Half-Life - ESF: Vegita, Majin Buu Saga. This is a model pack for Earth's Special Forces (aka 'ESF') that provides the user with a model of Vegita from the Majin Buu saga in Saiyajin, Super Saiyajin, Super Saiyajin 2, and Majin forms. This article is about the seventh part of the Buu Saga. For the whole saga, see Buu Saga. The Kid Buu Saga is the sixteenth saga in the Dragon Ball Z series. The manga volume that it is made up of is 'Goodbye, Dragon World'. The saga deals with Goku and Vegeta's final battle againstKid Buu, the original form of Majin Buu. This saga originally aired in Japan in late 1995 and aired in the United.

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What if Babidi had arrived on Earth during the Cell Games?

Gohan in his crazed SSJ2 bloodlust has come under Babidi's control, his hatred against Cell is raising his power to new heights, how will Cell fare against Gohan's renewed anger? Vegeta has also come under Babidi's influence, his hatred towards Goku and Cell fueling him and forcing his body to obtain new powers, Goku and Trunks must stop Vegeta's rampaging. One warrior pure of heart and another of pure evil have undergone a demonic powerup. They have become Majin.

During Cells self-destruction has seemingly killed Goku, or so everyone thought. Within a few seconds the Supreme Kai saved Goku from destruction at the hands of Cell. Goku is needed by the God of Creation to face the threat that's taking control of his son and allies. With Cells return, Gohan and Vegeta are left to face him. But with no possible way to win this fight, Cell retreats. It seems that the energy emitted from all the fighting was enough to release Buu, but Buu is already sick of hearing the annoying orders of Babidi and decided to absorb him. Finally embracing his evil side the new Super Buu attacks Cell and absorbs him becoming a true perfect demon.

How will the remaining warriors face this threat? How will Trunks respond? By attaining a new power beyond the one Gohan reached.


This new pack is another What if thought up by yours truly. With massive help from CSD59All I've been able to help realize this idea with characters attaining SSJ3, unlocking their potential, new fusions, and unheard of possessions.

While not nearly as big as the previous two this has just as much effort put into it with a brand new perspective.

Majin buu saga sbr

You can play as the following characters:

Future Trunks (Cell Saga) (Base - Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 3)

Goku (Cell Saga) (Base - Potential Unleashed - Ultimate Kaioken)

Majin Buu Saga Download

Gokunks (Cell Saga) (Base - Super Saiyan - Super Saiyan 3 - Potential Unleashed)

Majin Buu Saga Category Leaders


Majin Buu Saga Tier List

Majin Gohan (Teen) (Super Saiyan 2)

Majin Vegeta (Cell Saga) (Base - Super Saiyan - Ascended Super Saiyan - Ascended Super Saiyan 2)

Super Buu (Cell Absorbed)

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