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Give your room a Sci-Fi twist with 'Kepler-16b'. The vintage look and feel of this piece pair well with the futuristic idea. It's a playful addition to your bedroom, study or living room. The bright yellow, red and orange color scheme make it warm and inviting. This piece exudes a sense of adventure and discovery and is full of personality.

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Kepler-16b: Safe in a Resonance Cell

Like Luke Skywalker's planet 'Tatooine' in Star Wars, Kepler-16b orbits a pair of stars. You can stand on the surface of a hypothetical moon of this cold gas giant. Kepler-16b: a resonant survivor 2012 POPOVA E. How not to build Tatooine: the difficulty of in situ formation of circumbinary planets Kepler 16b, Kepler 34b and Kepler 35b 2012 PAARDEKOOPER S.-J., LEINHARDT Z., THEBAULT Ph.


The planet Kepler-16b is known to follow a circumbinary orbit around a system of two main-sequence stars. We construct stability diagrams in the 'pericentric distance-eccentricity' plane, which show that Kepler-16b is in a hazardous vicinity to the chaos domain—just between the instability 'teeth' in the space of orbital parameters. Kepler-16b survives, because it is close to the stable half-integer 11/2 orbital resonance with the central binary, safe inside a resonance cell bounded by the unstable 5/1 and 6/1 resonances. The neighboring resonance cells are vacant, because they are 'purged' by Kepler-16b, due to overlap of first-order resonances with the planet. The newly discovered planets Kepler-34b and Kepler-35b are also safe inside resonance cells at the chaos border.

Pub Date:
June 2013

Kepler 16b Surface Features


Kepler 16b Age


Kepler 16b Poster

  • planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability;
  • planets and satellites: formation;
  • planets and satellites: individual: Kepler-16b Kepler-34b Kepler-35b;
  • Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics;
  • Nonlinear Sciences - Chaotic Dynamics

Kepler 186f

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