Epson scan 2 app download. Most of DVBLink Server clients have to be configured to access DVBLink Server.

Proper configuration requires DVBLink Server IP address and Base streaming port.

DVBLink Server IP address is the IP address or a host name of the system where DVBLink server runs (e.g. of a PC or a NAS).

The default value of Base streaming port is 8100. (For DVBLink v4 Windows installation this port is 8080).

Dvbviewer for mac

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DVBLink Server on Windows platform requires DVBLink Connect! Server installation for DVBLink clients to work.

DVBLink supports maximum of 8 simultaneous streaming network clients.

DLNA and UPnP clients do not require any special installation or configuration. Open your DLNA or UPnP client and look for DVBLink DLNA TV Server on your network.

DVBLink XBMC PVR addon is part of the XBMC 13.0 (Gotham) installation.

For XBMC 12.x (Frodo) DVBLink PVR Addon for XBMC can be downloaded free of charge from our forums [1]

After downloading, add PVR addon to the XBMC using 'Install from zip file' option of Add-ons menu under System settings.

DVBLink Network Client for Windows MediaCenter can be downloaded free of charge from our website [2]

To install and configure DVBLink Network Client for Windows MediaCenter please refer to the DVBLink Network Client Installation and Configuration manual


DVBLink Client for iOS can be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore.

The following DLNA players for iOS can be used to watch live and recorded TV from DVBLink server (also running on a NAS):

  • 8Player
  • MediaConnect
  • Ace Player

DVBLink Client for Android can be downloaded free of charge from the Android Market.

Important! If you have a DVBLink Server running on a NAS platform, we recommend using free MX Player to watch live TV in combination with DVBLink Client for Android.

The following DLNA players for Android can be used to watch live and recorded TV from DVBLink server (also running on a NAS):

  • BubbleUpnp in combination with MX Player


DVBLink Client for Windows Phone can be downloaded free of charge from the WindowsPhone Marketplace.

Dvbviewer Mac Shortcut

Web streaming interface of DVBLink Server can be accessed by clicking on the TV and Media Library tab of the DVBLink Server Configuration interface (How to access DVBLink Configuration web page).

Alternatively you can use a direct http link http://<dvblink server ip address>:<base streaming port>.

Users can watch live and recorded TV from a DVBLink server in VLC using automatically generated playlist.

Open VLC player, select Open network stream from its menu and type the following URL into the open edit box:

For the live TV channels: http://<DVBLink Server address>:<base streaming port>/mobile/?command=get_playlist_m3u

Dvbviewer Mac Catalina

For the recorded TV files: http://<DVBLink Server address>:<base streaming port>/mobile/?command=get_recordedtv_m3u

Dvbviewer Mac Pro

VLC will download m3u file from the server and start playing the first item in the list. You can go up and down in the list using Next and Prev controls of VLC.

Dvbviewer Mac Download

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