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So I made the mistake of upgrading my Mac to Big Sur which broke Daz. In doing some research, I read that installing Wine on the Mac allows Big Sur to run Daz without having to wait months for the Daz update. So being the old-timey linux guy that I am who used to run Windows apps on Linux all the time due to fanboying I decided to just install the Windows version of Daz Studio 4.15 on Mac Big Sur, and sure enough I got it working in about 20 minutes (faster than a finicky DazCentral on a Friday lol). Please be aware that at the moment Daz Studio is not compatible with macOS Big Sur and cannot be made to run. At present the only option for running DS under MacOS is to downgrade the OS to an earlier version. Daz is working on an update to address this issue, but it is not due until mid-2021. Richard Haseltine Posts: 70,208.

The Tawny Man Trilogy 3-Book Bundle PDF Free download. Oh dear, like DAZ Studio, Vue is the latest software to have been totally bjorked by the new Mac OS. E-on’s Black Friday page states of the new subscription version…

“VUE and PlantFactory R5 will not run in MacOS 11 (Big Sur)”

I’m not sure if previous versions will still run, but that was not the case with DAZ Studio. Which suggests that older Vue versions may also be dead, and like DAZ Studio will require nine months to fix. Reports on DAZ also say the fixes will break many plugins and scripts? Again, one wonders if that will also be true for Vue?

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What’s next to break on the Mac? Well, at least it won’t be Poser. Forum reports say that Poser 11 and 12 are apparently running fine on Big Sur, if you were wondering. The final Poser 12 Mac version may of course have extra stuff that changes that picture.

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The Move on the Speed editor is a press-and-hold, not the double-click that the manual describes. Double-click does a Split and the Unsplit if you are over a selected clip. If you do a double-click and hold while not over a selected clip, it splits and then moves the tail, which I'm not sure if that's a feature or coincidence.Daz

Daz Studio Macos Big Sur Download

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Also, for Move to actually be useful, you'll need to set the selection-follows-playhead option that I can't seem to find. Otherwise, you'll end up having to go to the mouse or main keyboard to select something to move.
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