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Th Sarabun Psk Download

The font 'TH Sarabun PSK' is used on the Thai Wikipedia's current logo.

The National Fonts (Thai: ฟอนต์แห่งชาติ[1]; RTGS: [font] haeng chat) are sets of freely-licensed computer fonts for the Thai script sponsored by the Thai government. The original National Fonts include three Thai typefaces released by NECTEC in 2001, while a follow-up program, more specifically known as the thirteen National Fonts, or colloquially SIPA fonts (Thai: ฟอนต์ซิป้า[2]), include thirteen typefaces distributed and used by the Government of Thailand as public and official fonts after they won a national competition held in 2007. The fonts and all of their subsequently developed versions are released by the Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organisation), or SIPA, together with the Department of Intellectual Property through f0nt.com, and can be downloaded freely on the website.[3]

Font Thai Sarabun Psk For Mac

The competition was organised by Abhisit Vejjajiva's Council of Ministers, with a view to replacing all existing fonts the Thai Government bought from private sector, including Microsoft's 'Angsana New', 'Browallia New', 'Cordia New' and 'EucrosiaUPC' which were extensively used at that time, with the fonts created by Thai nationals. The competition was part of the project proposed by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, called the 'Standard Fonts for Thai Public Sectors' Project (โครงการฟอนต์มาตรฐานราชการไทย). The Ministry was quoted as saying: '..Various fonts are now used among the public agencies, that's why the state papers have never become standard. The fonts are also from the private companies which monopolise the rights over them, so we cannot use them as much as we should..'.[4]

On 7 September 2010, the Council of Ministers officially announced the thirteen fonts as the public fonts, naming them the 'national fonts'. The public agencies were ordered to use these fonts, especially 'TH Sarabun PSK', in their state papers. They were required to cease to use the private sector's fonts by 5 December 2010, Bhumibol Adulyadej's 83rd birthday anniversary. The legislative branch and the judicial branch were also asked for cooperation.[5]

Font Thai Sarabun Psk 9

The font 'TH Sarabun PSK' is used in the Government Gazette of Thailand on and from January, 2011, replacing 'Angsana New'. The Gazette's first volume using such font is volume 128, part 1 A, dated January 7, 2011, in which the 'Ministerial Regulation Determining the Criteria and Procedure for Acknowledging the Aircraft Type Certificates or Supplementary Type Certificates issues by the State Parties to the Conventions governing the Application for Certificates of Airworthiness or by the States with which Thailand has adopted the similar Agreements, BE 2553 (2010)' ('กฎกระทรวงกำหนดหลักเกณฑ์และวิธีการรับรองใบรับรองแบบอากาศยานหรือใบรับรองแบบส่วนเพิ่มเติมที่ออกโดยรัฐภาคีแห่งอนุสัญญาหรือประเทศที่ได้ทำความตกลงกับประเทศไทย เพื่อขอใบสำคัญสมควรเดินอากาศ พ.ศ. 2553') was published.[6] Unifi slow speed tests.

In 2018, Google Fonts and a local font foundry Cadson demak revised all Thai National fonts[7][8] and released them under Open Font License.

The font 'TH Sarabun PSK' is also used on the current logo of Thai Wikipedia. This version of the logo was designed by Pratya Singto (ปรัชญา สิงห์โต), a graphic designer who runs f0nt.com, and was adopted by the Community as it won a competition in 2008.[9]

The thirteen fonts are:[3]

1.TH Sarabun PSKSuppakit Chalermlarp (ศุภกิจ เฉลิมลาภ)The name 'Sarabun' (สารบรรณ, RTGS: Saraban) means documentary affairs. The font is later improved and distributed on August 19, 2011 under the name 'TH Sarabun New'. Revised version available on Google Fonts under the name 'Sarabun'.
2.TH CharmonmanEkkalak Phianphanawet (เอกลักษณ์ เพียรพนาเวช)The name 'Chamornman' (จามรมาน, RTGS: Chamon Man) means the heart of a rain tree, known in Thailand as a symbolic tree of Chulalongkorn University. However, the designer is an alumnus of Bangkok University, not Chulalongkorn.[10]
3.TH KrubEkkalak PhianphanawetThe font is named after a Thai particle 'Krub' (ครับ, RTGS: Khrap).
4.TH SrisakdiAksaramethi Team (ทีมอักษราเมธี), consisting of Phairot Piamprachakphong (ไพโรจน์ เปี่ยมประจักพงษ์) Bowon Chonradon and (บวร จรดล)The name 'Srisakdi' (ศรีศักดิ์, RTGS: Si Sak) means prestige. The Thai scripts are in the 'court style', a style of writing prominent during the Thon Buri Kingdom and the initial period of the Rattanakosin Kingdom
5.TH Niramit ASAksaramethi TeamThe name 'Niramit' (นิรมิต) means being invented by magic.
6.TH Charm of AUKanlayanamit Noraratphutthi (กัลยาณมิตร นรรัตน์พุทธิ)
7.TH KodchasanKansuda Piamprachakphong (กัลย์สุดา เปี่ยมประจักพงษ์)The name 'Kodchasan' (คชสาร, RTGS: Khotchasan) means an elephant.
8.TH K2D July8Kan Rotsawat (กานต์ รอดสวัสดิ์)
9.TH Mali Grade 6Sudarat Leotsithong (สุดารัตน์ เลิศสีทอง)It is the handwriting of a grade-6 girl named 'Little Jasmine' or 'Mali' (เด็กหญิงมะลิ), a character created by the designer.
10.TH Chakra PetchThirawat Photwibunsiri (ธีรวัฒน์ พจน์วิบูลศิริ)The name 'Chakra Petch' (จักรเพชร, RTGS: Chak Phet) means a crystal disc.
11.TH Bai Jamjuree CPPITA Team, consisting of Rapee Suveeranont (รพี สุวีรานนท์) and Virot Chiraphadhanakul (วิโรจน์ จิรพัฒนกุล)The name 'Bai Jamjuree' (ใบจามจุรี, RTGS: Bai Chamchuri) means a rain tree's leaf.
12.TH KoHoKo-Ho Group (กลุ่ม ก-ฮ), or A-Z Group, consisting of Kham Chaturongkhakun (ขาม จาตุรงคกุล), Kanokwan Phaenthaisong (กนกวรรณ แพนไธสง) and Khanittha Sitthiyaem (ขนิษฐา สิทธิแย้ม)
13.TH Fah KwangTeam Eleven (ทีมสิบเอ็ด), consisting of Kitti Sirirattanabunchai (กิตติ ศิริรัตนบุญชัย) and Niwat Phattharowat (วัฒน์ ภัทโรวาสน์)The name 'Fah Kwang' (ฟ้ากว้าง, RTGS: Fa Kwang) means 'the sky is wide' or 'the wide sky'.

Font Thai Sarabun Psk Download Free


Google Fonts[edit]

In 2018, Cadson Demak, a local font foundry work with Google Fonts to revised all the National fonts, providing them with more hintings, wider range of weights, and better Unicode supports. There is also a new font 'Thasadith' which was inspired from TH Srisakdi.[11]

#National font nameGoogle Fonts nameGoogle Fonts designers
1.TH Sarabun PSKSarabunSuppakit Chalermlarp (ศุภกิจ เฉลิมลาภ)
2.TH CharmonmanCharmonmanCadson Demak
3.TH KrubKrubCadson Demak
4.TH SrisakdiSrisakdiCadson Demak
5.TH Niramit ASNiramitCadson Demak
6.TH Charm of AUCharmCadson Demak
7.TH KodchasanKodchasanCadson Demak
8.TH K2D July8K2DCadson Demak
9.TH Mali Grade 6MaliCadson Demak
10.TH Chakra PetchChakra PetchCadson Demak
11.TH Bai Jamjuree CPBai JamjureeCadson Demak
12.TH KoHoKoHoCadson Demak
13.TH Fah KwangFahkwangCadson Demak


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