Free Download Here’s a simple genogram template that can be used to note down information of all four generations of a family. It is designed in a simple manner, and once the information is added in the template, you can either get it printed. Genograms are amongst the youngest members of the diagramming family, with a starting use in 1985. Although they are used to describe families and blood relatives connections, genograms greatly differ in look and purpose from the family tree diagrams.The main task of genograms.

Instead of making your family tree, you can use the free genogram template, which is available online. It eases you in making the family tree because you need to fulfill the blank space with the name of your relatives. Moreover, there are so many types of a genogram to choose, from the unique one to the formal one, for the big family to the small one.

There might be once when you were in school a teacher asked you about your whole family starting from your great grandparents to the latest generation of your family which is you. It was a fun time to know where you come from and who is your ancestor as well as to learn the background of your family.

It does not matter if the family have an extensive extended family or just an ordinary family with small members. The diagram helps you a lot in understanding the genealogy of your family because it has a line to explain who is the parents, children, brother, and sister.

How to make your Genogram template using Microsoft Word

Though there are so many genogram templates available online, there are some people who want to make and create their genogram so it would be more enjoyable. Sketch macos.

1. Find the reason to make a genogram

Figuring out the reason why you need to make the genogram is the first step to do. It will help you in specifying the data of your family members that you collect. It would be best if you also discussed everything that you will write to someone whom you are sure that she or he is the best interviewees for your genogram.

Besides family, genogram can also be used to attribute sensitive information such as drug or substance abuse. It can also help health care workers in tracking the medical history of your family.

2. Understand what you are looking for

After finding the reason for making a genogram, the second step is to comprehend what you are looking for. You also need to consider what kind of information that you will look for to be provided in the genogram. With providing more details means that you will not only know what position you are in the family but also other related information. You can include the health of your relations such as a history of cancer.

3. Decide the age range

It might be so much to cover if you want to write all of your relations in one genogram. Therefore, you can decide the age range that you want to deal with. It will also help you in gathering information. When you have selected the age range, then you need to meet the people who are included in the age range to provide you information.

4. Study about the history of your whole familial relationship

You can improve your contact with your distant relatives when you make a genogram. Furthermore, you will also learn more with people who can provide information about the focus of the genogram theme.

Free Printable Genogram Chart

A genogram is a chart of information that contains a family tree specifically made. Free Genogram template can be found online, but you can also create your own with each creativity.

1How to make your Genogram template using Microsoft Word

You should not worry much about making a genogram because here we gather an inordinate collection of free genogram templates for our users like you. They can pick a perfect free genogram template to draft a spotless genogram in few minutes. Genogram is usually known as a family map or details about family history that uses special symbols to describe relationships, major events and the dynamics of a particular family. Genogram is also known as family diagram and can be used for variety of purposes. It is basically a graphical representation of a person’s or patient’s family relationship and medical history over multiple generations.

Uses of free genogram templates

Free Printable Genogram Symbols

Carefully made Genogram used in various fields of life for different reasons. Each person of the family mentioned on a genogram is represented by a special symbol. All that symbols are then linked with lines to depict various dynamics and significant individual qualities of different family members. Medical experts and health care professionals often use genograms to identify patterns of mental and physical illnesses in different members of the family. Genogram either can be limited to a single family or may be prepared for multiple generations of the family. Genogram template is useful tool to get help when making a genogram.

In these days, there is nothing impossible or difficult to do because of various useful and handy tools or techniques available to assist people when doing their jobs. Similarly, genogram templates are also available that anyone can use to design a perfect genogram for various reasons. Making a genogram from scratch may eat someone’s a lot of minutes that is why professionals recommend use of genogram template to create genogram quickly in short amount of minutes. After successful downloading, the template will allow you to make changes and alterations as you want to do.

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