So as of IOS 14 Apple is allowing Default Browser Change from Safari. You will now be able to easily change your default browser for handling links and web browsing from Safari to other Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox to name a few.

  1. Ios 14 Default Browser Not Working

This is great news for those who use another browser primarily and a welcomed change.

  • In iOS 14, Apple finally added the ability to choose your default browser and email client. That means when you click a link in an app, it won’t lead you to Safari when you'd rather go to Chrome.
  • IOS 14 offers users more options than ever for customizing their iPhone. Here’s a look at how you can set new default apps for your browser or email if you are ready to kick Apple Mail or Safari.

This article on: iOS 14 Default Browser Change will take you through the process and show you what to do.

What device will this work on?


Tap Default Browser App. Choose Firefox from the list. Older versions of iOS. If you're on an older version of iOS (pre-14), Apple does not allow changing the default browser on older versions but you can try the following workaround: Send pages from Safari to Firefox. From Safari, tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the. With iOS 14, Apple is finally adding the ability for email app and web browsers to set themselves as the default, and Chrome is one of the first to offer the option. IOS 14 Default Browser As you probably know, the latest version of the iPhone® operating system (iOS) was recently released. IOS 14 has some cool new features like App Clips and Car Keys. The one that might be most interesting to members of Covenant Eyes is the new default brows er setting.

This one will work on any IOS 14 device such as iPhone, iPad and so on. So devices such as your iPhone 11 and other device should have no issue with setting the desired browser as your default.

How to Change Default Browser App IOS 14?

In order to change your default Web browser in IOS 14 please make sure you have a secondary browser installed. In this case I will use Chrome as the secondary browser.

1.Go ahead and go to settings on your device.

2.Scroll all the way down and find your browser in this case mine is Chrome and select it.

3.Where it says default Browser App ho ahead and click.

4.Change the default from Safari to Chrome.

That’s it and you can now easily click on any link and your default browser will handle it.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video guide right now and see exactly how to deal with this issue.


In some cases users reported that as soon as they rebooted their device the default browser would switch back to its default. In such a case IOS 14.0.1 is now out and it fixes this problem.

So if you are having issues do a update to the latest version of IOS and it should fix the issue.

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Ios 14 Default Browser Not Working

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