A Brief History

These beads contain a special chemical that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. UV is an invisible type of light from the Sun. It can burn our skin and cause cancer, damage our eyes, and destroy our cells. Most UV is blocked by our Earth’s ozone layer and atmosphere, but some still gets through and can be detected.

Although it seems like it’s pretty tough to buy a pipe these days that’s not color changing, it wasn't until around the 1980’s when a well known glass blowing artisan Bob Snodgrass accidentally discovered that coating a pipe or bong with silver or gold fumes would cause the it to gradually change colors, opening up a whole new world for the glass blowing industry.

How it Works

A metal alloy is vaporized to create a fume that the glass is rotated in until a visible layer of the vaporized metal is on the surface of the pipe. After this, another layer of glass is added to encase the metal between the two layers. The pipe appears to change colors because the metal alloy inside of it contains very lightly colored ions. Over time, resin builds up behind the thin layer of ions, creating a dark background which, in contrast, makes the ions’ colors much more visible. Once the pipe is cleaned, the ions again become nearly invisible and you can begin the color changing journey all over again.


Water Pipes Water Pipe refers to any combustion or vaporization apparatus that passes smoke or vapor through water to cool and filter the gas prior to being inhaled. ALL Glass Pipes are used to liberate the imprisoned goodness from many types of leaves and have been found alongside the revered dead in burial goods dating back 10,000 years. Lighteyez Color Changing and Eye Lightening drops are a range of revolutionary new products that change your eye color. Change eye Color. Changing eye color. Change my eye color. How to change my eye color. If used as directed, our eye-drops will naturally lighten eyes and change eye color within three to fifteen months (depending on choice of. Color changing glass pipes Bestsellers. Color changing glass pipes contain colors produced with fumed metals, the color changing effects are best when they are translucent, vibrant, and reflective. During the pipe use, its colors become darker and much more conspicuous, causing the appearance of color change, while the glass doesn't really. . Wireless Music Stream. 2-Way Configuration with Active Filter. 2” Titanium tweeter. 5” Woofer with 1” Kapton Voice Coil. Class D Amplifier. Frequency Range: 70Hz - 20KHz. Max Power: 100W. Power Source: 115V/230V. Auto Voltage feature allows unit to work with any voltage automatically. Built-in Color-changing LED’s. 12V 7.0Ah Rechargeable Battery.

How to Tell if a Piece is Color Changing

Color Changing Glass Eye Pipe

Color changing glass eye pipe

Red Eye Color Changing Pipe

Normally, glass will have a very clean, transparent appearance. However, if a piece is color changing, it will appear slightly translucent or foggy. Usually, a color changing pipe or bong will have a yellow, blue, or pinkish tint to the glass. Microsoft word and excel packages for mac. That light shade is what will change colors as resin builds inside of the pipe, creating a beautiful and completely unique piece for you to enjoy.

Color Changing Eye Pipe

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