I just received the SRX-99 that I bought on E-Bay.
  1. Roland Srx 07 Patch Listesi
  2. Roland Srx-07 Patch List
  3. Roland Srx Demo
  4. Roland Srx 01
  5. Roland Srx 07 Patch List File
Roland srx 07 patch listesi

The SRX-07 contains all forms donde expansion cards 04 SR-JV80 Vintage Synth, SR-JV80 08 Keyboards of th 60s & 70s and SR-JV80 10 Bass & 87 drums donde forms of SR-JV80 Session 09 and 13 of the SR-JV80 03 Piano for a total of 860 forms Donder and 475 new patches. Patches original SR-JV80 04/08/10 are included on the CD ROM accompanying the SRX-07. Page 2. Before installing the SRX-07, you must first always specific instructions directing you to do so). Best rar extractor. Refer turn off the Fantom series/XV series/JUNO-G/ all servicing to your retailer, the nearest Roland MX-200/RD series with SRX slots/MC-909/VR- Service Center, or an authorized Roland.

Only 6 days from H-K to Canada (Montreal)
No surprise here.
At first I was not able to access the new patch bank.Srx
So I upgraded from 1.05 to the latest OS 1.08.
Problem solved.
BUT HERE'S THE CATCH : the Wave and Patches mark with the # are playable over the entire range BUT NOT THE OTHER ONES. The waves no. 16 trough 81 are only playable from E3 to G4 notes, roughly one octave. And so are the patches associate with these waves, patches 40 trought 64.Roland srx 07 patch lists
After the OS upg I was still under the impression something was wrong with my setup until I examined the patches using a mix of the exp unmarked waves and internal ones. Keys limits where set to the the internal wave to match the limits of the exp waves.
To see the patches and wave list go here :
I almost broke the board on the wall and felt cheated, the seller should have warned me.
Since this board was a freebee in Japan it's hard to put Roland at fault here.
Ok So about the fully playable waves :
1 #V VOX :voxy waves with anoying pitch shifting attack, so-so
2 #Jet Hit :nice effect, could be used as a flange emulation
3 #Reso Sweep : reminded me my D-10, nice reso tone
not the POP wave I was expecting
4 #Synth Gtr : remind me of my JV-80, synth guitar

Roland Srx 07 Patch Listesi

5 #Saw Stack L
6 #Saw Stack R : Killer pad/analog strg wave, superb
7 #Bell Loop : so-so

Roland Srx-07 Patch List

8 #GlassyLoopL : nice effect, reminded me of the M1 magic organ
9 #GlassyLoopR
10 #Dist Saw : could be usefull as a layer
11 #Lead Wave : so-so
12#PWM : Very good analog wave
13#Big Stack : good

Roland Srx Demo

14 #Morph Shape : a nice synth vox wave, a welcome addition

Roland Srx 01

15#MasterChord : so-so stack

Roland Srx 07 Patch List File

The patches using these waves are good.
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