Interaction diagram for online shopping. A PS2 mod is a modded PlayStation 2 that can greatly enhance the gameplay. From a larger game library to better graphics, a well-modded PS2 can greatly increase the usability and efficiency of the system. What are the benefits of a modded PS2? A modded PS2 can greatly enhance many aspects of your gaming experience.

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  • This is a Swap Magic modded PS2, professionally done with mod chip, and enhanced top loader built into the case. It works perfectly, and comes with the Swap Magic DVD and CD boot discs. This system plays all PS1 and PS2 games, plus any burned and mounted PS2 ISO┬┤s you create.
  • Modding ps2 games is easy because you can just extract the iso using a program like 7zip then put it back into an iso with ImgBurn and the system will read it just fine.
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