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  1. The first disc in this package is simply a re-issue of the original Pablo Honey album, an album which features unique moments in the Radiohead catalogue and also establishes elements of their sound that would be further developed on The Bends and OK Computer.
  2. In 1992 their first single Creep was released and then in 1993 Radiohead recorded a debut album, titled Pablo Honey. In spite of the fact that the album was evidently unsuccessful, the single became a worldwide hit. Radiohead's popularity in the UK intensified after the release of their second album The Bends in Fall 1995.
  3. Radiohead released their debut album, Pablo Honey, in February 1993. It stalled at number 22 in the UK charts, as 'Creep' and its follow-up singles 'Anyone Can Play Guitar' and 'Stop Whispering' failed to become hits. 'Pop Is Dead', a non-album single, also sold poorly; O'Brien later called the track 'a.

Pablo Honey Radiohead Album Cover

Issued with a colour printed inner sleeve and a download coupon. Heavy pressed vinyl, but not marketed as 180g or suchlike. Radiohead: Pablo Honey ‎ (LP, Album.

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Pablo Honey album cover

Pablo Honey album art

Pablo Honey album artwork
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Pablo Honey


Mon 22, Feb 1993 Doom 3 download for free.

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Album Info

Pablo Honey is the debut studio album by the English alternative rock band Radiohead, released in February 1993. The album was produced by Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie and was recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios and Courtyard Studio, Oxfordshire from September to November 1992. It features three charting singles: 'Anyone Can Play Guitar', 'Stop Whispering' and perhaps the band's most well-known hit on mainstream radio, 'Creep'. Pablo Honey peaked at No. 22 in the United Kingdom charts and went platinum there and in other countries. The album title comes from a Jerky Boys prank call skit in which the prank caller says, 'Pablo, honey? Please come to Florida!' to his victim. This snippet is sampled by the band on the track 'How Do You?'.

Track listing

  1. You3:29
  2. Creep3:56
  3. How Do You?2:12
  4. Stop Whispering5:26
  5. Thinking About You2:41
  6. Anyone Can Play Guitar3:38
  7. Ripcord3:10
  8. Vegetable3:13
  9. Prove Yourself2:25
  10. I Can't4:13
  11. Lurgee3:08
  12. Blow Out4:40

Album Rating

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Album Review

In this album, there is a song that is immortal that many people probably well know it is a very popular song, Yes, it's 'Creep', in during the era of the 90 's this song inspired many people and artists, and with this song on this album that make many people want to occupy it, however for the world people, that would try to listen. Other songs on the album may difficult to listen and boring to some, which may make an overview of the album little dropped, but in my opinion. This album is still considered one of the best albums by Radiohead, by the way.

by Mark SkuzzbullMon 03, Aug 2015

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Total Size: 390 MB 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Parlophone, Holland Cat#: 7243 8 55229 2 5 Genre: Alternative Rock

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Using the textured soundscapes of The Bends as a launching pad, Radiohead delivered another startlingly accomplished set of modern guitar rock with OK Computer. The anthemic guitar heroics present on Pablo Honey and even The Bends are nowhere to be heard here. Radiohead have stripped away many of the obvious elements of guitar rock, creating music that is subtle and textured yet still has the feeling of rock & roll. Even at its most adventurous — such as the complex, multi-segmentedRead More

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