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Louis vuitton bags have a serial number inside the bags to ensure they are genuine. How expensive is a Prada bag? All Prada purses have a Quality Assurance Tag, also known as a Factory Tag, stitched into the seam of the interior purse pocket. It's a white tag with 2-3 numbers printed in black, which indicates the purses's factory number. Note, that Prada wallets and wallet purses (wallets with removable purse strap) do not have a Quality Assurance Tag. AUTHENTICITY CARDS.

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Many of you have also asked me about the 'R' (which is one of the best identification).
Look at the prada name on the emblem, look at the R in prada if the right leg on the R is straight-- its fake, if it curves in (with a kink)--its real.

To help in the visualisation, please see pic below and I did a little 'r' drawing.

Thus you can see, why the prada items in www.makeupconnect.blogspot.sg
is authentic.
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Believe it or not it is pretty easy to make a fake designer bag and its actually pretty easy to tell the real from the fake if you know what to look for. Please remember that not all things I list well be present on a real prada bag, different styles may have these things differ from one another, but most are usually consistant. Make sure when buying a prada bag off an online auction or website that it comes with certificates of authenticity and/or atleast some type of serial number you can look up from prada, if some of these thing are not present. So here is a list of what to look for in a real prada bag:
1) look at the prada name on the emblem, look at the R in prada if the right leg on the R is straight-- its fake, if it curves in (like a kink)--its real.
2) the background of the prada plate, usually should be the same color as the bag.
3) The metal on the bag even the buttons should be engraved with the word prada.
4) the tag inside the bag must say PRADA MADE IN ITALY exactly.
5) The lining should say prada going horizontal all over it ( For example: Prada~Prada~Prada~), its Pradas signature lining that is used in most of their bags and the fake bags well have something that looks like it but it wont say prada!
6) It should have a serial number from prada and come with authenticity tags and a dust bag (please note if someone is selling a used Prada bag and all 5 things above are present but they do not have the item number, authenticity tags, or dust bag ask questions about where they bought it from, some people dont keep those things after buying a bag)!

Do Prada Bags Have A Serial Number Nomenclature

Look for these 6 things and if all are present then you are good to go with your new authentic prada bag!
Source: http://reviews.ebay.com/Knowing-FAKE-PRADA-from-REAL-PRADA-explained?ugid=10000000000966601
Prada Sunglasses
Prada Sunglasses - model number starts with 'S'
Prada Eyeglasses - model number starts with 'V'
The S or V is then followed by numbers and a letter at the end.
The colour code and frame size are also stated next to the model number.
Check the inside of your temples, on one side, it'll have a printing that says something like this 'SPR 54IS 5AV3M1 57 [] 18-135' Below is what they stand for..
-The S in SPR stands for Sun, in RX frames, it'll be VPR, the V stands for Vision.
-The 54IS is the model number of your frame.
-The 5AV3M1 is the color code for the frame.
-The 57 [] 18-135, it'll be 3 numbers, this is the measurement for the frame and is measured in Millimeters, the first number 57mm is the lens width, 18mm is the bridge width and the 135mm is the temple length.
All Prada eyewear is manufactured in Italy. Do Prada Bags Have A Serial Number

On the inside of the arm you will find 'Made in Italy'.

Check that they are 'Made in Italy' all Prada sunglasses are made in Italy by

Do Prada Bags Have A Serial Number Manufacture

Luxottica who is the manufacturer for Prada. Prada's are not made anywhere else.

Do Prada Bags Have Serial Numbers Inside

Thanks to: http://sunglassnerd.blogspot.sg/2011/07/how-to-tell-if-your-prada-sunglasses-is.html

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