Want all the benefits of a solid lifter valve train with out having to fork out for a GTR Head?

  1. Rb25det Neo Aac Valve Rebuild Kit
  2. R34 Rb25det Neo

Rb25det Neo Aac Valve Rebuild Kit

Want to spin your RB25 headed engine to 10,000rpm?

Well here you go,

There’s only two wires on the AAC Valve. To be sure the blue wire is the power wire the rubber boot on the connector should be a color other than white. This goes to any other connector. The Ignition Coil Plug comes out of the spark plug cover at the rear of the engine. It’s not too far from the ACC Valve. Find the power wire on that plug. Description Nissan RB25 / SR20 Fast Idle Control Device (FICD) Connector (Purple) Connector suits R33 RB25DET and S14 and S15 SR20DET’s. The idle control system on mid-1990’s Nissan RB and SR engines (among others) consists of an Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) unit, which consists of two devices – the auxiliary air controller (AAC) and the fast idle control device (FICD). In many cases, a. Spool RB25 NEO Forged Connecting Rods and CP Forged Pistons. Pistons are available in: Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 Bore Sizes: STD, +0.5mm and 1mm Pistons come with rings, gudgeon pins and pin locks Spool Connecting Rods Feature.

Fabre are proud to announce the release of the RB25 solid lifter conversion kit, complete with everything you need to convert your hydraulic lifter setup to a more reliable race type solid 'shim under bucket' setup capable of withstanding 10,000+ RPM in a 1500+ Horsepower drag car or simply a few more revs in your daily drive.

Rb25det Neo Aac ValveRb25det neo aac valve check valve

Includes all 168 pieces

12 x Black Nitrided Intake Valves

12 x Inconel Exhaust Valves

Rb25det Neo Aac Valve

24 x Dual Valve Springs

24 x Spring Seats


24 x Titanium Spring Retainers

24 x Maganese Bronze Valve Guides

24 x Valve Stem Seals

24 x Cam Followers


R34 Rb25det Neo

Download 3utools for macbook dmg. Supertech RB25 Solid Lifter Head Conversion Kit

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