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Zee Marathi is an Indian television channel which carries programming in Marathi, an Indian language spoken predominantly by the Marathi people of Maharashtra, west India. The channel was launched in 1999, and wasknown as AlphaMarathiuntil2004 when it was renamed Zee Marathi. 5 6 Zee Marathi is introduced to be the no. 1 regional marathi channel in all genre. Read Top Stories On The Latest Zee Marathi TV Serials & Shows, Marathi Movies, ZEE5 Marathi Originals, And Entertainment News Online.

ninety, going on 16: ‘Hello Tekade Bhauji’, a show organised in Thane witnessed Bal Kudtarkar (in picture) who along with his former colleague Karuna Deo enacted a few sessions of ‘Prapanch’, then a big hit among radio shows

Ace Aakashvani artists Bal Kudtarkar and Karuna Deo (formerly known as Neelam Prabhu) were such artists who used to enact in radio plays (Nabho-natya), and other programmes. Their daily skit 'Prapanch' was extremely popular in which they used to perform the roles of Tekadebhauji and Meena Vahini.
Everyday the skit would start with Meena Vahini's call ‘Ya Tekade Bhauji’ and immediately people would stop their morning chores and get engrossed in the crispy conversation. ‘Prapanch’ was a platform to discuss current issues. Both the artist's clear, distinct voice became their identity.
Indradhanu invited Bal Kudtarkar and Karuna Deo in a talk show ‘Hallo Tekade Bhauji’ that was organised at Saraswati School Kreeda Sankul Hall this week. Kudtarkar is about 90-years-old but his voice is as clear and impressive as it was 40 years back. On this occasion Indradhanu felicitated Kudtarkar for his lifetime work.
Karuna Deo has anchored many prestigious radio programmes and her melodious voice and tinkling smile are still remembered. On this platform, Karunaji had a hearty dialogue with Kudtarkar in which he went down his memory lane, unfolded the cherished memories of his career with the audience. “I joined the All India Radio in 1939 when I cleared matriculation and had just taken admission in the J J School of Arts.

Prapanch Marathi Movie Cast

I was delighted to know that I would be able to continue my education along with this service,” he informed.Kudtarkar insisted that Aakashvani artists must talk pure, fluent language and should have mastered over it and must have a clear and perfect diction.
There is no compromise to these qualities. Artists should be able to deliver the dialogues precisely and should think how he/she can mesmerise the audience with their expressive skills.” He further added, “In my Aakashvani service of over 40 years I learned to start the programme at the precise time and how to present your skit impressively in limited time.”

Kudtarkar also narrated the memory of the late renowned writer Jaywant Dalvi. He said, “I was very friendly with Dalvi. Once he asked me to do something about his play ‘Guntata Hriday He’ which is based on his novel ‘Mahananda’. We liked the script and before hitting the theatre ‘Guntata’ was aired through Aakashvani. On audience's demand Kudtarkar and Karunaji enacted some excerpts of ‘Prapanch’ and with the yesteryear experience everyone became nostalgic.
Sources: Thane Plus


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Prapanch Marathi Movie Songs Download

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