The event folders contains a list of event files that each specify one or multiple events that are called during the game. This includes both events that happen naturally (such as the hindenburg crash), as well as country-driven (such as danzig or war). Typically, there is a file for each country and for a number of other groups of generic events such as capitulation, nuclear bombings, civil. HOI4 Whitepeace Command. General Information. The /whitepeace command can be abbreviated as /wp (shorter version). Its primary function is to instantly initiate white peace between two nations (and others involved in the war). White peace is when a war ends, and situations return to the exact way in which they were before the war - this means.

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Serwery Discord oznaczone tagiem HOI4

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Hoi4 Francophone est un serveur discord qui se veut d'unifier tout la communauté hoi4 francophone autour d'un seul discord.
Nous faisons de nombreuses parties, partageons des astuces et nous aidons pour résoudre les diffèrents bugs autour d'hoi4
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Hello welcome to our server, this is a server to play paradox games.
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Welcome to our Italian Monarchy themed hangout server! If you're interested in chilling and playing some video games or sharing memes or even intense political discussion, come drop by. We always welcome new friends. Hope to see you here!
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Hearts of Iron IV, Europa Universalis IV veya benzer Geniş Strateji oyunlarını oynamayı seven ve tecrübeli oyuncular barındıran bir topluluk.
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Nation Role-play (Arcade) Heart of Iron IV
1936 Role-playing in Arcade style simulate and based on Paradox's game. Everything doesn't seem to be realistic since it's an Arcade RP
In the east China is struggling to maintain it's sovereignity from Japan and China
In the west Germans are ready to take revenge from Versailles Treaty in Post-WW1
Will you player lead your nation to Glory? or let the neighbors dominate it
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This server is for my clan in World of Tanks Blitz and for another games. If u like this thype of games ur welcom
Bijatyki 5
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Her türlü oyunun oynandığı bir oyuncu platformu. Sizi de aramızda görmek isteriz!
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Hej, jeżeli szukasz servera do pogadania czy do pogrania to dobrze trafiles. Zapraszamy na Masny Discord :)

Peace Deal Cheat Hoi4

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Sons of Mobius is Hearts of Iron IV global modification which is under development now. This mod is intended to bring Sonic the Hedgehog universe into Hearts of Iron IV. It’s setting is based on Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comics and their own fanon.
-You will be able to choice one of many countries of Mobius. There will be 10-12 playable nations by release, but they are planning to work up all countries on the map so every single one would have it’s own focus tree and content. Different powers clash for Mobius - technocratic Eggman, monarchist Acorns, Democratic United Federation and communist Rethenia.
-New technologies. Mobius is a marvelous world of natural power and might of high technologies. Defend your industrial hell with robotic horde.
-New units. Mobians have not only their weapons, but their own powers. Some of them are able to run as fast as Sonic. These units will fight robotic divisions on the land, in the skies, in the oceans.
-Brand new mechanics like Chaos Emeralds and more.
Coming 23 June 2021
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We are a gaming server that hosts HoI4 games, EU4 games, CK2 games and chill in Among Us games. There's really nothing else to say, we mostly play the games and chat on the discord.
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This is a friendly paradox server where you can play hoi4,eu4 and vic2.if you want a custom role dm the admin. PLS READ rules. NO racists and sexists. Enjoy
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A chill server where we play Paradox games on from Hearts of Iron to Stellaris. The server is still work in progress so please keep that in mind.
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Hoi4 peace conference tips

Hoi4 Peace Conference Mod

Hey, this is just a chill server where our main game is HOI4. We sometimes do other games on steam or other platforms. You are welcome aboard whenever!
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Are you tired of losing matches because of poor comm's with your team?
Are you sick of being put in games way above or below your skill?
So are we.
This server caters for all tactical/strategic games including everything from CS:GO to Total war and all skill levels. With your help we can grow the community.
We are looking for like-minded players who want to improve their skill and performance by working as a team through voice chat, whether the game is company of heroes or Rainbow six. The server offers a moderated but chilled environment, free from toxic and obnoxious players.
We will also host in-server tournaments and community games for a multitude of games.
1. No racism or overly offensive insults
2. No spamming (including pings)
3. No advertising other discords or groups without permission
4. No Whining or complaining about games in the main channels to stop them being cluttered
5. Don't hog the bots (let other people use them too)
6. Any profile pictures or names that go against rule 1 will result in a kick
7. No posting NSFW content (links, images or videos)
8. Stick to the dedicated channels
1. Rage quitting during any game will result in being put on a blacklist for a week
2. Using any kind of cheats or exploits will result in a blacklist for a month
3. Trolling teammates or sabotaging games will result in a blacklist for a week
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The server for the Hearts of Iron 4 mod 'Arab Spring: Syrian Civil War'
Almost no server rules, bad language is common
72 dni temu
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Edgy memes no kids. Don’t join if you’re not down with dark humor.
75 dni temu
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We are a sever that exists for reasons unknown. We elect presidents and we play Hoi4. Join us cause we play it very often. Hell Maybe you'll be the next El Presidente.
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Hoi4 Peace Conference

This is a world war 2 strategy game server mostly we play hoi4 and or men of war but there are plenty of other games that can be played here but come and join the fun.
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Hearts of iron 4 rp, everyone welcome, VOICE CHAT OPTIONAL.
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Hoi4 Peace Conference Points Cheat

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Życie w swoją, a my w swoją. Lubimy kebaby.
Przelatuje przez palce(Najlepsze memememe)
Tak naprawdę to gramy w więcej gierek, ale jest limit tagów :(
Codziennie ktoś do gry jest dostępny i nie tylko.
Rozmowy na tematy różne, bo jesteśmy mądrzy i oczytani.
Odnośnie roli proszę pisać do adminów:)
it it :>
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Andra Networks is a new community focused around Hearts of Iron and other similar strategy games, feel free to join, everyone is welcome!
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