Developer(s)Celtx Inc.
Operating systemCross-platform
PlatformCloud Based
TypeScreenwriting and media pre-production software
LicenseMozilla Public License version 2.0[1]

Celtx Studio Free Software

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Celtx (/ˈkɛltɪks/) is media pre-production software, designed for creating and organizing media projects like screenplays, films, videos, stageplays, documentaries, machinima, games, and podcasts.[2]


A screenshot of CeltX version 2.7 showing the storyboard feature.

Celtx originates from desktop software built on open, non-proprietary standards (e.g., HTML, XML and RDF) and licensed under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0. Feature development and language translations (23+) of the application were driven largely by the feedback and volunteer efforts of members of the international Celtx community.[3]

In 2013, development, support, and distribution of the desktop software of version 2.9.7 and older was discontinued,[4] and is no longer officially available.[5] However, the Windows executable[6] and macOS file[7] of 2.9.7 were still available in June 2014.

The 32-bit source code for 2.9.7 is still available for download.[1] The 64-bit source code for 2.9.7 was available until at least August 2015.[8]

Microsoft gs wavetable synth windows 8.1 download. 'Celtx' is an acronym for Crew, Equipment, Location, Talent and XML.



Celtx Studio Screenwriting

Celtx offers several features to screenwriters and anyone involved in pre-production.

Celtx uses an industry standard screenwriting editor typical for screenplays and stageplays. Celtx also includes a rich text editor module for writing novels.
Project collaboration, management and storage
Celtx Studio offers project collaboration and online file storage.
Scripts can be uploaded to the Celtx Exchange for public viewing, peer reviews and commentary.
Celtx supports creation of production calendars, stripboards, shooting schedules, and call sheets.
Celtx features thirty-five different elements, such as Actor or Special Effects, that can be added to the project. These elements can have various information added to them, such as media or text. Celtx allows directors and writers to tag elements within each script. These tagged elements can then be automatically transferred to a script breakdown.

Pre-visualization tools[edit]

Celtx allows people to create storyboard sequences, which can be printed or viewed using Celtx's built-in animatic playback feature.

Celtx Script Download Free

Shot Blocker
The Shot Blocker tool can be used to draw a sketch or setup which can also be added to a storyboard. The Shot Blocker includes pre-loaded icons and imagery for cameras, lights and people that can be tagged with text, and tools for drawing lines, arrows, shapes and text.

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