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Faceniff Apk is an application for Android users to Hijack the session of other users on same WiFi network. Soban fleet pack for mac. If you are connected to a Wifi Network and there are some other users who are also using the same Wifi network on which you are connected then you can Hijack their sessions and access the websites.

FaceNiff – Hacking Tool: Faceniff is an Android app for hackers & users who are concerned about their security and want to test their networks for vulnerabilities. Faceniff allows an attacker to easily steal sensitive information such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Account Username & Passwords using Man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack techniques. Faceniff for Android Download – If you want to know how to sniff or to take. However, these files can only be viewed in Windows system, then. Oct 16, 2019 Download FaceNiff Apk for Android 2020 – Session Hijacking App. Today we have shared Faceniff download for android phones. For better understanding, we have explained its essential features. Download DroidSheep. FaceNiff is the another android hacking application which was developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz which allows the user to sniff and intercept the traffic over the WiFi. This intercepting the web sessions which allows you to snoop on the popular services like facebook, Twitter Google, Amazon, YouTube, Tumblr etc.

It will sniff and intercept web session of the victim. Faceniff will work only if the Wifi network is not using EAP. It is quite similar to Firesheep which also does the same work of Hijacking session.

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Dengan aplikasi FaceniFF, kamu bisa mencuri password pengguna yang terhubung ke jaringan WiFi yang sama denganmu. Syaratnya, kamu memiliki smartphone yang di-rooting dan telah mengunduh FaceNiff. Aplikasi ini dapat memotong profil di sesi web terbuka di jaringan WiFi yang sama. Once you download FaceNiff APK file latest version, you will need to root your device before you can install and run this app. You will then allow for the installation of unknown sources in the settings since Android devices are by default set to install apps from the Google Play Store alone. With these out of the way, you go to the next stage.

Faceniff Apk

As we have already discussed that Faceniff sniffs and intercepts the web session of the another who is on the same Wifi network on which you are connected. Simply once you hijack the session then you can use any account which is logged on that device. For example, you can access Facebook, Twitter, Google etc of the victim with Faceniff.

Nowadays Facebook, Twitter & Google has increased their security and they are using SSL that’s why now it’s quite harder to hijack the session. But still, there are some websites which do not use SSL and such sites session can be hijacked easily with Faceniff Apk. Below we have shared the complete guide to using Faceniff.

Faceniff Requirements

There are some minimum requirements which you need to fulfill before using Faceniff on your device. The very first and important thing is that you must have a rooted device to run Faceniff successfully. If you do not have the rooted device then make sure that you root you are mobile first. There are tons of articles available on the Internet to root your mobile phone.

  • You must have a rooted mobile phone.
  • Faceniff Apk File.
  • Working Internet Connection.
  • You and Victim should be connected to same Wifi Network.
  • Wifi shouldn’t be using EAP.
  • 512 MB Free Storage Available on Device.
Download faceniff for pc

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Faceniff Apk Information

File NameFaceniff
App Size648 KB
RequiredAndroid 2.2 +
Main TaskHijack Sessions
Last Updated25 December 2017

How to Download Faceniff Apk

As Faceniff is not officially available on the Google Play Store that’s why you need to download and install it manually yourself. Follow the below-given steps to download it on your mobile phone.

  • At first make sure you have rooted Android mobile phone.
  • Now download the Faceniff Apk file from the link shared above.
  • Once you have downloaded the Apk file go to Settings of your mobile and enable the installations from Unknown Sources.
  • Open the file and click on the Install button.
  • Wait till the installation process takes place.
  • Bravo! Faceniff is installed successfully on your mobile phone.

How to Use Faceniff App

  • Open the Faceniff app on your mobile phone.
  • Grant the root access to the Faceniff application.
  • Now make sure that you and your victim connected to the same Wifi network.
  • At the top right corner click on the Offline and make it Online.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Faceniff will show you all available Unencrypted sessions.
  • If the victim using SSL then you can click on SSL Strip to force the victim fall back on HTTP page.
  • Once the session is shown then click on Unencrypted Sessions.
  • Click on any session which you want to access.
  • That’s it, you will gain access to the user is connected to same Wifi network.

Faceniff Android Download


Faceniff Android Download Apps

This was the complete guide regarding Faceniff Apk. It is the easiest way to hijack the session of another user who is connected to the same Wifi network. But nowadays sessions on Facebook, Twitter and Google have become much secure and it’s not possible to hijack session of big sites. But still, there are some unsecured sites whose sessions can be hijacked.

Faceniff Android Download Software

If you are having any trouble using Faceniff or any question arising in mind then please do not hesitate to ask it in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you. Keep visiting us for more Tech related information.

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