Rocscience is the developer of 17 civil engineering softwares currently listed at CESDb. Please visit developers website for software support, product updates, licenses and other information about Dips, Slide, RS2, Examine2D, RocData, Settle3D.

Link download Rocscience Slide: -contact admin-. Download Rocscience Slide v6.020 Full Patch Free Gratis - Rocscience Slide adalah software analisis stabilitas kemiringan yang paling lengkap, lengkap dengan analisis rembesan tanah hingga elemen, penarikan cepat, analisis sensitivitas dan probabilistik dan desain pendukung.

For more information please visit: http://rocscience.com

  • Rocscience Settle 3D menggabungkan kesederhanaan analisis satu dimensi dengan kemampuan kekuatan dan visualisasi dari program tiga dimensi yang lebih canggih. Download Rocscience Slide v6.020 Full Patch Free Gratis. Download Rocscience PHASE2 v8.0 Full Patch.
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CPillarVersion:5.0 · Hit:394

CPillar is a quick, interactive, and easy-to-use analysis tool for evaluating the stability of surface or underground crown pillars, and laminated roof beds.

DipsVersion:8.0 · Hit:5547

Dips is designed for the interactive analysis of orientation based geological data.

EX3Version:1.007 · Hit:773

EX3 is an engineering analysis program for underground excavations in rock.

Examine2DVersion:8.0 · Hit:2004

Examine2D is a 2-dimensional plane strain indirect boundary element program for the elastic stress analysis of underground excavations.

RocDataVersion:5.011 · Hit:1964

RocData is a versatile toolkit for the analysis of rock and soil strength data, and the determination of strength envelopes and other physical parameters.

RocFallVersion:8.0 · Hit:968

RocFall is a statistical analysis program designed to assist with assessment of slopes at risk for rockfalls.

RocPlaneVersion:4.0 · Hit:951

RocPlane is an interactive software tool for performing planar rock slope stability analysis and support design.

RocSupportVersion:5.0 · Hit:585
Rocscience Slide Free Download

RocSupport is a fast and easy to use program for estimating the deformation of circular tunnels in weak rock and visualizing the tunnel interaction with various support systems.

RocToppleVersion:2.0 · Hit:1117

RocTopple is an interactive software tool for performing toppling analysis and support design of rock slopes.

RS2Version:11.0 · Hit:2427

Phase2 is a powerful 2D elasto-plastic finite element stress analysis program for underground or surface excavations in rock or soil.

RS3Version:4.0 · Hit:1185

RS3 is a 3D finite element analysis program that can be used for a wide range of applications in both rock and soil, such as underground excavations, sequenced tunneling, surface excavations, slope stability, seepage analysis, consolidation analysis, and much more.

RSPileVersion:3.0 · Hit:736

RSPile is a program for the calculation of the axial load capacity of driven piles and the analysis of piles under lateral loading.

Settle3DVersion:5.0 · Hit:1540

Settle3D is a 3-dimensional program for the analysis of vertical consolidation and settlement under foundations, embankments and surface loads.

SlideVersion:9.0 · Hit:3224

Slide is the most comprehensive slope stability analysis software available, complete with finite element groundwater seepage analysis, rapid drawdown, sensitivity and probabilistic analysis and support design.

Slide3Version:3.0 · Hit:900

Slide3 is a powerful, user-friendly, 3D limit equilibrium slope stability analysis program for all types of soil and rock slopes, embankments, earth dams, and retaining walls.

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SwedgeVersion:7.0 · Hit:1099

The price of civilization pdf free download adobe reader. Swedge is a quick, interactive and simple to use analysis tool for evaluating the geometry and stability of surface wedges in rock slopes.

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UnwedgeVersion:5.0 · Hit:1259

Rocscience Slide Free Download Windows 7

Unwedge is a 3D stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities.

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