Minecraft has been in the market for quite some time now making innovations and bringing charm to traditional gaming by making thinking pattern and gameplay dynamic. Since it is open source for the developers to make modes, weapons, scenes, bases, vehicles and other related stuff by themselves, Minecraft has multiple modes and Mudpacks to play with community developers developing their imaginary weapons, bases, vehicles and other war, survival and adventure stuff.

Browse and download Minecraft Army Mods by the Planet Minecraft community. Pig Army allows you to have enhanced pigs as your beloved Minecraft partners. Tame them, equip them with the best armor and ride them to some adventures! Tame pigs with cooked carrots to ride and customize them. Also, tamed pigs have double health (you love them so much that they get extra hearts!).

Among the other modes which make the game beyond imagination, Flan mode is the one which brings in hostility and aggressiveness in the game. Flan’s Mod is a quite a vast variety mod full of custom made guns, vehicles and armor stuff. It’s the complete war and mechanical works package and works for all users especially for multiplayers. In this mode of game, the character has to move, defense, kill survive and conquer at the same time. Flan’s mode has a vast variety of sub modes and their respective package that offer a broad variety of selection to the player. One of the most popular mode among them is the Minecraft Military Mod which has all the fire power and logistics to pacify the war tactics. Talking about the military mode which is a complimentary state in Flan’s mode.

Minecraft Military Vehicles Mod (An introduction)

In Minecraft military vehicles mod , there are lots of packages available which are contributed either by community or they have come along with the game. There are vehicles building parts, vehicles themselves and their service parts and accessories like oil, brakes, suspension etc. and crafting if the parts facility. Player can download parts, mode of cars like civilian, war (tanks) etc. from the Flan’s mode.

How Packs work?

Packs are Minecraft way of easy to insert add-ons in the gaming environment where they have dependencies with other packages are once resolved, they become part of game playing with certain features to offer. Packs are the building blocks of a mode and they add functionality and innovation to gameplay. Generally the package has its main mode as a dependency then some fellow packages which it requires to function. Player can use the existing packs as well as develop his/her own pack.

Installation Details

So basically, stated below are the installation steps explained to setup the Flan’s mode and then the military mode to add vehicles into the pack

Minecraft army mod youtube
  1. First of all download the Flans Mod 1.7.10
  2. Install the version Minecraft Forge 1.7.10
  3. After you have downloaded the Minecraft Forger, find the folder of the game. It will be found at the root of % appdata% / roaming / .minecraft /
  4. In the game folder, copy the Flan’s mode file to the mods folder.
  5. After adding the folder of Flans mode, run the game and then close it.
  6. Again locate the game folder.
  7. Place the packs which you have downloaded for Flans mode V 1.7.10 and into the mode folder.

In the non-customized copy of the game which is setup at start, there are Military equipment, weapons, cars and airplanes to play with. However, the download setup described above add Flan’s mode into the game which provide the user with the functionality with movement in the battle field, attack, defense and air attack options. With this mode, the user can have the real flavor of war and war strategy by driving tanks, flying aircraft and launch attacks whereas he also can place troops, march around and do logistics for its survival or attack. Different packs contains set of tools to add on in Flan’s mode.

For player to create a Vehicle either small or large, there is special workspace needed to build them which is also known as crafting table. Like if a plane has to be built, wings, engine, chassis, lights, guns etc. are assembled. To locate and to move on the map locations, you will need an even space, although some vehicles navigate and overcome obstacles with built in features.

Below are some items and their usage in making things work in Flan’s mode


The term item is used for an atomic thing which is used to build/operate an engine. These are the some major items that will help you in the Vehicle mode:


This will be the elementary thing to get start with the car. Once you got the car, you cannot start the car without selecting fuel. To get the vehicle refueled, approach it, the player has to select the fuel in the frame illustrated below and select the vehicles which the player is aiming to fuel up. After that, you can turn on the ignition to start the car.


When the player feels that ground transport is not enough to explore the ground he can use helicopter. Obviously, the helicopter is faster than ground transport, but we have other vehicles as well which are faster than helicopter like airplanes, but helicopter is preferred due to its ability for staying stationary.

Despite of the fact that it has small size and slow movement, It has many advantages for players like no fuel consumption, it is cost optimal and also it has possible movement on small locations where cars and SUVs are unable to travel

What’s new?

Vehicle Mod 1.8.9/1.7.10 adds new models, more details in the cars and trucks and some new extra’s. Vehicle mod is a decorative mod for vehicles, and well, what this mod does is well, just decorates your streets with cars and trucks. Moreover, newer designs are being introduced to add versatility.

Things to keep in mind while vehicle crafting

  • Any engine can be introduced in the vehicle mode for small as well as heavy vehicles and even planes and helicopter. However, better engine speed can add to the speed of Vehicle, jet etc.
  • Some vehicles deny guns however, guns are deployable at every place and vehicles in the deployable slots.
  • Blueprint sections enlists the vehicles you have crafted over the past and selecting them acts as an hint giving for building and crafting new vehicles.

Minecraft Military Mod

Technology innovation is shaping lives worldwide whether in the shape of household gadgets, transportation, communication etc. Among technology trends Problem solving and Game playing are also included which have come a long way to survive in current era. From console to Xbox and play station, people have played some of the most addictive games ever exist.

While every genre has its specific characteristics, which differentiates it from other like fighting, strategy, running, reward based etc. But in recent times, a game has taken many people for surprise by players count, popularity and unique style, that is, open to adapt. You guess it right, the name is Minecraft.

History and Evolution

Minecraft came into being in 2009 as a result of a Swidish game programmer and designer Markus Persson. He think of this game and started working on this idea while he was working as a Game developer for Jalbum and to pursue his idea, he found a company named Mojang, after he realized the fact that his part time idea became his full time job. Since its creation, it has been one of the most of the popular used games around. Despite of the fact that this game is not built around massive resources and planned marketing strategy, it is still popular in all age groups.

In a matter of small time since 2009, apart from the other highly decorated and high profile games, this game has been making waves in game developing industry and is becoming popular in every age group. This game was started as an open level, intelligent game and constantly scaling in nature that is made to learn the way the user suggests, which according to many researchers makes it addictive.

An interesting thing in this gameplay is that there are no specific rules and missions for the player, no hard defined rules and as a result of no fix game strategy, there is no gameplay demo available online. It has been left to the game player to play at his own will. On top of that, developers with programming skills are open to make changes in the game which has been allowed by Minecraft in the form of code written for them. There are built in maps which are aimed to build the game on will. Contrast to the traditional gameplay which allows the user to use cheats and hacks, Minecraft focused on real imagination gameplay by allowing user to change the game much to his imagination.

Minecraft Army Mod

The term which is used usually for Minecraft is a ‘sandbox game’. The term refers the fact that user can create his own scenes and stages according to his experiences, using the building blocks, discovering resources on modes available for resource collection by taking into account their own imagination.

Minecraft was designed to roll on the computers at first, and still due to the computing power, most of the gameplay is done. But it is not limited to desktop versions and has extended its way to Xbox and other platforms. What adds to its addiction, is the availability of the game on multiple platforms. Users can have it on computer based on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms as well as on smartphone with online stores (iStore and Playstore). The game updates can be found across all the devices variants so it makes the game readily available. However, Computer versions is blessed with more frequent updates to preserve the nature of the game.

Why Minecraft?

Before we enter into the installation and the play mode, let’s have a look at what Minecraft is? What if offers, what makes it so popular and appealing for the users.

This reasons for the popularity of that this games offers a lot of flexibility to users and their vision of playing games reflecting their imagination. Here user can create his own fantasy world, make games adventurous, by exploring the scenes by building their own scenes, fight the bad guys and this can be done by playing in single or multi player mode. Children have special amount of interest in this and its building day by day knowing the fact that the skill level required by the user is very basic as compared to other options where you have to build fast reflexes and must have good knowledge of gaming.

There is no fixed level, strategy and scenes in the game like other different available game options which often assign a mission to the players and eventually gets to an end. It rather acts as the Players can adapt roles to become solider, farmer, Mine workers, block builders etc. become or multiple at the same time.

Stats and Statistics


It was estimated that in early 2018, the game was believed to have more than 140 million users worldwide. What remains a hidden fact is that what makes it a so popular choice as so many high graphics, high resolution and challenging games are present in the market.

Minecraft Army Mod Forge

The idea of this game is being heavily inspired by the likes of Dungeon Keeper (Strategy game released by Electronic games) and Dwarf Fortress which was open to build game like Minecraft but was procedurally developed.

Minecraft Army Mod

Like other games where the user is served with uneven difficulty levels and challenges, this is not the game where we can expect this. In this game, the user has to think for himself to survive for the next challenges and to do a lot of repetitive stuff to make game interesting.

This gameplay along with its innovation contains different modes to play with like Creative mode, hardcore mod, Survival mode, Flan’s mod containing minecraft Military Mod and Spectator mode. These Modes differ in spectrum based on extra powers, resources, lives and much more. Minecraft also allows the players to switch between modes in the game.

These mods are updated and more things are added in it by developers. The mods described above are the main mods which describe a genre of mods which are added be developer’s community. Talking about the Flan’s mod which illustrates the fighting state of gameplay. This Minecraft military mod is a very interesting and useful mod for adding the arsenal in the content pack system which is considered as basic structure in the Game.

Mods of Play:

There is single player as well as multiplayer opportunity within the game. In single player option, the server created Denys external connection on the machine where the server is hosted. Whereas, on the server mod of play, the external connections are accepted and join the game.

Minecraft Army Mod

How to setup:

Well, after we already has some introduction regarding the minecraft military mod, let’s go through the setup which requires step by step instruction to be followed:

First of all, the download should be selected as shown in screen below:

For complete demo or purchase process, user must have to sign up in the system. So make an account on the Minecraft site and provide a valid email address which on confirmation with email link, will create an account for Minecraft.

When Player clicks create account, an email is transferred to specified Email address in which there is a confirmation link which leads to another page. Remember the demo can be downloaded free of cost where we can get the flavor of what this game is about. Remember that Java is considered a prerequisite for making Minecraft run on computer so try to install the latest available Java version.

After email verification step, chose your Minecraft name to buy the game

Now Player is left with two options: Either to go for demo and have at least a 10 minute free game play, or to purchase the game, download it and skip through that demo phase. Once the appropriate download for compatible system is selected, select download and save it to your computer. After the download is complete, Run Minecraft launcher and enter the email and password credentials to Log in which you specified earlier.

Once the Player get logged in, the system will show the page regarding update notes and alongside this tab will be Development console and Profile editor. Also the play button will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Cheers! Minecraft setup is complete. If you have any problem regarding setting up the minecraft game, consult the user forums and Minecraft Online troubleshoot guide and community of Minecraft online.

Minecraft Army Mod 1.16.3

Now once the setup is done, let’s have a look at the modes and maps which Minecraft offers:

Army Mod Minecraft Curseforge

Flan’s Mod:

Flan’s Mod is a huge mod for Minecraft which adds planes, cars, tanks, guns, grenades and more in a customizable content pack system. Each mod including the Flan’s mod had content packs, Installation package for different platforms, Servers and Maps available for completing the game requirements.

Weapon arsenal

Flan’s mod offer offers ranges of weapons depending upon the choice of the Player. It can be a sword or it can be a machine gun, but the simplest thing which is the trademark of this game is that if no weapon of your choice is found, then you can create your own weapon and share it with others. Also this mod provides and supports packs with weapon details like guns, arrows, mines, Sub machine guns, rockets, hand grenades etc. Like each package contains a main category and other same weapons fall in that category. The teams system allows weapon pack makers to include weapon packages with other add-ons like armors and along with team setups with custom settings so that player quickly build games on your server with the other players on server with custom made packs.

War field Logistics

With the help of Flan’s model, now the player can enjoy the ride in war field transport like in real world. With Planes, cars and tanks options, the player can roam around the battlefield with protection around the corners. To add excitement, the player can either go with the single player mod to make his way or he can challenge a friend to fight for glory in the battlefield with artillery on finger tips

Content Packs

Not to worry about the old paths the player has followed and conquered using the pack system, the player just has to come back to the package system and look into the content packs section where we have a lot of users built and custom war tools in the form of custom user-made content packs waiting for you. And this thing never ends here, being drawn by boredom, one can create his own imaginary object by drawing and designing logos, icons, controls and sourcing sound files and for convenience sake put the log in easy to read text file for self and community realization. Flan’s mod is a tool that urges the user to bring technology under consideration and how cool is that to use your own imaginary technology with working state and so much fun.

Flan’s mod has some prerequisites which are:

  • Forge installation
  • Minecraft installed on system
  • New user profile created in the system for exploring maps and packages
  • Once the profile is saved, play the game
  • A litmus test to check that if the installation has done right is that the Minecraft menu will Microsoft Forge option with complete details including version number.
  • After the setup, continue the Flan’s mod installation

Among many mods, there is a mod called Military mod which is a complimentary mod developed with Flan’s mod. This mod has so much to offer for aggressive game play. The game covers all war tools and specifications and allow the user to avail as much arsenal and embed as more strategy into game playing as he could imagine.

Packs include Minecraft Military Vehicle Mod , Minecraft military base mod , Minecraft military bunker and Minecraft navy base .

  • Minecraft Military Vehicle Mod :

This action pack called Military Vehicle Mod within Flan mod brings the military action for Player in the form of heavy machinery including Large/Small tanks, Large/small cargo trucks and trailer trucks. The players can explore the vehicles and prepare for the strategy for war games.

  • Minecraft Military Base Mode:

Also called war stuff mod, this mod contains the stuff that the military uses for daily routines and usage stuff during war and stay at some place. In Military Base Mod These are divided into categories like Buildings, defense structures, Tunnel bases, aircraft etc. with having variety of material like in building there are tents, canteen etc. The sites and forums are open to Minecraft Military base ideas where different players share their bases ideas.

  • Minecraft military bunker :

This Mod in warfare is used for the protection of soldiers, storing important assets and protect aerial attacks. In Minecraft Military Bunker mod the user can choose the type of the bunker and its details.

In Minecraft Navy Base there are details regarding the navy base facility, the equipment it can hold. Adobe reader professional 9. Upon completion the base can allow an excess of 8 vessels and greater than 4 aircraft. State of the art living facilities, floating vessel facilities, control and command center and maintenance.

Creative Mod:

In creative mod, allows flying in air, and help you destroy blocks during mining. Player can also switch between survival and creative mods on demand. Player life is not vulnerable in this mod as in survival mode but subjected to condition. It is like Player cannot fly well beyond the defined threshold and failing to comply will kill the player. Second will be the

Survival mod:

Using this mod, Game allows players have to gather all their materials in some inventory to build, gain points. This mod is goal oriented contrasted to the game theme that it has no deterministic finishing goal or mission. Goal is to collect items and increase defensive, attacking and resource power. This is usually a Hostile environment where player is often in state of vulnerability from vicious mobs. However other than exploring options, this mod has a proper climax ending when the Players finishes the Ender dragon. In this mod player life health, armor, hunger bar are given. And when underwater, player’s oxygen status is also shown. Upon losing life, you go back to your starting point name as spawn point.

Adventure mod:

Here players can use simulation using buttons and controls and can interact with mobs. There is a condition for the player that he can only destroy that block who has “#can destroy” tag and also he can place a block which has “#can place” tag. So that mod is use to craft maps and adventures for user trip.

Hardcore mod:

This is probably the hardest mod the user faces. The mod is identical to survival mod except for one difference that the user difficulty level is permanently hard and the loss of player life causes the deletion of Maps or the Player can be pushed to permanent mod which is of spectator.

Spectator mod:

As the name suggests, this mode allows the user to interact invisibly with the game. Player cannot interact with the blocks and he is invisible to other objects in the game. User can only interact with the flying speed which is in contrast to the flying in the creative mod.

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