Bootlegs from Joy Division and New Order. Please support bands and buy official releases! Tuesday, 10 March 2009. Joy Division - Edinburgh - 6 Oct 1979 - flac Listing: Leaders Of Men, Digital, Day Of The Lords, Transmission, Shadowplay, She's Lost Control, New Dawn Fades, Disorder. Album Description. Free downloads macbook air. When Closer was released on July 18th, 1980 Ian Curtis had already been six feet under for two months.At just 23 years old, the singer of Joy Division – who committed suicide – would never get a share of the laurels that this second and last studio album was about to receive for the years and decades to come. Joy Division - Substance (1988) FLAC / MP3 Band: Joy Division. Album: Substance (2015 Release) Year: 1988 Country: England FLAC Format: 16 Bits / 44.1 KHz (CD lossless).

Ian Curtis

A little while ago, a famous blog started remastering all the Joy Division singles and select b-sides. Huge efforts were made to ensure the best sound quality possible, plus exclusive never before heard tracks were offered as bonuses. It had been known that even on Joy Division's official releases, several tracks were not mastered at the correct speed. The Recycle Project fixed this and now for the first time, She's Lost Control, Ice Age, Dead Souls, These Days and Colony can be heard at the correct pitch. Also included are three exclusive live tracks (including two posted here previously in m4a only) graciously remastered and presented here in FLAC. Note: the tracks were originally sourced from the long OOP 1991 Japanese Remaster boxset. All of the songs from the blog have not been made available in FLAC and probably wont ever, but they were kind enough to give us the pitch corrected tracks, the A-sides, select b-sides, and the exclusive live tracks including Twenty Four Hours from the original pressing of the Still (LP) vinyl, and hasn't been made available since. Until now.
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Dead Souls has never sounded better.
and here is the complete 8 part series n AAC. 60 tracks, restored original artwork, the works. Just not lossless...
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