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Feb 01, 2020 The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Update v1.1 3DS (EUR/USA) CIA 0 0 2/04/2020 Edit this post The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Update v1.1 3DS is an Action-Adventure game Developed and Published by Nintendo. Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Cube Gamer Gift, Diorama 2D Cube Gift for Gamer, Unique Gaming Gift Ideas for men & women PastPixel. From shop PastPixel. 5 out of 5 stars (48) 48 reviews. Sale Price $49.36 $ 49.36 $ 61.70 Original Price $61.70 (20% off). Download links zelda majora's mask on 3ds: zelda majora's mask.cia (homebrew): zelda majora's mask.3ds (citra): pas. The salesman will become upset that you didn't obtain his lost mask, and he'll tell you about it: Majora's Mask. The salesman will also give you the Bombers' Notebook. This special notebook, accessible by pressing Select, stores the schedules of everyone you interact with in the game, along with listing events tied to those characters.

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On this page you will find differences between the Nintendo64 and 3DS versions!

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Save files and Owl Statues

Majora S Mask Cartridge

  • You no longer save your progress by playing the Song of Time. In Majora's Mask 3D you have to use the owl statues (or the Quill Statues, entirely dedicated to save the game).
  • Now, there are three save files (instead of two).
  • To activate the owl statues, you have to check them instead of hitting them with your sword.

Improvements about the gameplay

  • In Deku Link form, you shoot bubble blast through a viewfinder.
  • Moreover, a bubble blast blown up for too long doesn't burst.
  • Still as Deku Link, when you burrow into a Deku flower and then jump out and fly around, a mark shows your position in aerial image.
  • Zora Link has been redesigned. Indeed, freestyle swimming is at a slower speed, and it is no longer possible to leap out of water EXCEPT when your shield (magical barrier) is activated, in which case you would swim at the maximum speed and leap. Obviously, the barrier still requires a lot of energy.
  • The controls of the Goron form have been improved: The A button doesn't have to be kept pressed to roll. Once at full speed, you don't have to push to keep on curling. It makes the game much more enjoyable to play, especially for the goron race or when you roll after Goht.
  • You can remove a transformation mask (Deku, Zora, Goron) from the inventory screen while the transformation is activated. On N64, it was necessary to take off your mask (in human form) before putting it off from the items.
  • As soon as you transform into Deku, Goron or Zora Link, the ocarina becomes the musical instrument corresponding to the form you turned into (pipes, drums, guitar respectively).
  • On 3DS, it's possible to equip the ice arrows (for example) on a button and the fire arrows on another one. On N64, you could only use one type of arrow at the same time.
  • The path leading to Pinnacle Rock is now depicted on the map, and easier to cross than it used to be on N64. (Nothing appeared on the map on N64.)
  • When the Song Of Time is played, Epona is not systematically at Romani Ranch anymore, she's still where you left her. (Thus it's no longer necessary to play Epona's Song at the start of each new three-day cycle.)
  • When you're racing to get the Mask of Scents in the Deku Shrine, a map of the sanctuary appears.



The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask.cia

  • After playing the Song of Double Time, you have the possibility to jump directly to the chosen hour instead of jumping forward to the next day.
  • You learn the Song of Soaring when you reach the swamp tourist center.
  • Was the Scarecrow's Song registered on N64? Well, now it is (even though it's still not retained after the Song of Time).

Bombers and Bombers' Notebook

  • The Bombers' notebook is now given by the Happy Masks Salesman.
  • In the notebook, the quests are divided into two categories: current quests and completed quests. For the current ones, it's possible to ask Tatl to remind you a specific time not to miss your quest.
  • When a quest is discovered, the notebook indicates where it's located.
  • Some bombers are hidden in new places:
    - North Clock Town, behind the slide (same)
    - East Clock Town, on the roof of the Stock Pot Inn (same)
    - West Clock Town, in front of the dojo next to the Post Office (same)
    - South Clock Town, hidden under a wooden box in the centre of the worksite
    - Laudry Pool, under a wooden box, next to the bell
  • When you talk to a Bomber in human form, we hear about 'rumours', that are indeed side quests, that reward you with something once completed.
  • Even the brief quests for some rupees (ex: Zora Hall - lights and photographs of Lulu) appear in the notebook.
Majora s mask cartridge

Clock Town

  • The banker is now in South Clock Town, opposite the path leading northwards.
  • A Sheikah stone can be found near Clock Town's gates.


  • The soldier who gives you the Stone Mask is no longer located in Ikana Valley, but in the Pirates' Fortress, near the foot of the ladder of the fortress watch tower, next to a wooden box. (You still need the lens of truth to see him.)
  • On Kamaro's Mask, we are now able to see that he has a green beard as well as a green ponytail.
  • The Circus Leader's Mask has been renamed the Troupe Leader's Mask.
  • The All-Night Mask is in the shape of a bat and its 'wings' are hung to Link's ears.
  • The Garo's Mask has a new look. The mask now looks like a real Garo Ninja.
  • The Zora Mask has been also slightly redesigned, it looks more realistic now.
  • The Captain's Hat is rounder and has more teeth.
  • About the Captain's Hat, the fight against the skeleton has been simplified A LOT. (You just need to hit him once to make him stop his race and attack you).
  • You get the Giant's Mask during your fight against Twinmold after defeating the blue Twinmold.
  • At the fishing hole, you are now allowed to wear the Fierce Deity's Mask. However, you won't be able to leave this place if you're still wearing it. (On N64, this mask could only be worn for the final battle.)


Woodfall Temple

  • The 5th fairy is no longer hidden inside the beehive to the left of the first small key, but on the 2nd floor in the corner of the room that you have to cross with the Deku flower (some dragonflies interfere with your flight and there are holes below).
  • The 11th fairy is no longer located under a block, but in a hive in a room to the east. This hive is located next to the floor door.

Snowhead Temple

  • In the room containing a launching pad that you can use to get to the other side of the room as a Goron, there is a fairy on your right, before gaining acceleration.
  • Wizrobe has been renamed Wizzrobe, and his position is no longer indicated by a red spot on the map.

Majora's Mask 3d Citra Rom

Great Bay Temple

  • The water sparkles where it's possible to make ice paths (which was not the case on N64).

Stone Tower Temple

  • The rupee that you need to hit to invert the temple is no longer hidden under a block, but is directly hung over the entrance of the temple.
  • In the room containing the pond, after getting the first small key of the dungeon and opening the door, there is a second key in this hall. On N64, you had to let yourself be caught by the 'hand' that throws you on a platform onto which you can find a chest containing the small key. On 3DS you have to jump on the platform to turn on a switch to reveal this chest.


  • 2nd bottle (instead of a piece of heart): After saving Koume in the Woods of Mystery, take part in her shooting game and score more than 20 points.
  • There is a 7th bottle! On the second day, at the Stock Pot Inn, Gorman lays on the bed of the room at the end of the corridor. Talk to him with the Troupe Leader's Mask on, he will ask you to bring him some milk. In the afternoon, go see his brother on Milk Road (near the fence). He will give you a bottle of milk that you will have to give to Gorman at the inn within two minutes. Then, you can keep the bottle.

Pieces of Heart

  • At the graveyard, on the 3rd day, command the stalchildren to open the grave and play Dampé's mini-game. You will win a piece of heart instead of a bottle.


  • Deku Scrub Playground (North Clock Town): If you win on the first day, you're given a fishing hole pass to rent a fishing rod at the Swamp Fishing Hole. If you win on the second day, you're given a fishing hole pass to rent a fishing rod at the Ocean Fishing Hole.
  • Honey and Darling's shop (East Clock Town): As above.
  • How to earn fishing hole passes:
    • Beaver Falls Race
    • Honey and Darling's shop
    • Deku Scrub Playground
    • Help Romani to look after the cows during the night (she will give you milk for the first time you succeed, and then a fishing pass)
    • Give a picture of Tingle to the Guide, the owner of the Swamp Tourist Center
    • Complete the four gossip stones quest once again. To succeed, you have to turn all four stones the same colour, thanks to your ocarina. (The first success will reward you with a piece of heart, then with a fishing hole pass)
    • Answer Keaton's questions again (and again..)
    • Heal again Shiro, the invisible man
    • At Romani Ranch, help again Grog's Chicks to grow into adults thanks to the Bremen Mask
    • Defeat again all the Skulltulas of the Swamp Spider House
    • Complete again the Poe Collector's quest at the secret shrine in Ikana Valley (The first time you earn a piece of heart)
    • Defeat again the Poe Sisters in the Spirit House of Ikana
    • Deliver the Special Delivery to Mama (you get a bottle of Chateau Romani for the first delivery, then a fishing pass)
    • At the Zora Hall, after turning back the clock, continue the jam session in human form in the pianist's room (which initially rewarded you with a piece of heart)
    • Play with the four musical instruments for Toto in the Milk Bar (on any night), Gorman will give a fishing pass (the first time he gives you the Troupe Leader's Mask)
    • After defeating Gyorg, complete again the mini-game that consists in jumping from island to island, on the coast of the Great Bay

On the Moon

The Moon Gyorg Child
The labyrinth has changed. There are crystals at the entrance of each tunnel to open railings. To find the good way, you have to take the tunnels where you can see fish. Read the walkthrough for more details

Anju and Kafei

During the Anju and Kafei quest, you can find the Curiosity Shop guy in Kafei's hideout from 6 am (on N64, you had to wait until the afternoon). Consequently, you are able to deliver the letter to Madame Aroma from 10 am at the Milk Bar, giving you more time to join Kafei in Ikana Valley. Concerning the postman, you just need to join him after his round at the Post Office, and to give him the Special Delivery, so that he instantly goes to the Milk Bar. Thus, you don't have to wait for the night to come.

Easter eggs

  • During the Anju and Kafei quest, Kafei lets you take a look into the Curiosity shop, you can see an R.O.B on the right, to the left of the clock. (An R.O.B. was originally a little robot accessory for the NES and became a game character since Super Smash Bros Brawl.)
  • A stone Wii-remote can be seen in the Goron Elder's son's playthings in the Shrine.
  • You will also see a Nintendo GameCube at the back of the Bomb Shop, behind the owner.

Various things

  • The Swamp and Mountain Great Fairies' rewards have been switched. In this way, the swamp fairy will enlarge your magic meter, whereas the moutain fairy will improve you spin attack.
  • A fishing hole was added next to the Swamp Shooting Gallery. Tickets can be obtained from mini-games.
  • After turning into Giant Link, no item can be used, it is only possible to fight with your fists.
  • To book a room at the Stock Pot Inn of Clock Town ('Knife Chamber'), you need to be at the front desk between 1 pm and 4.50 pm wearing the Goron Mask (you must not talk to Anju before, with or without the mask).
  • The eyes of the remains of the bosses were coloured on N64, they are colourless now.
  • The Owl Statue that is located at the Zora Peninsula has been renamed 'Zora Cape'.
  • It's possible to complete the Spider House on the third day and get the Giant Wallet. In the N64 version, it was mandatory to complete this side quest on the first day to get this wallet.
  • At the Trading Post, magic beans are sold instead of packs of 30 arrows.
  • The Goron Elder is way closer to the two 'isles'. Moreover, on N64, he was often hidden beneath some snow that can be removed by punching it as Link Goron. However, on 3DS there's no snow so he is noticeable.
  • In the well of Ikana Valley, the gibdos no longer ask for a certain amount of items (magic beans, boms, etc.). Only one copy is needed by now.
  • You can find Mikau, the Zora who gives you the Zora Mask, from the first day to the last. On N64, he was just floating on the first day.
  • When you help Cremia to deliver the milk, she gives you Romani's Mask (such as the N64 version). However, if you do it a second time, you get 200 rupees (on N64 you get a bottle of Chateau Romani). If your wallet is full, Cremia gives you a hug..
  • In Ikana Valley, the Song of Storms' score is inscribed on the outside walls of the Music Box House (little hint..)

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