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When you are planning to play games on your computer, there is no better gaming experience than playing with a joystick. There are various types of joysticks available with different compatibility. For PC, you need USB joysticks that can run on your operating system. We have listed the best USB joysticks available online from popular brands so that you can have the best gaming experience on your PC or PlayStation.

Top 10 Best USB Joysticks to buy in 2020:

10. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro USB Gamepad

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  1. I left a somewhat similar review on the other companies product as well but the only difference is that these controllers weren't hyper sensitive to the touch like the other two. These are a definite buy, my grabs and rolls as Ness are really sharp and my jumps are very responsive.
  2. Trying to search for the controller I had for the SNES (it was similar to the DOCS Wireless Controller in design) just led me to this page where he makes this statement: Later on the next generation was coming along and Sega jumped in the with the DreamCast while Sony made the most successful console of all time: The PlayStation 2.

The traditional design of this USB joystick will make you use it according to your need. I like its special vibration feature that provides a perfect feel when you play your games. Moreover, this has customized turbo function and lets you use it on Windows, Switch, and Raspberry Pi. Additionally, it is in a lightweight design and lets you use it comfortably.

It includes a long cable of 1.8 meters, and you will even find a convenient D-pad. Furthermore, it includes buttons for a screenshot that lets you save time. With it, you can have a great time as it is clickable and it is in a well-built design.

  • High compatibility and customized turbo function.
  • The long USB cable for user convenience,
  • Screenshot button and vibration feature.
  • There are certain sharp contours.

9. Thrustmaster USB Joystick

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The ergonomic design of this USB joystick will let you use it with ease. In this, you will find a point-of-view button that lets you have better control for the camera. I like its enlarged rest that lets you have optimal comfort. Additionally, this is perfect for immersion in games and is perfect for entry-level.

It also has non-slip rubber pads and includes a weighted base for improved stability. Moreover, this comes in a lightweight design and provides you with easy controls. This is affordable and includes a molded grip. Furthermore, it lets you have multiple trigger configuration and can be a perfect item to meet all your gaming needs.

  • Comfortable holding with ergonomic design.
  • Non-slip rubber pads for better stability.
  • Point-of-view button and molded grip.
  • The durability can be an issue.

8. USB Classic Controllers by Retro Power

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This is an easy to use USB joystick that will give you a comfortable experience. This is made of high-quality materials that let you use it for a long time. I like its professional design that adds a perfect touch when you are playing your game. Furthermore, it gives you the feeling of a console as it has perfect colors for easy recognition.

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It has an easy setup and comes in a complete set. Moreover, this delivers high performance and is perfect to have a great time. This is affordable and provides you with better controls. Additionally, this will meet all your expectations and allows you to scroll it smoothly.

  • Professional design for a better feel.
  • Smooth functioning and easy recognition.
  • Durable materials and easy controls.
  • The construction could have been sturdier.

7. Thrustmaster T16000M FCS Flight Pack

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The USB joystick comes in an ambidextrous design and has three removable components. This has high compatibility and offers high precision level with its T.16000M FCS. Moreover, it delivers durable results, and you can even map it according to your needs. I highly recommend it to left-handed users, and you can even use it with your high hand.

Additionally, this comes with 16 action buttons and has a physical button. It also includes a twist rudder features 8-waypoint view along with independent axes. Furthermore, this lets you download different software and use it according to the needs of the game. This is lightweight and is an ideal alternative to keyboard and mouse.

  • Physical button and 16 action buttons.
  • Works as mouse and keyboard.
  • Offers better precision level.
  • The buttons could have been ergonomically placed.

6. iNNEXT Wired USB Joystick

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Here is a USB joystick that delivers superior performance and provides you with an authentic feel. This comes with a cord of 5.9 feet and lets you have better control. Moreover, this has high compatibility and is in a lightweight design. I like the convenient design that lets you use it on different types of games.

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It lets you connect it conveniently due to its plug and play feature. Furthermore, it eliminates the need of having additional software and lets you perform better while playing computer games. Additionally, it has unique buttons that lets you differentiate it with ease. The joystick rotates smoothly and provides easy clicks with its stiff buttons.

Innext controller reviews
  • Recognizable buttons for user convenience.
  • Long cord and easy connectivity.
  • Smooth rotation and stiff buttons.
  • The buttons are not extremely sturdy.

5. Thrustmaster T16000M FCS HOTAS

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The powerful performance of this USB joystick will let you use it in multiple types of operating systems. I like its 16-action buttons that help in easy identification. It also includes four-way switches, and you can easily control it by rotating the joystick. Moreover, this lets you have a better experience as it delivers high-precision performance.

Additionally, this lets you use it comfortably as it comes in an ergonomic design. With it, you can have optimum precision and comfort, and you can make accurate controls while playing computer games. Furthermore, this will let you create your profile and customize it according to your needs. It lets you download several types of software and have the advantage.

  • High compatibility and programmable buttons.
  • Easy identification with action buttons.
  • Optimum precision with ergonomic design.
  • The light could be annoying to some.

4. Mayflash PS2 PS3 PC USB Universal Arcade Fighting Stick

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Allowing you to use it with PCs, PS2, and PS3, the USB joystick will make sure that you make the most out of it. In this, you will find convenient buttons that come in arcade-style. I like its button and lever design that offers better functionality. Additionally, this supports macro and re-mapping functions, and there is also turbo function with multiple speed settings.

Moreover, this is in a stable foot as it comes with rubber feet. It lets you hold it comfortably on different surfaces and have a convenient experience. It is lightweight and provides you with many options. Furthermore, it has an easy setup and comes at an affordable value.

  • Considerate design with easy buttons.
  • Supports remapping for user benefit.
  • Multiple speed settings on turbo function.
  • It is not recognized by Windows 10.

3. iNNEXT Retro USB Gamepad Joystick

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This USB joystick will allow you to use it for multiple operating systems and have a convenient time. This is made of high-quality materials and includes a cable of 5 feet. This is very reliable and offers hassle-free usage. It is also lightweight that lets you use it comfortably. I am impressed with its high functionality that lets you relive your childhood. Moreover, it comes in a set of two and has sensitive buttons for better controls.

It has phenomenal performance and features colorful buttons. Additionally, this is affordable and is in a nice design. This can serve as a perfect gift for any gaming enthusiast and has a rubber start. Furthermore, the smooth D-pad will let you use it with ease, and you will also find concave X and Y buttons.

  • Easy controls and attractive design.
  • Smooth D-pad for a better feeling.
  • Set of two and 5 feet cord.
  • It is not compatible with Linux.

2. Logitech G Extreme 3D Pro Joystick for Windows

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Available in a unique design, the USB joystick and has multiple buttons for user convenience. In this, you will find a hat switch with eight ways, and there is also a rapid-fire trigger. It lets you customize it according to your needs and includes multiple controller configurations. Moreover, this comes with 12 action buttons, and there is a custom-twist handle. Additionally, this provides simple commands, and you can even use it as mouse events.

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I am impressed with its comfortable handgrip that includes sculpted curves for a better feel. It has a weighted base that offers better stability, and you don’t have to worry about lifting or tipping. Furthermore, this is in a lightweight design and lets you use it in different applications. This is perfect for gamers and lets you personalize your preferences according to your needs.

  • The rapid-fire trigger for a better feel.
  • Comfortable handgrip and
  • Easy commands and weighted base.
  • There are certain tight springs.

1. Logitech Gamepad F310


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The USB joystick has wide compatibility and lets you use it with Windows Vista and Windows XP. In this, you will find ten programmable buttons and includes 8-way programmable D-pad. I like its lightweight design that is perfect for enhancing your gaming experience. Moreover, you can customize it according to your needs and has an easy set up with its USB connectivity. This comes in a convenient shape and is perfect for game enthusiasts.

Furthermore, it supports different types of games and is easy to use. This can be an ideal replacement for your game controller and has an easy configuration. It does not require any additional software and ensures that there will be no hassle. Additionally, it delivers optimum results and has a layout similar to a console. You can even use it with android TVs and can mimic a keyboard and mouse.

  • Wide compatibility and programmable D-pad.
  • Easy usage and lightweight design.
  • Console layout for a better experience.
  • There is no con to discuss.

Buying Guide of USB Joystick –

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With easy controls, you can configure the USB joystick according to your needs. The one that comes with multiple action buttons will let you use it comfortably. Some can even have physical buttons and include a hat switch, which can be eight-way or four-way. The more buttons you have, the more comfortable you will be in a battle. Apart from the buttons, you should check if the stick tension is in a proper position or not. It should be neither too loose nor too rigid to provide you with better flexibility.

Ambidexterity and Setup:

This feature can be very helpful if you are a left-handed player. It will let you play with both hands and have better performance. Since it comes with a USB, ensure that the setup is easy and does not require additional software. Improved compatibility will let you use it in different platforms and check if it can run without any additional power supply. You will also have to see if it includes a long USB cable so that you can have extended reach.

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Heavy base weight delivers optimum stability that lets you play comfortably during competitive battles. If the joystick keeps moving while playing, then there could be a disadvantage for you. Weighted base with non-slip rubber pads or with rubber feet makes sure that the device remains in place.


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A USB joystick that allows having custom speed settings will let you use it according to your needs. You can easily opt for turbo functions and see if it supports re-mapping and macro functions. Programmable settings will let you hit the target and have comfortable gaming experience. The Z-axis stick must work as a real stick so that you can have better controls. If you are an advanced player, then you can go for the one that comes with a removable throttle and the one that comes with an additional peripheral.

Conclusion –

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Our team has handpicked these best USB joysticks, and along with that, we have provided a buying guide, so that you can understand the product better. You should always check these factors in the buying guide while selecting and buying a USB joystick. There are different joysticks available in different price tags to suit your budget.

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