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1-16 of 314 results for 'ge universal remote control tv code' GE Backlit Universal Remote Control for Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Roku, Apple TV, RCA, Panasonic, Smart TV, Streaming Players, Blu-Ray, DVD, 4-Device, Black, 40081. Direct Code Entry for GE remotes with 4 digit codes. The following is a short tutorial on programming most models of GE universal remotes with 4 digit codes. See also this page for general GE remote code entering instructions. Step 1: Press and hold the 'SETUP' button until the indicator light turns on, then release.

To use, you will need to program the remote for your devices. There are two different methods you can use to program the remote, Direct Code Entry or Auto Code Search. Page 7 Programming Your Remote 4. Use the number buttons on the remote to enter the first 4-digit remote code you circled in the Code List in Step 1. Ge universal remote codes: advent 0922 afreey 0417 aiwa 0414 akai 0395 0435 ames 0431 amw 0917 0918 anaba 0961 apex 0386 0390 0391 0392 0424 0430 0436 0439 0445 0457 0459 0938 0913 0401 0949 aspire 0933 a-trend 0393 audiovox 0921 axion 0921 b & k 0978 blaupunkt 0430 bodysonic 0417 bose 0672 boss 0911 broksonic 0932 0967 0394 centrios. Press the ‘Enter’ button on your remote for the code to be saved. Finally, press the ‘Power’ button again to save the code you found. How To Program GE Universal Remote Using Codes. Ensure that you turn on the gadget. Hold your GE Universal remote control close to your TV (or any other gadget you want to program).

3 Ways to Program a GE Universal Remote - wikiHow

You can either program your universal remote manually by entering a code, or by scanning for a code automatically. Find the version number under the battery. Turn on the device you want to control. Press and hold Setup until the light comes on. Press the device button, such as DVD.
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How to Program this 3 Device GE Universal Remote Control in Just ..

The remote makes use of 'program codes' that must be entered into the remote to control the necessary devices. If you own one of these remotes, but do not have the included manual with the necessary codes, you must make use of the remote's 'Code Search' function to control your devices. Turn on the device you wish to program. Make sure no other programmable devices are turned on. Press the 'Code Search' button on your GE remote until the remote indicator is lit, then release the remote. Press the button for the device you wish to program.

Watch our helpful remote programming video or follow the instructions below for programming your remote. The red light will remain on. Press and release the device button on the remote for the type of device you wish to control. The red light will blink once and remain on. NOTE: If there is not a device button on the remote for your type of device, you can use any device button on the remote.

The following is a short tutorial on programming most models of GE universal remotes with 4 digit codes. See also this page for general GE remote code entering instructions. The indicator light will blink, then stays lit. Step 3: Enter the 4 digit code for your device. After a valid code entry, the indicator light turns off. For an invalid code, the indicator light flashes. If the device responds, no further programming is required.

Home · Support · GE Universal Remote Codes; Code list 3 Watch our helpful remote programming video or follow the instructions below for programming your .
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Ge Universal Remote 30758 Codes

GE universal remote controls can operate audio and video devices of almost any brand. Programming your GE universal remote will allow you to use the remote with different devices, including your blu-ray, television, DVD player, VCR, stereo systems. Have you ever had to juggle with multiple remotes to control your TV , Blu-Ray and Home theater, missing remotes and hours wasted searching each remote. Now with GE Universal Remote you can control all your home theater devices, we have a quick and simple auto-code Search method and manual code entry method. Programming universal remote is error prone and takes time so, set aside some time before you begin. Make sure to hookup and power on all the devices you want to setup. Note down the GE universal remote codes from the list provided.

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Welcome to remotecodelist.com a site born after losing one too many universal remote manuals.
If you have a remote for which you know the codes (or a web page that lists them) head to the contact page to submit them.
Note: This site does not sell remotes, it is merely a list of remote control instructions and codes. Again, this site does NOT sell remote controls.
Remote Central(34)Site for high-end programmable remote controls. Includes reviews, files, forums and more.
Remote Central's Uploaded Manuals(34)Contains hundreds of manuals uploaded by users.
AT&T 200(4)PDF manual.
AT&T 200B(1)Set-top cable box.
AT&T 200C(1)Set-top cable box.
Tune In! (Archived)(2)User guide, including setup instructions.
BW-5020Partial list of codes.
Comcast DVR 3-Device(4)PDF remote manual.
Comcast 3 in 1 Universal Remote(4)
Comcast Remote Overview(4)Provides a list of remotes used by Comcast and links to their instruction manuals. Try code 0451 for White Westinghouse TVs.
Comcast OnDemand 3-Device(4)PDF remote manual.
Comcast On Demand Custom 3-Device Universal(4)PDF instruction file.
Cox Cable Remote Control List(5)Various remotes used with the Cox Cable system.
More Cox Remotes(5)Includes Cox Digital Interactive, Universal DVR, Navigator, Millennium and Model ER1 PDF manuals.
Cox Universal Remote(5)Cox Universal Remote by Universal Electronics.
CheckMate IV(5)Model RT-U49E universal remote.
CheckMate IV(5)Model RT-U49C universal remote control.
Scientific Atlanta Remote Codes(5)SA2000 universal remote codes.
Atlas DVR/PVR 5-DeviceCox DVR remote by Universal Electronics.
M7820 Universal RemoteCox DVR remote by Universal Electronics.
Various Models?User submitted general instructions that may pertain to various Curtis Mathes modes.
User Guide List(8)Links to receiver and remote control user guides.
Dish Remote Codes(8)Direct link to codes for Dish remotes.
User-submitted Codes
GE Universal Remote Codes(15)Links to PDF and Word document instruction and code files.
GE/Jasco Model Remotes(15)Various GE remote models.
How to Program a GE Universal Remote Control(10)
GE Remote Codes(11)General instructions for GE Universal 3 and 4 digit remote controls.
DirecTV Receivers(7)Models: GRD33G2A and GRD33G3A.
RM24912 InstructionsPDF instruction file.
RM24912 Code ListPDF code list.
Quik20Codes search instructions.
Quik30Instructions and code list.
Quik50Instructions and code list.
Quik50(51)Programming instructions and codes
Gemini III Quik 50PDF Instruction Manual
See Motorola
Jumbo Universal RemotePDF Instruction Manual for this oversized remoted.
inVocaPDF manual for the inVoca voice-activated remote.
iWave Super-Sized Universal RemoteUser-submitted instructions and codes.
Jumbo Universal Remote(54)PDF Operation Manual.
JVC Service(18)Search for your component's model number.
JVC-1623VCR Remote.
Remote for XV-S500BK/XV-S502SL DVD Player(18)PDF manual for remote control that comes with the XV-S500BK or XV-S502SL DVD players.
Various GE/Jasco Remotes(15)
Various Models(16)Mouse over the Home icon and select Universal Remotes. Covers the following models: JR300, JR400, JR500, JR800
SC-300 SeriesPDF code file for models SC-310, SC-320, SC-330, SC-340, and more?
SC-330, SC-331, SC-340PDF user manual.
SC-540Programming Instructions PDF (~3MB).
JR300C, JR400C, JR500CPDF instruction manual and codes for JR300C, JR400C and JR500C Jensen remotes.
Kenwood USA Web Site(19)Currently under construction, Kenwood is reworking their site.
RC-R0609Codes for the remote that comes with the 503 home theater.
La-Z-Boy Branded Remotes(20)Includes models LZ6100, LZ6152, LZ6220 and LZ6200.
Various Models?(23)Some Magnavox remotes reportedly only accept 3 digits (i.e. 0035 would be 035), try that if all else fails.
Magnavox Support(21)Search for your model.
Alternate Programming InstructionsUser submitted.
Philips-Magnavox PM525SPDF manual. Identifying mark on the remote may be inside the battery compartment: HE016. This manual may work for a number of Philips-Magnavox remotes.
Philips-Magnavox PM725PDF instruction manual.
Memorex VR3PDF file containing codes.
Memorex VR4Also reported to work with VR3 and AV6.
Memorex 4 PlusPDF manual for the Memorex 4 Plus. May also work with the 3 Plus.
DirecTV Receivers(7)Models SR-HD5 and SR-SDI.
DRC-400/425PDF instruction file.
DRC-450PDF instruction file.
DST-400PDF instruction manual with codes.
DRC-800PDF remote manual for DRC800 4-in-1 universal remote control.
DirecTV Receivers(7)RCA model instructions may also work.
Various Models(26)Select your remote to download the manual.
Total Control URC-4140PDF Instruction Manual (remote also known as Crest URC-4140)
URC-XXXX Remotes(30)Lists a number of URC-XXXX models.
URC-XXXX Models(30)Mirror of the old One For All site.
The Director(24)Remote codes for The Director advanced touch remote. This appears to be the same as the Mosaic touch screen remote.
Online Operating Instructions(28)Instructions for televisions, VCRs, etc. - look for your model of TV or VCR and find the online instructions that include the remote codes.
DirecTV Receivers(7)Models listed: TU-IRD10, TU-IRD20, TU-HDS20, TZ-DBS01, TZ-DRD100.
EUR511170BCodes for Panasonic EUR511170B and perhaps others.
DirecTV Receivers(7)Models listed: DSHD800, DSR 660, DSR 7000-17, DSR 704/708, DSX-5150, DSX-5250, DSX-5350, DSX-5353, DSX-5375, DSX 5500/5540.
Philips-Magnavox PM525SPDF Manual. Identifying mark on the remote may be inside the battery compartment: HE016. This manual may work for a number of Philips-Magnavox remotes.
Philips-Magnavox PM725PDF instruction manual.
Philips-Magnavox REM 250(50)PDF manual.
PMDVD6 Universal Digital DVDInstructions and codes for PMDVD6 Universal Digital DVD 6 Device learning remote.
Philips PM335 ManualPDF remote manual. You will also need to download the codes. The instructions may also work for the PM435.
Philips PM335 CodesPDF file containing remote codes. May also work with PM435. For Visio TVs try Goldstar codes such as as 0002.
PM-RC8PDF instruction manual for the PM-RC8 remote.
Pioneer Universal Remote
PRIMESTAR PrimeFinderPDF Instruction Manual
DirecTV Receivers(7)Models listed: PRD8630A, PRD8650B, PS61000.
RCA/Proscan CRK76DBL1PDF Reference Manual
Remote Control Finder(33)
Various Codes(45)Various RCA universal remote codes.
General RCA Codes(23)
Numerous Models(11)Instructions for many RCU and SystemLink models.
DirecTV Receivers(7)Models listed: DRD + DTC Models (and more).
CRCU500PDF file with codes.
SystemLink3(29)Admiral TV alternate code: 047.
SystemLink 3 (aka RC300E and RCU300)(33)PDF manual.
SystemLink3 ProgrammingUser-submitted programming instructions.
SystemLINK4User submitted instructions for SystemLINK4.
SystemLink 6User-submitted code search instructions.
RCA SystemLINK Code Search InstructionsReported to work with models 3, 4+, SL5 and maybe more.
RCA SystemLINK3PDF instruction manual (~2MB).
TRCU500 (aka SystemLINK 5)(33)PDF file with codes.
VR651HF VCR RemoteRich Text Format (RTF) file with codes.
RCU1000B(33)Touch screen remote PDF file.
RCU404(45)Instruction manual (PDF). For Insignia TVs try 062.
RCU404Code search instructions.
DBS-D770PDF manual for RCA remote that comes with some direct broadcast satellite (DBS) systems.
RCR460PDF file containing codes.
RCA CRK76DBL1PDF Reference manual.
RCRN04GRPDF manual.
Various Models(32)Lots of info on at least the following models - look here for any Radio Shack universal remote: Six-In-One, Three-In-One, Easy VCR Programmer, Five-In-One, Light-Up, Itza-Remote, Pocket Remote, 3-in-1, Phone Up 4, Eight-In-One, Four-In-One, 6-in-1, 7-in-1, and more.
Various Remotes(31)Models Listed: ITZA 2, ITZA 2000, 2-in-One Universal, 3-in-One Pocket, 4-in-One, 4-in-One Light Up, 4-in-One Smart Light Up, 6-in-One Smart Audio, 7-in-One IR/RF, 8-in-One Touchscreen.
Four in One (#15-1904A)
Jensen/Recoton went into bankruptcy and the video accessories division was purchased by Thomson Electronics. Unfortunately the original Sole Control website is no longer active. You can try contacting Thompson Electornics or their subsidiary company RCA for information.
Web Archive of solecontrol.comSome pages of the old Sole Control web site mirrored at the web.archive.org internet archive.
Sole Control SC-440 Auto SearchInstructions submitted for using the auto-search feature of the remote.
Sole Control SC-300 Series European VersionPDF file with codes for European version of Sole Control remotes from Recoton UK. Product specs are different than US versions. Models Listed: SC-310, SC-315, SC-320, SC-330, SC-340.
Sole Control SC460, SC460R and DSC460PDF instruction manual.
Various ModelsManuals for various Remotec remotes including model BW0329, BW5310, BW6110, BW6120, BW6130, BW6378 and more
Samsung Support Site(35)Click on your component, look for the manual for your model.
DirecTV Receivers(7)Models: SIR-S60W, SIR-S70-75, SIR-TS160, SIR300-310W, SIR-S4120R, SIR-TS360.
Sanyo Service(37)Click on REMOTE CODE & PROGRAMMING link to list and search for remote models.
Starlight Universal/Multimedia(36)
B21208Comes with the Sanyo VHR-H619 VCR. Also reported to work with Sanyo B21309 remote.
RMT-U200PDF Instruction Manual
VWM-677 Part 1PDF file for part 1 of Sanyo VCR manual.
VWM-677 Part 2PDF file for part 2 of Sanyo VCR manual.
Sharp USA Support(40)Enter your model number to search for manuals.
Remote for VC-H982 VCRAlso reported to work with the VC-H952, VC-A582 ,VC-H965, VC-H812 and VC-H818.
Remote for SD-SP10PDF codes and programming instructions for the remote that comes with the SD-SP10 audio system. The remote model number is RRMCGA086AWSA.
Sky+(41)PDF manual for Sky+ remote control.
See Recoton.
General Codes and Instructions(43)General instructions and codes for Sony remotes. Check here if your model is not listed below or does not contain complete instructions.
Sony eSupportSony's main support site, enter or select your remote model.
RM-V8(12)May also work with RM-V7.
RM-V12 SetupExtra instructions for the RM-V12 using codes from the RM-V8.
RM-V10Instructions from Sony Internet.
RM-V11Also reported to work with RM-V10A.
RM-V18AInstructions from Sony Internet (also reported to work with RM-V14).
RM-V21Instructions from Sony Internet.
RM-V40AInstructions from Sony Internet (also reported to work with RM-V60).
RM-Y102Instructions from Sony Internet.
RM-Y119 and RM-Y117May also work with RM-Y118.
RM-Y165Also reported to work with RM-Y135, RM-Y154, RM-Y167, RM-Y168, RM-Y169, RM-Y170, RM-Y171, RM-Y181, RM-Y186, RM-Y902, RM-Y906, RM-Y144, RM-Y180.
RM-Y135Also reported to work with RM-Y136A and RM-Y137A.
RM-PP404Remote that comes with the STR-DE545 home entertainment system.
RMT-V231BAlso reported to work with RMT-D102A (Sony DVD), RMT-109A, RMT-D116A, RMT-D120A, RMT-158C, RMT-D185A, RMT-V201A, RMT-V203, RMT-V229, RMT-V231A, RMT-V232C (Sony VCR), RMT-V266, RMT-V306, RMT-V307, RMT-V402, RMT-V504A
RM-V201PDF instructions.
RM-V202PDF instruction manual.
RM-V210PDF instruction manual.
RM-V301 and RM-V401
RM-V301PDF instruction manual.
RM-V302 InstructionsPDF instruction file.
RM-V302 CodesPDF code list.
RM-PP505PDF instruction manual.
RM-VL700 InstructionsPDF instruction file.
RM-VL700 Code ListPDF code list.
RM-LP204 and RM-LP204MPDF instruction manual.
RM-AX4000 ManualPDF instruction manual.
RM-AX4000 Code ListPDF code list.
DirecTV ReceiversModels listed: HD100, SAT-A1, SAT A2/B2, SAT-A4/B3, SAT-A50/B50, SAT-A55/B55, SAT-A65/B65, SAT-A65A/B65A, SAT-HD200, SAT-HD300, SAT-T60, SAT-W60.
6220VA VCR
STAR TREK Phaser Universal RemotePDF user manual for Star Trek: The Next Generation phaser remote.
Owner's Manuals(49)Links to PDF versions of the owner's manuals to many components.
Models listed: DST-3000, TSR101, TSR202.(7)Models listed: DST-3000, DW65X91, TSR101, TSR202.
TVG3301 Page 1
TVG3301 Page 2
TVG3301 Page 3
TVG3301 Page 4
Note: See the Cox and One For All sections for more possible remote codes.
Various Cable Remotes(52)Models listed: Atlas, Mundial, Millennium, Navigator, Scout, Control.
Mosaic(24)Remote codes for the Mosaic Touch Screen Control.
General Codes(30)Codes for most UEIC, One For All, and Radio Shack remotes.
Little EasyOne For All 'Little Easy' remote instructions.
Various Remotes(53)Codes and instructions for most US Electronics remote control models.

Ge Universal Remote Dvd Codes

Verizon FiOS Remotes(55)Various remote controls used with FiOS TV set-top boxes.
Westinghouse LCD TV Remotes(56)Includes the following models and possibly more: LVM-42w2, LVM-37w1, LTV-32w1, LTV-32w3 HD, LTV-30w2, LTV-27w2, LTV-27w6 HD, LTV-32w7 HDC, LTV-40w1 HDC
Universal Remotes(57)Various X10 universal remotes, including: MouseRemote, SuperREMOTE, 8-in-1 Learning Remote, UltimateRemote, TV Buddy, Platinum Remote, 5-in-1 Learning Remote, Entertainment/DVD/MP3 Anywhere Remote.
UR74APDF code list.

Ge Universal Remote 33712

Yamaha Remotes(58)Search for your model.
RX-V995 AV Receiver Remote(22)

Ge Universal Remote 24944 Code List

Allegro MBC4030/MBC4035, Zenith MBC4430(22)
General Zenith Codes(59)Should work with later model Zenith remotes, search for your model.
More General Zenith Codes(45)
ZEN100-700PDF file with codes for models: ZEN100, ZEN300, ZEN350, ZEN400, ZEN425, ZEN450, ZEN525, ZEN700, ZEN725, ZENDTV
ZN405S / ZN411Manual for ZN405S and ZN411 remotes.
DIRECTV Receivers(7)Covers DTV1080 and HD-SAT520.
MBC4010PDF manual for Zenith or Allegro MBC4010 multi brand remote 4.

Ge Remote Codes

All remote names and brands are trademark of their respective companies.

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