The Munich Launch of ‘Xbox Kinect' Featured a Radical

Kinect Interactive Projection

Kinect Interactive Projection Game


Learn the behind-the-scenes details of how my collaborator and I built an interactive, projection-mapped installation. We are called SPACEFILLER: web: http:/. An Optoma EH415ST projector fit the room’s requirements. Tackling interactivity without being able to use conventional interactive projection methods required thinking outside the box. Chef Thomas opted to use custom systems with Microsoft Kinect motion input sensors, originally designed for the Xbox One game console.

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Many brands are embracing architectural mapping whereby incredible visuals are projected onto a building, bringing it to life. For the launch of ‘Xbox Kinect’ in Munich, art and technology collective ‘Seeper’ put a completely different spin on things by making the projections interactive.
The installation involved modeling the gate and aligning content onto the building that could be controlled from two interaction zones where people could move to control content like bouncing balls, particles and moving 3D figures on the iconic Stachus gate.

Kinect Interactive Wall Projection

Kinect interactive wall projection

Kinect Interactive Floor Projection

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