FloorGenerator Full 2.10 And MultiTexture for 3ds Max 2014-2021 Win x64

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Floor Generator script is a functional script for 3ds Max that you can easily build, parquet and floor types for interior and exterior scenes. The Floor Generator script is used to simulate the floor model. Creating irregularities in the layout of parts used in flooring, or sometimes exterior, has doubled the utility of this script. From this video you will learn how to use Floor generator 2 script ind 3d max. Subscribe and stay for the next fresh tips, videos, freebies and updates. Floor Generator 2.0 – Creating a Hexagon Wooden Floor Hexagon Flooring with FLOOR GENERATOR 2.0 With the paid version of Floor Generator, which costs just 20 Euros, you get additional Herringbone, Chevron, Basket Weave and Hexagon patterns.


Title: FloorGenerator Full 2.10 And MultiTexture for 3ds Max 2014-2021 Win x64

Floor Generator 2

FloorGenerator is a plugin for 3ds Max which generates floor objects consisting of individual boards which can easily be textured using MultiTexture. It’s a great tool if you’re doing architecture visualization and need to make floors that are NOT going to tile and that you can see up close without any pixilation.


Can you download fl studio on mac. Copy the .dlt file that correspond to your version of 3ds Max to the
/plugins/ folder located in the root folder of your 3ds Max install.

Killing Floor 2 item
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'Primary fire releases a beam of electricity that arcs to nearby enemies. Alt-fire launches an electricity orb in a straight direction.'
'For those who seek unlimited power!'
Pricing 1500
Ammo Cost 110
Weapon TypeElectric Weapon
Alternative Weapon TypeElectric Weapon
Starting Ammo90
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Parry(multiplier for incoming damage)×Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character '{'.
Secondary Attack
Ammo TypeEMP Sphere
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Fire Rate60
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Consumes 15 units of primary ammo, fires slow moving sphere
PS4 Trophies

The HRG Arc Generator is the Survivalist'stier 4 weapon. It's a modified version of Firebug's Microwave Gun designed to cause constant electrical damage to player's initial target and at the same time electrocute nearby ZEDs around this target. Its alternative mode fires slow moving EMP orb that flies in a straight line piercing through multiple ZEDs constantly zapping them with the lightning bolts.

Floor Generator 2019


'Primary fire releases a beam of electricity that arcs to nearby enemies. Alt-fire launches an electricity orb in a straight direction.'

Flavor Text

'For those who seek unlimited power!'

Technical Information

Primary attack fires beam that damages player's initial target and applies chain (zap) damage to up to 4 additional ZEDs around this target within short range.

Beam (impact damage, distance < 3m) = 21.
Beam (impact damage, distance > 3m) = 21.

Beam Zap (chain damage) = 7.
Beam Zap (maximum distance to be zapped, from the original target) = 4.75m.
Beam Zap (maximum zapped ZEDs) = 4.

Alt-fire spawns slow moving sphere with great penetration power, this sphere inflicts (only once) impact damage to whatever ZED it touches and also constantly emmits zap beams that damage ZEDs around it.

Sphere (impact damage) = 220.
Sphere Zap (chain damage) = 25.
Sphere Zap (maximum zapped ZEDs per zap) = 3.
Sphere Zap (zap interval) = 0.4s.
Sphere Zap (zap radius) = 2.5m.

Rate of fire (beam / zap), per minute = 600.
Rate of fire (sphere), per minute = 60.

Damage type = EMP.

Approx beam length, m = 8.1m.
Sphere (speed / life time) = 600 / 10s.

Damage = 26.
Rate Of Fire = 50.

Reload Time = 2.84s (for both tactical and dry reloads).

Equip Time = 0.68s.
Put Down Time = 0.56s.

Floor Generator 2

Weapon Powers:
EMP power (beam impact) = 8.
EMP power (beam zap) = 4.
EMP power (sphere impact) = 50.
EMP power (sphere zap) = 8.
Gun hit power (beam impact) = 5.
Gun hit power (beam zap) = 5.
Gun hit power (sphere impact) = 150.
Gun hit power (sphere zap) = 5.
Penetration power (sphere) = 40.
Stumble power (beam impact) = 30.
Stumble power (beam zap) = 15.
Stumble power (sphere impact) = 300.


Upg1 (1500): Base damage: primary x1.15, alt-fire x1.15, Base weight + 1.
Upgrade as well affects zap damage of the beam and sphere.


  • Just like the other projectiles capable of penetrating ZEDs, EMP Sphere suffers from damage reduction upon each next subsequent penetration. Zap damage stays the same.
  • HRG Arc Generator DOES NOT have any form of DOT.
  • Beam impact has NO splash damage.
  • Beam has post-shooting life time where it does damage without consuming ammo (duration - 0.35s).


Quite effective against all types of ZEDs and bosses especially due to its EMP damage type.


  • HRG Arc Generator render

Killing Floor 2 Navigation
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  • VS)
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  • Siren (VS)
  • Husk (VS)
  • Scrake (VS)
  • Fleshpound (VS)
  • Bosses ( Patriarch (VS)
  • Abomination(spawn)
  • Matriarch)
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  • 1858 Revolver (Dual 1858 Revolvers)
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  • HRG Winterbite (Dual HRG Winterbites)
  • .50 Desert Eagle (Dual .50 Desert Eagles)
  • Rhino (Dual Rhinos) (DLC)
  • .500 Magnum Revolver (Dual .500 Magnums)
  • AF2011-A1 (Dual AF2011-A1s)
  • Glock 18c (Dual Glock 18c) (DLC)
  • Mosin Nagant(DLC)
  • Compound Bow(DLC)
  • Riot Shield & Glock 18(DLC)
  • 9mm Pistol (Dual 9mm Pistols)
  • Holdout (The Descent
  • Biolapse)
  • Endless (DieSector)
  • Summer Sideshow (The Tragic Kingdom(2017)
  • Airship(2018)
  • Steam Fortress(2019))
  • Halloween Horrors (Monster Ball(2018)
  • Ashwood Asylum(2019)
  • Hellmark Station(2020))
  • Twisted Christmas (Krampus Lair(2017)
  • Santa's Workshop(2018)
  • Sanitarium(2019)
  • Elysium(2020))
  • Content Patch 1&2 (Early Access Content Patch 01
  • Incinerate 'N Detonate Update)
  • Summer Sideshow(2017)
  • Halloween Horrors(2017)
  • Krampus' Christmas(2017)
  • Infinite Onslaught(2018)
  • Treacherous Skies(2018)
  • Monster Masquerade(2018)
  • Season's Beatings(2018)
  • Cyber Revolt(2019)
  • Back & Kickin' Brass(2019)
  • Grim Treatments(2019)
  • Yuletide Horror(2019)
  • Neon Nightmares(2020)
  • Perilous Plunder(2020)
  • Infernal Insurrection(2020)
  • Christmas Crackdown(2020)
  • Weekly Outbreaks (Boom
  • Beefcake)

Floor Generator 2020

Floor Generator 2

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