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Learn the five essential steps to retouching any portrait in Photoshop in this fast-paced tutorial!We’ll cover a very fast outline of the process I like to u. Consider what is the best photo retouching software for your professional portrait. Luminar offers a lot of tools for retouching photos. Not only in the new update you will be able to quickly browse, tag, rate your portrait photos for swift organization, but also there are features available to make your portrait retouching quick.

About us

A fast and convenient way to have your photos retouched professionally

  • Fast retouching (from 15 minutes)
  • Low prices (from 1 dollar)
  • Your photos will be retouched only by professionals)
  • We will re-retouch your photos for free if you are not satisfied with the results

Retouching Your Photos Pictures

Step one

Upload a photo on the site (or give us a link to a file storage or archive)


Step two

Attach the task for retouching. If you have a reference, attach it as well


Step three

Wait for the results. We will gauge your order and send you the bank details (within 8 hours)


Step 4

Download the retouched photos. We usually complete orders within 24 hours. (90% of the time)

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We make photo retouch for top magazine.

  • Slight retouching
  • Correcting of the defects of the skin
  • Deleting of the greasy shine
  • Whitening of the teeth
  • Getting rid of red eyes
  • Framing
  • Color correction
  • Filtering
  • Complex retouching
  • Changing of the hairstyle
  • Clothes and makeup
  • Smoothing of the color of the face
  • Body flexibility
  • Rejuvenation
  • Complex skin retouch
  • Beauty retouch
  • Deep glossy retouch of the whole photo
  • Retouch for your portfolio
  • Using the technique of the frequent decomposition
  • Dodge&burn

* If you retouch more than 10 photos at one time, you get 10% discount, and if you retouch more than 100 photos - 20%

1. What is our experience in Photoshop?

We hire only professional photo editors with more than a three-year experience in photo retouching

2. What’s the cost of retouching?

We have affordable prices, the cost of retouching starts from 1 dollar

3. How to make an order?
Retouching Your Photos
4. What if you want to make a large order?

Use any cloud storage to upload files, and send us a link to download it. Popular services: Google Drive (15GB), Yandex Disk (10GB), Mail.ru Cloud (8GB), Microsoft OneDrive (5GB), Dropbox or just upload your photos by archive

5. How to pay for the order?

Capture one student pricing. It is possible to pay on the card of Sberbank, Tinkoff or Yandex money or to issue an invoice. We will send you all the details after deciding on all the conditions of the order

6. In what format will the retouched photos be transmitted?

By default, the images are provided in JPEG format, in the sRGB color space of 8 bits. By agreement, it is possible to get files in other formats, for example TIFF, PNG or PSD

7. What if you won’t be satisfied with the results?

In case of dissatisfaction with the result, we will redo the necessary photos, accompanied by a reasoning comment. Editing within the original order is unlimited and free

8. Do we claim the rights to the retouched photos?

No, the rights to the photos are fully reserved by the customer

9. Will the photos be demonstrated on the site?

Only with the customer’s consent. Photos will not be published without your permission

10. How long does it take to retouch photos?

We immediately begin to retouch your photos after the payment. Retouching time depends on the quantity and complexity of the order. Minimum time for one photo is 15 min. Since we have many photo editors, we retouch 90% of photos within 24 hours

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Saves your time. You can get an excellent result in a short time.


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Everything is great!
An excellent and convenient app.

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I’ve been trying to find such an app for a really long time!
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