Alright so today's lesson is wz editing. Wz editing can be used in many ways such as editing the look of a map, look of a skill look, look of a mob, or any maple story wz file. This can be used while creating your own server, to change the look of your own Maplestory game, or even crash maps. Today I will teach you how to wz edit ones eyes and afterwards you can take what you learn and use it for your own hacking needs.
  1. Maplestory V83 Packets
  2. Mapleroyals Hacks
  3. Maplestory V83 Trainer
  4. Maplestory Trainer

V83: Exp: x3: Meso: x2: Drop: Table: Quest: x3: Recent Activity. Smug has reached level 130 100 hours ago. Shot has reached level 80 148 hours ago. Shot has reached.

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  1. Maple Story Hacks, Cheats & Bots Download or share your Maple Story hack at world's leading forum for all kind of Maple Story hacks, cheats and bots. Here you will find a list of discussions in the Maple Story forum at the MMORPGs category.
  2. Godmode: A hack that enables you to not be hit or not take damage; Tubi: A hack that allows you to pick up items at a high speed; FMIV: Full Map Item Vac. This will let you pick up the whole maps items; DEMIV: A hack that lets you hit everything on map and has FMIV in it; dEM: dEMI without the item vac.
Steps to wz editing:
1. Download HaRepackerMaplestory V83 Hacks
2. Download the GM Hand Book (Optional but may come in handy)
3. Run HaRepacker as an administrator
4. In the drop box, select 'GMS(T) (v56+)'

5. Go to File>Open and Find your Maplestory folder. You should see something like this:
6. Open up the wz file you wish to edit. In this case I will be editing the 'Character.wz' file.

7. Click the plus next to the 'Character.wz' (Or which ever wz you chose) file. Find what you want to edit. I will be looking under 'Face' because that is where eyes are found.
8. Under 'Face I am going to look for the default face image of the face I wish to edit. When I click on 'face' (Face>0020001.img>defult>face) I see the current image for this face.

9. Now if I click 'Change Image..' I can select a new face/eye for my character.
10. Now you will see your new face in the window. Save the file over your current wz file and run Maplestory. You will now see your new face/eye in the stylist of your sever and can select the new image.

Maplestory V83 Packets

-You can only see your wz edits, others cannot. Although others cannot see wz edits, if you have a map edit other players may see you floating above the ground which in most servers will result in a ban.
-Most wz edits are aloud such as UI and skill edits because they do not give players an unfair advantage
-Be careful when editing the cash shop because you could end up getting yourself auto banned
-Packet editing can be a fun, artistic and legal way to show off your talents in a server when used correctly but can also be used to give players unfair advantages.. Which is most likely why you are reading this

Mapleroyals Hacks

MaplestoryHave fun experimenting and feel free to show off creative edits in the comments.

Maplestory V83 Trainer

Maplestory Trainer

I'm not sure if anyone has done this before, but i'll just start it now..
Here is a simple tutorial on hex editing clients for maplestory.
This has only been tested on v83, but will probably work for any other version.
For this tutorial I will use a simple Maplestory v83 localhost.
If pics cannot be seen please go here:
ImageShack Album - 8 images
or click on pics
Important things needed:
Ollydbg - http://www.ollydbg.de/
Cheat engine - Cheat Engine
Maplestory scripts/hacks/trainers - search for them on google.. thats what I did..
dll injector - google is your friend..
There are probably two ways to do this.. I will show you both..
On to the tutorial!!!
Tutorial 1 (Cheat engine):
Step 1.
Open Ollydbg.
Step 2.
In Ollydbg, open up your maplestory client.(F3 is a hotkey for this)
Step 3.
Open up cheat engine with your scripts.
Step 4.
click the computer icon and select your maplestory client(it should show up, If not i dunno what's wrong..)
Step 5.
For an example I will use Blink-Godmode for my edit. First check the script here:
at first I was thinking this code was wierd to put in using a tutorial I saw somewhere in this forum.
But in reality it is very easy.
Press ctrl+G and search for the address:
Step 6.
Tick the Hack and click somewhere else in OllyDbg to see the changes
Notice that there is a small change there where it used to say SUB? It now says ADD.
this is where the client is editted.
Step 7.
Tick any other hacks you would like to have on your client.
no pic for now
Step 8.
right click in ollydbg, go down to copy to executable, and click all modifications if you ticked more than one hack.
Step 9.
Select Copy all
Step 10.
A box thingy should come up. Just close it and it will ask you to save or else.. say yes and save it to your maplestory folder.
no pic right now..
and you are done with that!!!
I will do the second tutorial with the trainer when I get the time.(Have to do homework that I neglected to do )
Note that not all hacks will work. You just have to find one that works.
Please give thanks if I helped. Or not..
I thought that more people should use this for it is eaisier and possibly faster than manually putting it in.
Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my boring tutorial. It means a lot. If you have questions please feel free to ask here.
And I will see you later!maybe..
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