There are many exam for Hindi Typing Test conducted using Unicode Hindi font (Mangal Font). Hindi Unicode Exam are : CRPF, CISF, SSC, FCI, CPCT, UP Police Computer Operator and many more exam now days taken in Unicode Hindi Font. You can practise and check your speed in WPM, Accuracy etc. You can use Remington GAIL, In-script or Phonetic Keyboard for Typing.

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Note : For Type in Remington Gail use Indic Input Tool 1 or 3. (Indic Input Tool 2 have problem of space key, you have to press space bar two times on indic input 2)

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Free Download Remington Gail Typing Software (Indic Input 1, 2 and 3)

Mangle Software

Test your Hindi Typing Speed with free online typing test. Input you name and select desired word passage and let start hit on the keyboard. But before that don’t forget to activate your keyboard which you want to use like Inscript or Remington Gail whichever you want. After enable keyboard start hitting the keyboard and type till your time elapsed. Online Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor Free Download.

The word highlighter feature will help you to identify the word which you have to type next and remain you at right place. Skipping a word or double type a word will show in result separately will help you minimize your mistakes in next test. The Unicode font Typing test are now days taken in many govt. exam in India. We advise you to carefully check which keyboard will use for your typing exam test.


Mangle Software App

Practice daily for best results. Practice cans only the option to improve Hindi Typing Speed, no shortcut for it.

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