DOWNLOAD TGBMX2 (IOS ONLY) - Cuz It Makes Me Feel Good, And You Can Keep Watchin!. Touchgrind BMX 2 - realistic bike control, which is a continuation of good in all senses of the project. The player will again be able to take control of a bike to conquer the numerous levels scattered to all corners of the globe. At each stage it is necessary to overcome the obstacle and perform.

Just like in real motocross, in Touchgrind BMX you need to not only learn how to ride a bike, but also perform tricks to achieve the highest level of skill!The game will astonish youwith its realism.When passing the tracks, you will have to take into account the weather conditions, the class of the two-wheeled vehicle, the features of the coverage under the wheels and other factors. At the beginning, only three free bikes are provided, others can be opened later. You will also be able to unlock various places for practicing incredible stunts!

About this Game

Have you ever wanted to feel the glory of doing BMX trick far greater than a bunnyhop? If you have but you don’t have the guts or the BMX to do so, then Touchgrind BMX Desktop is for you. Download the Touchgrind BMX free PC game now and see what sets it apart from other BMX simulators.

Touchgrind BMX PC Features


The game features a realistic physics engine which allows you to perform real-world stunts. If you want to, you can create your own tricks by adhering to physics! Always keep in mind that in Touchgrind BMX, your imagination is the limit. The game features eye-popping graphics and great sound effects. You will surely feel like you are actually riding a BMX as the immersive assets amaze you.

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In-game Recorder

The in-game recorder allows you to record your performance from different angles. Time clock with thermometer. Feel free to upload your performance and brag about how you did a 1480 vertical flip!


Touchgrind Bmx Full Game Apk

Different Unlockable Locations and Bikes

Touchgrind Bmx Play online, free

There are tons of bikes to unlock. At the same time, different location also offers great different opportunities for pulling off adrenaline-pumping stunts. Get your free Touchgrind BMX download now and do the tricks you always dreamed about! For more sports games, grab Flick Shoot 2 and Basketball Stars for your PC.

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