GTA San Andreas APK has taken action from Vice City’s ’80s to 90’s hip hop world of crime and gangsters. This 3D game is the best game made by Rockstar North Developers. It is the seventh title game in Grand Theft Auto Series. GTA San Andreas is based on the fictional state of San Andreas. Besides, it is one of the vast and complex 3D games that revolve around three cities Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. Furthermore, it includes vast expanses of deserts, forests, and countryside also hills & mountains.

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With this mod you can change clothes wherever you want. Just open the menu by pressing Y, and you can select the shop you want to get it from. In the shop, you have to choose between Torso, Legs, Shoes, Chains, Watches, Shades and Hats. You can remove the cloths if you want to. Nah, kali ini saya akan bagikan GTA SA LITE Versi 9 APK + DATA (MOD) nya, pada GTA San Andreas Lite ini ukurannya sangat kecil dari GTA San. Download GTA San Andreas + Data Full Free for Android Kali ini saya share game GTA SA Android full + Data, game ini sudah full versi, kamu bisa main sepuasnya tanpa bayar lagi di playstore, kapa. MobileGTA.net is the ultimate GTA Mobile Mod DB and provides you more than 1,500 Mods for GTA on Android & iOS: From Cars to Skins to Tools and more. GTA San Andreas. Airplanes (83) Bikes (188) Boats (6) Cars (2186) Helicopters (25). Skatefilter5, SoyDaniel 7, squidiskool, the gamers yt, the real clothes, trainman, Turdfergusson54.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK is focused on the returning of Cark Johnson CJ to his gang and their successive return to power. In this game, you play as Carl Johnson who is returning to his home Los Santos after five years. So many things have been changed and Carl’s wanted back the reputation and name of his gang. GTA San Andreas APK is a game full of violence, adventurous missions, cinematic cutscenes, and much more.

GTA SA has a great number of fans who love to play this but due to not good computer, they missed it. Now it’s available on mobiles as well. Download from our website and enjoy.

The character of Carl Johnson in GTA Sand Andreas is the most customizable one and you can change his hairstyle, clothes, and tattoos. Similarly, you can also change his body mass to be thin, fat, or muscular. Other interesting versions are GTA Vice City APK and GTA 5 APK.

GTA San Andreas APK is designed with contemporary features to make the game more interesting and adventurous for the player. Let’s have a look at its amazing features. There are many other great features of GTA SAN ANDREAS APK and we mention some important ones below. You can download its APK from our website so download and have fun.

  • This series of GTA has been designed with more motorcycles, combine harvesters, police bikes, quad bikes, and aircraft.
  • It allows the player to climb the short walls and swimming. The player gets the ability to perform a drive-by shooting with other members of the gang.
  • The target cross-hairs can be changed from red to green and black color solely depending upon the target’s health.
  • GTA San Andreas is developed with the latest feature that is the personality customization of the main character likewise you can change the hairstyle, clothes, and tattoos of CJ’s.
  • Additionally, another feature of this game is CJ’s health. You must get food from the restaurant’s nightclubs, and bars. Provide the proper food portion to CJ so that his physical performance should not be getting affected. A poor balance of his food and exercise can affect his muscularity and fitness.
  • San Andreas also offers areas of skills like firearms handling, driving, lung capacity, and stamina which can be improved through use in the game.
  • In addition to it, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK also features the two-player cooperative mode for the Xbox and Playstation 2. Both players can go in a car or move on foot together.

The above features are just the salient features. This game has many other amazing features as well.


GTA San Andreas is the latest addition in Rock Star games but it is currently available for Android devices only. You can download GTA San Andreas Mod APK no root absolutely free and enjoy the same features and graphics as given in the original version. Let’s see how you can download the GTA SA on your mobile. Serial code generator online.

  • You need to follow these steps to successfully get it installed on your Android device.
  • Firstly, download Mod APK and save it in your phone storage.
  • Now turn off your mobile data and Wi-Fi before the installation begins.
  • Now install the game from the downloaded APK file.
  • Now go to the location where your file is downloaded and look for the OBB zip file.
  • Now, extract the OBB file in your SD card / Android / OBB or you can copy the extracted folder into com.rockstargames.gtasa to Android / OBB.
  • If there is no OBB folder then you can create one in your desired location.
  • As you are done with this step, you then now landed in the streets of San Andreas to fight with the gangsters.

Follow the above steps and download the GTA SAN ANDREAS APK and enjoy this game.

Final Words:

By all means, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK is another great and amazing series developed by Rockstar games. Like other series, it also contains excellent graphics, the best sound effects, and enjoyable missions. Thus, download this game and kill your boring time.

Files for GTA San Andreas
File uploaded by:Dr_Ziegler62
Aloha, gentlemen! I decided to dig in the archives of the game and get out beta-clothes. Of course, not everything was restored to its full extent (due to the discrepancy between models and the curve of texture mapping), so I styled part of the clothes under the 'beta'. The mod also includes new names for certain types of clothing (for full authenticity). All pleasant adventures in the exciting world of San Andreas!
P.S. The screenshots do not show all the clothes!

Skins → Skin packs
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849.34 Kb

Mod For Gta San Andreas

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Main From Resident Evil Dead Aim

This Main is taken from the mod 'GTA San Andreas Resident Evil Dead Aim'. Who needs to drive the zombie. P.S remove the paths of pedestrians and transport, main itself will spawn people attacking at you (zombies).

Clot from Killing Floor

Envelope of one, from a small crowd, zombies. - Good bust (No glueing on the model) - Decent texture * I will be happy with the comments and positive assessments)

Shotgun from Primal Carnage

HD model and texture. Its icon (in two forms) The position in the hands is normal. Replaces: Chromegun. ------------- The author of the model: LukeWarm Media. The author of the envelope and transfer to the game: CryDragon St..

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Clothes Mod For Gta Sa Android Best Sound Pack

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