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The ultimate comeback that NOBODY can resist. It out powers 'no u'

Emoji Dictionary: Reverse Button Emoji Emoji πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ ️😍 The Emoji Dictionary. Promise hard disk controller drivers. Search for iPhone and Android Emojis with options to browse every emoji by name, category, or keyword. The card game 99 is played with three or more players and is enjoyed by both children and adults. The rules of the game are very simple and it is quick to learn. It is a great learning activity for children as it introduces them to adding and subtracting. Adults quickly realize that winning requires well thought-out.

Me: your mom gay lol
12 year old: no u
Me an intellectual: *places down uno reverse card*
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'Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!'
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It is the physical embodiment of 'no u'. Comes in four colors, red, blue, green and yellow. There have been different styles with different itterations of the game. It is popular to use after someone calls you a fag or retarded, hold it up and say 'No, you'.
Pink uno reverse card with hearts
Jay: Kill yourself
Troy: *Holds UNO reverse card* No, you
Jay: Cries
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An upgraded no u
If someone says no u u play that shit
Me: insults my friend
My friend: β€œpulls outuno reverse card”
Me: β€œdies
β€œTime starts moving backwards”
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If someone uses this against you, your pretty muchfucked.
Luke: Your mum gay
Ben: Pulls out uno reverse card
Luke: oh shit
by Mike Hamol July 01, 2019
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Often referred to as 'No U' uno reverse card is a statement you make after another says they will do something to you. This causes them to do it to themselves.
Person:'I'm gonna fockin shank ya BLUD'
Me:'Uno reverse card'
Person:*Shanks self*
by This word is called September 04, 2019
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Rainbow Uno Reverse Card

Guy 1:U DUMB
Guy 2: NO U
Guy 1: UNO REVERSE CARD!!!!!!!
by BOIIIIIYUYU November 11, 2019
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Pink Uno Reverse Card With Hearts Game

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