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Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela
Directed byJandhyala
Produced byKoneru Radhakumari
Written byJandhyala (dialogues)
Screenplay byJandhyala
Story byAdivishnu
Music byRajan–Nagendra
Edited byGowtham Raju
Release date

Choopulu Kalasina Subhavela is a 1988 Teluguromanticcomedy film directed by Jandhyala starring Naresh, Mohan, Ashwini and Gayatri. The music was composed by Rajan–Nagendra. The film was a blockbuster and has cult status.[1]


Anand Mohan (Mohan) works as a manager in a wall clock company owned by Pandurangam (Suthi Veerabhadra Rao). Padma (Ashwini), daughter of Pandurangam's brother Nagalingam (Nutan Prasad) stays in his house and goes to college. Anand falls in love with her. But he is afraid to reveal it to Pandurangam because of the fear of losing his job.

Anand receives a letter from his friend Lakshmi Prasad (Naresh). The letter explains his problems because of losses in his business. Anand goes to the village and rescues him as he is about to commit suicide. He brings him to the town in hope of finding a job. Anand uses Lakshmi Prasad in various ways to convince Pandurangam of his love with Padma. At last Pandurangam comes to know about their love and agrees to their proposal.

Lakshmi Prasad also loved a girl when he was in his village. He loses track of her when her family has migrated to some other city. Luckily, Lakshmi Prasad finds her again. Nagalingam does not like the word 'Love'. So he opposes it when his daughter proposes to marry Anand. This leads to conflict between the brothers and they split their property including their mother. She feels very bad about this. When she decided to live in a temple instead of witnessing the fight of her two sons, Anand's father (Kota Srinivasa Rao) takes her to his home. He advises his son to reunite their family because they split because of his love.

Anand along with Padma, Lakshmi Prasad and others enact a story to change the minds of Nagalingam, who finally agrees to marry his daughter to Anand, and their family reunites.

Bad news for all fans of CKSV(Chupulu Kalisina Subhavela Serial). Today is the End of Serial. But Superb episode. Chupulu Kalasina Subhavela Episode 187.


Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela Serial Hero Name

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  • Teluguflame.net - choopulu kalisina subhavela maatv serial online – choopulu kalisina subhavela. CAST: Sanaya Irani, Barun Sobti, Daljeet Kaur Bhanot, Abhaas Mehta, Deepali Pansare, Akshay Dogra, Utkarsha Naik, Jayshree T., Karan Goddwani, Sanjay Batra, Pyomori Mehta, Abha Parmar, Swati Chitnis, Sana Khan.

Choopulu Kalasina Shubhavela


  • Naresh as Prasad
  • Mohan as Ananda Mohan
  • Ashwini as Padma
  • Gayatri as Lalitha
  • Nutan Prasad as Nagalingam
  • Suthi Veerabhadra Rao as Pandurangam
  • Kota Srinivasa Rao as Gurunatham
  • Brahmanandam as Personal assistant of Pandurangam, a foodie
  • Ratna Sagar
  • Vidyasagar
  • Ashok Rao


  • 'Ninna Monna' -
  • 'Prema Garjinchave' - sung by SP Balasubrahmanyam and K S Chithra
  • 'Siri Malli' -
  • 'Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela' -


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chupulu kalisina subhavela serial is a dubbed version of the Hindi television serial, “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?”, which is a show on STAR plus, that was being telecasted on June 6, 2011, cast by ‘ Barun Sobti’ and ‘ Sanaya Irani’. This show stood as one of the top five daily drama serials on television channels. The show ended on 30th November 2012.

The series was from a production house of Four Lion Films and Panglosean Entertainment. chupulu, kalisina subhavela all episode in Telugu were broadcasted on MAA TV as “Chupulu Kalisina Shubhavela”, which was telecasted from 23rd July 2012, and repeated on Maa Gold The story is about an intense love-hate relationship between two individuals who have entirely different and opposite mindsets. Some of the chupulu kalisina subhavela best episodes were episode no 315, 235,236,350 and many more.

chupulu kalisina subhavela love scenes of episodes 315 are much popular in net. The story presents in a new perspective way, highlighting the confusion of how they cannot do anything without one another, and at the same time cannot be together. The show is about the love story of two people, who deeply care for each other but due to their egos, they can’t be together, presenting an interesting play of divergence between love and hate amongst their relationship.

The cast involved is ‘Barun Sobti’ as ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’ and ‘Sanaya Irani’ as ‘ Khushi’, who played key roles in the serial and have entirely different and opposite principles in lifeThe story illustrates the journey of their lives with love-hate relationship amongst them. They testify a series of dramatic conflicts in their relationship. Arnav often tries to prove that Khushi's loyal morals were nothing to him and he has overall authority. While Khushi always keeps faith in the morals that she believes in, without letting down her values.

The climax of the show occurs with chupulu kalisina subhavela marriage episode. The show gained popularity within a short span of time. O terceiro travesseiro. Despite gaining popularity, the show has won many awards, such as “Star Parivaar Awards”, “Indian Television Academy Awards”, “Indian Telly Award” and “The Global Indian Film and TV Honours” in different categories in 2012.

It has also been remade in the Kannada language as “ Aragini”, which telecasted on Suvarna TV, and in Bengali language as “Bojhena Shey Bojhena”. Another version of the story. Chupulu Kalisina Shubhavela is a popular and hit serial, which was telecasted on Maa TV at 6 pm from Monday to Friday. It was started on 23rd July 2012. It was a dubbing serial of a Hindi serial, “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon”, which was telecasted on Star Plus Channel.

It was started on 6th June 2011 and has completed 398 episodes on Star plus. Lalit Mohan and Arshaad Khan have directed Chupulu Kalisina Shubhavela serial and Rajesh Chadda, Nissar Parvez, and Gul Khan have produced this serial. chupulu kalisina subhavela cast included Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani, Abhaas Mehta, Daljeet Kaur Bhanot, Sanjay Batra, Jayashree, Deepali Pansare, Akshay Dogra etc.

It is a drama primarily focusing on the couple Arjun and Indu. In which, Indu is a simple and traditional girl who has deep roots of the values followed in her family. She believes in the power of relationships, love and she has faith in God. On the other hand, Arjun is a rich, charming and arrogant business tycoon who has no belief in God or love.

He is closely bonded to his sister Anjali. Arjun and Indu are irritated by each other instantly but find themselves that they are more similar than they might suspect. Indu starts working at Arjun’s office. Arjun’s girlfriend, Lavanya starts staying with Arjun’s family and everyone is happy except Arjun’s grandmother.

Chupulu Kalasina Subhavela Serial Episodes

So, Anjali hires Indu to help Lavanya become a good daughter-in-law. Lavanya starts learning the values of good daughter-in-law from Indu and tries her best to become one. As time passes, Lavanya improves and grandmother gets impressed with her.

In the meanwhile, Indu and Arjun realize that they love each other, but both are too stubborn to accept that. After that, Lavanya soon realizes that Arjun and Indu are in love thus, leaves Arjun and settles in London. Shyam, Anjali’s husband, after meeting Indu, falls in love with her.

Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela Serial 22

While he pretends to be a caring and loving husband and an honorable person, he secretly lusts for Indu and stays with Anjali only for her wealth.

In some unavoidable circumstance, Indu gets engaged with Shyam without the knowledge of his marital status. However, on knowing the truth, Indu breaks off their engagement and warns Shyam to stay within his limits. Arjun decides to tell Indu that he loves her, but in the meanwhile, he misunderstands that Shyam and Indu have an affair. After many interesting twists and turns, Arjun marries Indu and they live a happy life together.

Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela Serial In Telugu Last Episode 398

The serial – “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon” has won the Global Indian Film and TV Honours award for the Best Lead Actor on the year 2012 and the People’s Choice Awards India award for Favorite Most Good Looking On-Screen Jodi of the year 2012.

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