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How to backup and restore Samsung phone and tablets devices contain EFS ‘/efs’ folder for backup IMEI, NV Data etc useful information. Using this step by step tutorial you can do this work. This is a most common question for most of the Samsung android devices owners while they are preparing to install a custom ROM and beta firmware. Because of sometime while you’re installing those after market or leaked firmware, it can be completely wiped the EFS folder and its contain data. As a result of that, you can’t connect to the mobile network.

Requirements: Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note9 Exynos (SM-N960F/FD/N) WITHOUT ROOT ACCESS THIS APP WON'T WORK. It is small utility to backup/Restore EFS for Smamsung galaxy NOTE 9.

When mobile devices connecting to the mobile network they check your devices IMEI number (not only IMEI). Every device has a unique number, if your Samsung smartphone or tablet IMEI missed, your device not connected to the mobile network and you can see “No network” message. Moreover sometime you may experience “Unknown Baseband’ issue. You can fix that issue using this toolkit.
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  • Hi, when iI had the 5.0.2 iI made a backup with 'EFS BACKUP 1.5.3' and it made a. Gz efs backup files and and other three files with the same previous extensions for the radio backup. After updating to the 5.1.1, i made another backup from the twrp recovery. Am i ok or i need to do a backup with your tool?
This backup and restore method we use “EFS Pro” it’s a Windows computer based application for backup and restore EFS folder on your Samsung smartphone and tablet. It need install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 on your computer. This tool developed by the XDA forum “lyriquidperfection” member. You can donate him/here using above XDA forum profile link.
  • EFS backup pro in here. (Originally it posted on Galaxy S2 forum, but it work all most all the Samsung devices)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 in here.

How to backup and restore Samsung phone, tablet EFS folder [ IMEI ].

This method we need the root permission and should install BusyBox on your phone or tablet. If you’re not sure you have the busybox, you can use “busybox installer” free app on the Play store.

Backup EFS partition.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to the desktop.
  • Double click the ADB folder contain “adb.exe” file.
  • Now you can see the Windows command prompt and within a few seconds its close. That’s OK.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone, go to “Settings>Developer options” and tick “USB debugging” or go to “Settings>Application” and tick USB debugging”.
  • Run the EFS pro application by double click on the “.exe” file.
  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.
  • EFS Pro top “Data Backup Method:” drop down menu select “Create Partition Image (*.img)” or “Create Compressed TAR Archive (*.tar). (Create partition image OK).
  • Then you have to select a “EFS backup” saved location. Tick “Save Backup To DEvice Storage” or PC Storage” options. PC backup will store on the desktop EFS folder (EFSProBackup folder).
  • Finally click “Backup EFS” button.
  • Now you can see the backing up progress at the bottom of the EFS Pro.
  • If you can see root permission request on your Samsung device grant the permission.
  • When it’s display backup completed you can disconnect phone from the PC and install the custom ROM or beta firmware.
  • Now keep that backup folder in a safe place (other than desktop better).

Restore EFS partition.

  • Extract the downloaded zip file to the desktop.
  • If your EFS partition backup file saved another location, copy it into the “EFS Pro.exe” file contain folder separate folder and name it as “EFSProBackup”.
  • Run the EFS Pro application by double click on the exe file.
  • Enable USB debugging on your Samsung device (Settings>Developer options” and tick “USB debugging” or “Settings>Application” and tick “USB debugging”.
  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.
  • On EFSPro “Restore Options” click its “Re-Scan” button.
  • Now you can see available backup files.
  • Choose one of the backup EFS in the drop down menu and tick “format/”efs folder before restore” option.
  • Finally click “Restore ESF” button.
  • Now you can see the restoring progress that the bottom of the application. When it display “Operation finished” disconnect phone from the PC.

[via:XDA forum]

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Efs backup and restore apk android
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☆Root required☆Partitions backup detects all your device partitions, including Bootloader, Kernel (Boot) and any sensitive partitions like the EFS (IMEI) and Modem partition, and let you easily make a..

devices only☆This application let you save a backup of your EFS (IMEI) partition (if exists) on any device running Android 3+, this help you to keep your IMEI safe from getting corrupted after any bad Rom..

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of this App.*With this App, you can easily backup your Note 4's EFS on a tap. A must have app for your precious and expensive phone. Features-1. BackupEFS in your..

USE ON ANY OTHER DEVICE]It is small utility to backup/RestoreEFS for Smamsung galaxy NOTE 2 N7100 and Note3 N900Installation and Activation -Needs Rooted device -Enable USB debugging -Click on App Icon - This..

Efs Backup And Restore Apk

With This App, You Can Backup/Restore Your Modem & Efs Partition From Your Samsung Note/Note2 - GT-N7000 & GT-N7100..(Tested On STOCK ROM Jellybean V4.12..!!!).You Don't Need An EXTERNAL-SDCARD, For..

higher*** NEEDS ROOT ACCESS TO OPERATE ***- Backup makes tripple backup- Restore gives you the choice of 2 restoration ways- the 3rd way of restore is the odin flashable---version 2 adds some advert when..

With this app, you can easily backup your EFS (IMEI) and modemst partitions. You can backup in Internal and External sdcard that best suits you. This app backs up your EFS in two..

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Efs Backup And Restore Apk Chrome

fixing the safe mode, this app also gives you ability to easily backup and restore your EFS(IMEI). You can easily backup and restore your EFS in a single click. Please note that..

Stock Rom..!!!).With This App You Can :1 - Backup Your Samsung (Stock) Firmware Files..2 - Flash Custom/Backup Kernel Partition, Recovery Partition, (GSM Radio) Modem Partition Etc..Put Custom Kernel Or Recovery File In..

provider.ItUnlocks does the following- Makes a backup of your important system folders( EFS folder) - Checks your phone model and OS to determine if it can be unlocked.- ItUnlocks will then unlock your phone if..

credit for discovering the importance of efs and backups goes to autoprime! *****Optimus G Pro and LG G2 support is due to drjbliss and lokihttps://github.com/djrbliss/lokiFreegee is all new and rewritten from..

Aws Efs Backup

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