Sad Satan, is a game that was designed using Terror Engine. It consists of a first-person walk through a maze with creepy imagery, music, and sound effects, including things like the song “I Love Beijing Tienanmen” and “The Swedish Rhapsody” numbers station played backwards. At one point, it also plays a snippet of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” backwards, which sounds like the words “…for sad satan,” hence the title of the game.

The game was first reported on the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner on June 25, 2015.

Sad Satan was a 'game' released in 2015 as 'the scariest game the internet has ever seen!' This subreddit was originally created to dig into the meaning behind the game. During the investigation, someone released a 'clone' with illicit material in it. また、Sad SatanがObscure Horror Cornerの所有者によって製作されておらず、チャンネルの所有者がマルウェアバージョンのSad Satanのリリース後の全論争のために行方をくらました可能性もある。. Stock Photos by dvarg 19 / 2,053 manuscripts Stock Photos by prometeus 4 / 2,164 Devil business Stock Photographs by Tawng 6 / 715 Satan halloween concept with scary woman Stock Photographs by Elnur 2 / 186 Pentagram in hand macro shot Stock Photographs by svedoliver 18 / 1,735 skull with tribal elements Picture by Weniworks 71 / 16,567 Devil. As you play the game, several random images flash up on the screen at random times. These pictures include Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile promoting the NPCC, a poorly drawn picture of Satan, a picture of Franz Joseph who was the ninth prince of Thurn, etc. There are a few others that can be seen in the gallery below. Sad Satan was the last game covered by Obscure Horror Corner, and since then, the YouTube channel has been abandoned for unknown reasons. There has been speculation that the game was in fact created by the owner of Obscure Horror Corner in an effort to increase viewer subscription count, and that the Deep Web story was a complete fabrication to.

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Posted, with no explanation, on the dark web, nobody seems to know who made it, what it’s for, or even what you’re supposed to do in it.

‘Jamie’, who runs Obscure Horror Corner, claims that it was downloaded from aTor service, after receiving a tip from an anonymous subscriber.
The subscriber was questioned, and he claims that he recieved the link of the dark web service from a user, only known as ‘ZK’.

The developer of the game is still a mystery.
The title of publisher for the game is given to this unknown user ‘ZK’.

The game is said to feature numerous references to pedophilia and child abuse. It contained several gore images and a few images of child pornoraphy too.

People who played this game, say that it is more like IKEA’s virtual kitchen, on a bad acid trip. All you do in the game, is walking and running around the game world in a really trippy way.

Later, a new version of the game was posted to 4chan by someone claiming to be ZK, claiming that Obscure Horror Corner had not been showing their viewers the “true” Sad Satan.

Members of the 4chan community downloaded this version of the game and attempted to play it. Some users complained that their computers began running sluggishly, and a few even reported that their computers became completely unresponsive while trying to run the game. A few users even reported that their computer would not turn on anymore after running this version of the game.

Housefly doesn’t promote the game, or malware or whatever it is, in any manner.

Check out ‘Do you believe in ghosts? -A Walkers diary’ for a real life experience.

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WARNING!This article is NSFL!

This article may contain content that is disturbing, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disater, tragedy, etc.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

Sad Satan
Trust us, this image is the least terrifying thing on this game, wait until you see the real images. Also no wonder it´s called Sad Satan cause even the devil is sad at this game.
Genre:Survival Horror
Release Date:June 15, 2015
Developer:Unknown, allegedly 'ZK'
Publisher:Obscure Horror Corner

Sad Satan is a very strange game built with the Terror Engine. It was first reported on the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner, and the channel's owner claimed that he had downloaded it on the Dark Web.

Currently, there is no way to confirm the origin of the game. It was alleged that a Dark Web user under the name of 'ZK' made the game, but it was also speculated that the owner of Obscure Horror Corner created it just to gain attention.

There are two games very similar to Sad Satan, made by Indie BD user 'NameIess': Evil and FUN. However, these games are not spiritual successors as they were released prior.

Sad Satan Images

There is a 4chan version of this game, where they added an actual (CP) of a woman licking off the baby's penis.

Why It Sucks

  1. It doesn't even qualify as a video game. It is just a walking simulator made to be disturbing
  2. ..and in fact, it is even more disturbing than Demonophobia for comparison.
  3. The 'game' is just walking through monochrome corridors, hearing distorted audios from real world serial killers, and seeing some pop-up real photos of child abuse, gore, and other (really unsettling) things.
  4. There are some idle children on the corridors, and eventually, one of them will attack and kill the protagonist, effectively finishing the game for good.
  5. To make matters worse, someone claiming to be its developer released a malware version of the game on 4chan, saying it was a 'full uncensored version' of the original one shared by Obscure Horror Corner. Numerous users had their computers becoming unresponsive or not booting properly after trying to execute that 'full version' of the game.
  6. Many theorize that child abuse is the main theme of the game and worse.
  7. Sad Satan is more of a snuff movie than a game.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The game, thankfully, is now illegal, so people won't suffer anymore.


Sad Satan Images Gore


Clippy the useless Office assistant

Score 3
This game did NOT come out of the Deep Web. Obscure Horror Corner made up that hoax to gain some attention because most people don't know jack shit about how the Deep Web truly is. And btw, the game was developed with Terror Engine Reborn 2.0, which is not a really special game engine.


Score 1
Of course it's not from the deep web, it's always said by people to get attention. There are also scary videos that the same types of people would call cursed.


Score 1


Score 1
It's not scary in an entertaining way, it just haunts your mind.


Score 0
nah the usual creepypasta to make money and really simple to create a sad satan with the terror engine it takes just 2 hours.

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