All you need for Markdown (keyboard shortcuts, table of contents, auto preview and more).

  1. Markdown的介绍大家可以参考上一篇文章;本文的目的,则是引导大家开始Markdown的写作。 1. 下载和安装vscode 1.1.
  2. Feb 20, 2020 Vim keybindings with VSCodeVim Flat markdown file storage on disk in a non-proprietary format, backed up and synced across devices with Google Backup and Sync, searchable with ripgrep, scriptable with bash, python, etc.
  3. Markdown documents are written in plain text, and thus are often simpler to create, edit and manage using text editors intended for writing code. This page includes a how-to discussion of using VSCode, a software package (and associated customizing plugins) intended for writing code that lends itself well to markdowns as well.

Table of Contents

Markdown Vscode
  • Features
  • FAQ

Vscode 本身对 markdown 的支持. 自带预览功能。通过快捷键 Ctrl+Shift+V。或者使用Ctrl+K V (先按 Ctrl+K 再 单独按 v)打开侧边预览。; 大纲视图:大纲视图是文件资源管理器底部的单独部分。. Markdown and VS Code. Working with Markdown files in Visual Studio Code is simple, straightforward, and fun. Besides VS Code's basic editing, there are a number of Markdown specific features that will help you be more productive.


Keyboard shortcuts

(Typo: multiple words)

See full key binding list in the keyboard shortcuts section

Table of contents

  • Run command 'Create Table of Contents' to insert a new table of contents.

  • The TOC is automatically updated on file save by default. To disable, please change the toc.updateOnSave option.

  • The indentation type (tab or spaces) of TOC can be configured per file. Find the setting in the right bottom corner of VS Code's status bar.

    Note: Be sure to also check the list.indentationSize option.

  • To make TOC compatible with GitHub or GitLab, set option slugifyMode accordingly

  • Three ways to control which headings are present in the TOC:

    Drivers nbx

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    1. Add <!-- omit in toc --> at the end of a heading to ignore it in TOC
      (It can also be placed above a heading)

    2. Use toc.levels setting.

    3. You can also use the toc.omittedFromToc setting to omit some headings (and their subheadings) from TOC:


      • Setext headings (underlined with or ---) can also be omitted, just put their # and ## versions in the setting, respectively.
      • When omitting heading, make sure headings within a document are unique. Duplicate headings may lead to unpredictable behavior.
  • Easily add/update/remove section numbering

  • In case you are seeing unexpected TOC recognition, you can add a <!-- no toc --> comment above the list.

List editing

Note: By default, this extension tries to determine indentation size for different lists according to CommonMark Spec. If you prefer to use a fixed tab size, please change the list.indentationSize setting.

Print Markdown to HTML

  • Commands Markdown: Print current document to HTMLand Markdown: Print documents to HTML (batch mode)

  • Compatible with other installed Markdown plugins (e.g. Markdown Footnotes)The exported HTML should look the same as inside VSCode.

  • Use comment <!-- title: Your Title --> to specify a title of the exported HTML.

  • Plain links to .md files will be converted to .html.

  • It's recommended to print the exported HTML to PDF with browser (e.g. Chrome) if you want to share your documents with others.

GitHub Flavored Markdown

  • Table formatter

    Note: The key binding is Ctrl + Shift + I on Linux. See Visual Studio Code Key Bindings.

  • Task lists


Please use Markdown+Math for dedicated math support. Be sure to disable math.enabled option of this extension.

Auto completions

Tip: also support the option completion.root

  • Images/Files (respects option search.exclude)

  • Math functions (including option katex.macros)

  • Reference links


  • Paste link on selected text

  • Override 'Open Preview' keybinding with 'Toggle Preview', which means you can close preview using the same keybinding (Ctrl + Shift + V or Ctrl + K V).

Available Commands

  • Markdown All in One: Create Table of Contents
  • Markdown All in One: Update Table of Contents
  • Markdown All in One: Add/Update section numbers
  • Markdown All in One: Remove section numbers
  • Markdown All in One: Toggle code span
  • Markdown All in One: Toggle code block
  • Markdown All in One: Print current document to HTML
  • Markdown All in One: Print documents to HTML
  • Markdown All in One: Toggle math environment
  • Markdown All in One: Toggle list
    • It will cycle through list markers (-, *, +, 1. and 1))

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl/Cmd + BToggle bold
Ctrl/Cmd + IToggle italic
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + ]Toggle heading (uplevel)
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + [Toggle heading (downlevel)
Ctrl/Cmd + MToggle math environment
Alt + CCheck/Uncheck task list item
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + VToggle preview
Ctrl/Cmd + K VToggle preview to side

Supported Settings


Visual Studio Code Markdown Extension

markdown.extension.completion.respectVscodeSearchExcludetrueWhether to consider search.exclude option when providing file path completions
markdown.extension.completion.rootRoot folder when providing file path completions (It takes effect when the path starts with /)
markdown.extension.italic.indicator*Use * or _ to wrap italic text
markdown.extension.katex.macros{}KaTeX macros e.g. { 'name': 'expansion', .. }
markdown.extension.list.indentationSizeadaptiveUse different indentation size for ordered and unordered list
markdown.extension.orderedList.autoRenumbertrueAuto fix list markers as you edits
markdown.extension.orderedList.markerorderedOr one: always use 1. as ordered list marker
markdown.extension.preview.autoShowPreviewToSidefalseAutomatically show preview when opening a Markdown file.
markdown.extension.print.absoluteImgPathtrueConvert image path to absolute path
markdown.extension.print.imgToBase64falseConvert images to base64 when printing to HTML
markdown.extension.print.includeVscodeStylesheetstrueWhether to include VSCode's default styles
markdown.extension.print.onFileSavefalsePrint to HTML on file save
markdown.extension.print.themelightTheme of the exported HTML
markdown.extension.print.validateUrlstrueEnable/disable URL validation when printing
markdown.extension.syntax.decorationstrueAdd decorations to ~~strikethrough~~ and code span
markdown.extension.syntax.decorationFileSizeLimit50000Don't render syntax decorations if a file is larger than this size (in byte/B)
markdown.extension.syntax.plainThemefalseA distraction-free theme
markdown.extension.tableFormatter.enabledtrueEnable GFM table formatter
markdown.extension.toc.downcaseLinktrueForce the TOC links to be lowercase
markdown.extension.toc.slugifyModegithubSlugify mode for TOC link generation (vscode, github, gitlab or gitea)
markdown.extension.toc.omittedFromToc{}Lists of headings to omit by project file (e.g. { 'README.md': ['# Introduction'] })
markdown.extension.toc.levels1.6Control the heading levels to show in the table of contents.
markdown.extension.toc.orderedListfalseUse ordered list in the table of contents.
markdown.extension.toc.plaintextfalseJust plain text.
markdown.extension.toc.unorderedList.marker-Use -, * or + in the table of contents (for unordered list)
markdown.extension.toc.updateOnSavetrueAutomatically update the table of contents on save.


Q: Error 'command 'markdown.extension.onXXXKey' not found'

In most cases, it is because VSCode needs a few seconds to load this extension when you open a Markdown file for the first time. (You will see a message 'Activating Extensions..' on the status bar.)

If you still see this 'command not found' error after waiting for a long time, please try to restart VSCode (or reinstall this extension1 if needed). Otherwise feel free to open a new issue on GitHub.

1. uninstall this extension, restart VSCode (important!) and then reinstall

Markdown Notes - Visual Studio Marketplace

Q: Which Markdown syntax is supported?

  • Tables, strikethrough and task lists (from GitHub Flavored Markdown)
  • Math support (from KaTeX)

For other Markdown syntax, you need to install the corresponding extensions from VSCode marketplace (e.g. Mermaid diagram, emoji, footnotes and superscript). Once installed, they will take effect in VSCode and also the exported HTML file.

Q: This extension has overridden some of my key bindings (e.g. Ctrl + B, Alt + C)

You can easily manage key bindings with VSCode's 'Keyboard Shortcuts' page. (Commands provided by this extension have prefix markdown.extension.)

Q: The extension is unresponsive, causing lag etc. (performance issues)

See More Results

From experience, there is a good chance that the performance issues are caused by other extensions (e.g., some spell checker extensions).

To find out the root cause, you can install our development build (debug.vsix) and create a CPU profile following this official instruction from the VS Code. And then please open a GitHub issue with that profile (.cpuprofile.txt) attached.


See CHANGELOG for more information.

Latest Development Build

Download it here, please click the latest passing event to download artifacts. There are two versions: markdown-all-in-one-*.vsix is the regular build, while debug.vsix is used to create a verbose CPU profile.

To install, execute Extensions: Install from VSIX.. in the VS Code Command Palette (ctrl + shift + p)


  • File bugs, feature requests in GitHub Issues.
  • Leave a review on Visual Studio Marketplace.
  • Buy me a coffee ☕ (via PayPal, Alipay or WeChat).

Special thanks to the collaborator @Lemmingh and all other contributors.

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