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We seem to have a similar problem as questions already posted but our problem is we don't know how to remove cistern lid. Dumb and Dumber would appreciate if someone could help us out with this.

How to remove toilet cistern lid roca toilet seat

Our toilet has stopped flushing so I need to remove the cistern lid to check inside. All the instructions I can find suggest there should be a screw under the dual push buttons. However when I removed the push buttons there isn't a screw head to undo but there is something that resembles a smooth headed screw, if there is such a thing! Need to remove the lid on my Roca toilet cistern but cannot access the plastic screw under the twin flush buttons, one half moon 6Lt.flush button the other round button 3 Lt flush. The halfmoon flush button clicks in place and holds the round button so it doesn't pop out on return after flushing. Turn off the water supply to the cistern and flush 2. Close toilet seat and lid 3. Press and hold down the small button 4. Lift out the large button 5. If its a two button roca: push in the small button and grip the large one. Pull it upwards and out then pull up the smaller one. There should be a screw underneath it. Undo and remove lid. If this all makes sense have look inside and get back to us. I have a toilet system that is push button and on the ring surrounding the buttons is 'Ideal Standard'. I've been trying to figure out how to remove the lid of the tank for the past few hours and have come up short. Google and searching manufacturer's website is no help either.


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Hi, the buttons are usually connected by one of either two ways:-
a) Push one button down, then put you finger under the other button and pop it out, then pop the other button out. When both buttons have been removed, there is usually a plastic pozi head screw to undo. Remove the screw and it will all come apart.

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How To Remove Toilet Cistern Lid Roca Toilet Fill Valve

Roca toilet seat

b) Leave buttons in place and unscrew circular rim around buttons (anti-clockwise) wearing rubber gloves helps with the grip. Then it should all come apart.

Putting either way back together can be a bit fiddly. Just need a bit of patience.

How To Remove Toilet Cistern Lid Roca Toilet Paper

2015-11-23T20:20:01+00:00How To Remove Toilet Cistern Lid Roca ToiletHow to remove toilet cistern lid roca toilet paper

Answered 23rd Nov 2015

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