How to Identify Authentic Valentino Handbags
Many women dream of buying a designer handbag. Unfortunately, however, a number of people every year are duped into buying fake handbags and that includes Valentino bags. To ensure that you're buying an authentic Valentino handbag you need to learn what to look for and what to avoid.
Check out the price and see what the sell price of the bag is. There are deals to be found, but if you see the bag for 10 to 25 percent off its retail price, the chances are excellent that it's a fake.
Read the seller's feedback if shopping online. Many sites require sellers to list if a bag is authentic, though not all sellers do. Read what other customers had to say to discover if the bags are real.
Examine the quality of the bag. Valentino uses only top quality leather and fabric for their bags, so if the materials seem rough or uneven, the bag's probably a fake.
Look at the stitching, which should be even and clear with no defects or flaws. Since the bags sell for a large amount of money, the stitching is always in perfect condition.
Visit a high end retailer such as Neiman Marcus or Saks to get an idea of what authentic Valentino handbags look like.
Give the bag a once over, looking at the logo carefully. An authentic Valentino bag will feature the classic gold V on the flap or closure of the bag. Fake bags often use a highly ornamental version of the logo.
Shop only from authorized dealers. The best thing you can do is to buy a Valentino handbag from an authorized dealer of the company or Valentino directly, which guarantees you're buying an authentic bag.
Tips & Warnings
Avoid any website or seller who is located overseas, particularly in Asia. The majority of fake designer handbags come from across the Pacific.
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Authentic Prada money wallet, including the certificate of authenticity. Red metal pdf free download. Need a minor repair in the hand grab piece. If PRADA wallets are handled right, it can last for many many years. If you buy counterfeits and other fakes that have a PRADA logo in it, you will be happy to even have a solid year out if it. Although authentic PRADAs are charged high because of the name, you can’t deny the build quality is pretty solid as well.

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