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Dad Post Box Lock

DAD The DAD009 Black - Secured by Design Post Box is constructed from 3mm thick steel to EN 13724 and is Police approved via the Secured by Design, official Police security initiative. This robust, large Capacity post box ensures protection against corrosion and is weather and rust resistant. The post box door is secured by a key lock and incorporates a front loading A4 letter slot which is. Dad post box lock Post Box Lock Body Length 15mm Body Dia 17.5mm Head 25mm x 25mm Cam Bar 34mm Cranked. Dad Replacement Post Box Lock. 180 Degree Key Operation. Body Dia 17.5mm. Body Length 15mm. Head 25mm x 25mm. Cam Bar 34mm Cranked. Supplied With 2 Keys. The Dad post box is secured with a key lock and can only be opened with a key – allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that your private and confidential mail is in safe hands. Delivery of Dad mailboxes Need a Dad post box in a hurry? Post box and make good the site.Under the provisions of the Postal Services Act 2011, the postal services regulator Ofcom has decided to place specific requirements on Royal Mail in regards to its provision of post boxes. Under Designated Universal Service Provision 1.8, Royal Mail is required to provide a post box within half a mile of at.

Software testing techniques by boris beizer free download. The MOST secure mailbox on the market! Made from 3mm thick steel, using a 6-pin cylinder with 30,000 differs and a patented locking mechanism, the DAD009 is the ideal receptacle for your personal, financial and corporate mail. Backed by Secured by Design, it is a Police Preferred Specified product and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Dad Post Box Lock Box

Launched in 2012, this model is proving to provide the perfect solution against mail theft. Designed and manufactured by our engineers with years of experience, we recommend you go for the original model.

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