The Makita 2040 was an industrial-grade planer made in Japan in the 1980s and early 1990s. It cost about $2000 new. It is made mostly of cast iron and is very sturdy. Makita also made a smaller version that included a jointer, called the Makita 2030.

The planer can only be switched on once a safety key is inserted. It uses two standard blades which are calibrated by adjusted hex bolts underneath, as is common on machines from this era.

Motor Design

Planer 400 mm (15-3/4') MODEL 2040 INSTRUCTION MANUAL SPECIFI CAT IONS 396 mm I1 5518') 1 mm 11/32')of stock wtdth over 304 mmll 1-314') 3 mm 1118'l o f stock width under 150 mm 15-718') Max. Srock height 12.7mm - 1 9 5 m m 1112' - 7-518') No load speed 6,500,In, 9 m/mm 129 5 ftimin.1 396 mm x 600 nim 115 5/8' x 23 5/8'1 Overall dimenslons (W x L x HI 570 mm x 1,025111111 x 715 r n n l 122 112' x 40.

Makita 2040 roller recover

How to edit wechat moment. One design difference of the Makita with many other floor planers is that the universal motor is all the way in the base, driving the arbor with a belt. On many other planers the motor is often integrated in the arbor section, making the top much larger and heavier.

Optional Features

Makita 2040 Roller Recover

  1. I have seen used Makita 2040 planers go anywhere from $500.00 to $1400.00 depending on their condition. If the one you are looking at needs new rollers, your looking at approximately $500.00 for both. It is a good quality planer and has plenty of power for the job. Inspect it carefully because the parts on it aren't cheap.
  2. Rebuilding the Makita 2040 planer - part three It really is rewarding to rebuild an old tool - and the work on the Makita 2040 planer is progressing smoothly. In the first post about this, I discussed taking out the old rollers, to have some work done on them.
  3. Makita 2040 planer woodnut1 Posted in Power Tools and Machinery on February 27, 2006 10:02am I recently bought a Makita 2040 planer that appears to be in good condition and have a few questions for anyone having experience with one of these machines.
  4. Related Manuals for Makita PLANER 2040. Planer Makita PLANER JOINTER 2004 Instruction Manual 16 pages. 132 mm (5 1/4') planer jointer. Planer Makita CURVED.

As optional features there was a small stand, and there was an extra sprocket set to allow for a slower feed speed (the standard feed is relatively quick, so may not give the best results on difficult boards).

Feed Roller Issue

Makita Planer Manual

Makita planer model 2040

One common problem seems to be that the polyurethane or rubber on the feed rollers dries out or disintegrates (normal after such a long time). It can be quite costly to have this replaced, so take that into account when purchasing a used machine.

Replacement Blades: If you’re looking for new blades for the Makita 2040, you can get some original ones from eReplacementParts but they are very expensive. Some more affordable ones by Freud can be found on Amazon here.

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