyone for Suicide?'Jackie CooperKen PettusNovember 23, 1976
1111'New Georgia on My Mind'Jeannot SzwarcKen PettusNovember 30, 1976
Guest star: James Luisi
1212'The Cat's Whiskers'Russ MayberryMilt RosenDecember 7, 1976
Guest star: Frank Maxwell
1313'Love and War'William WiardPhilip DeGuere Jr.December 14, 1976
Guest star: Leslie Charleson
1414'The War Biz Warrior'Lawrence DohenyGordon DawsonJanuary 4, 1977
Guest stars: James Darren, Ford Rainey
1515'The Deadliest Enemy of All: Part 1'Barry ShearPhilip DeGuere Jr.January 11, 1977
First episode with Larroquette, Manetti, and MacKay in the opening credits.
Guest star: Anne Francis
1616'The Deadliest Enemy of All: Part 2'Barry ShearPhilip DeGuere Jr.January 18, 1977
Guest stars: Anne Francis, Greg Boyington
1717'Devil in the Slot'Edward DeinStephen J. CannellJanuary 25, 1977
Guest star: Red West
1818'Five the Hard Way'Jackie CooperKen PettusFebruary 1, 1977
Guest star: Kenneth Mars
1919'The Last Mission Over Sengai'Jackie CooperPhilip DeGuereFebruary 8, 1977
2020'Trouble at Fort Apache'Edward DeinStephen J. CannellFebruary 15, 1977
Guest stars: Joel Fabiani, James Keach, Les Lannom
2121'Poor Little Lambs'Jackie CooperKen PettusFebruary 22, 1977
Guest stars: Sorrell Booke, Lilyan Chauvin, Soon-Teck Oh
2222'W*A*S*P*S'Dana ElcarPhilip DeGuereMarch 1, 1977
2323'Last One for Hutch'Lawrence DohenyStory by : Glen Olsen & Rod Baker
Teleplay by : Glen Olsen & Rod Baker & James S. Crocker
March 8, 1977
2424'The Fastest Gun'Philip DeGuereStephen J. Cannell & Philip DeGuereMarch 22, 1977

Season 2: 1977–78[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected by:Written by:Original air date
251'Divine Wind'Lawrence DohenyDonald P. BellisarioDecember 14, 1977
262'The 200 Pound Gorilla'Dana ElcarStephen J. CannellDecember 21, 1977
273'The Hawk Flies on Sunday'Robert ConradFrank AbatemarcoDecember 29, 1977
284'Wolves in the Sheep Pen'Edward DeinDonald P. BellisarioJanuary 4, 1978
295'Operation Stand-Down'Philip DeGuere Jr.Story by : Glen Olson & Rod Baker
Teleplay by : Donald P. Bellisario
January 11, 1978
306'Ten'll Get You Five'Robert ConradPeter LefcourtJanuary 18, 1978
317'Forbidden Fruit'Robert ConradStephen J. Cannell & Donald P. BellisarioFebruary 22, 1978
328'Fighting Angels'Lawrence DohenyStephen J. CannellMarch 1, 1978
339'The Iceman'Dana ElcarDonald P. BellisarioMarch 8, 1978
3410'Hotshot'Lawrence DohenyDonald P. BellisarioMarch 15, 1978
3511'The Show Must Go on.. Sometimes'Dana ElcarJames S. CrockerMarch 23, 1978
3612'Sheep in the Limelight'Lawrence DohenyFrank AbatemarcoMarch 30, 1978
3713'A Little Bit of England'Donald P. BellisarioDonald P. BellisarioApril 6, 1978
Guest star: Peter Frampton
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Black Sheep Squadron Season 2 Episode 7

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