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Saints Row is an action-adventure video game series created by Volition and published by THQ and Deep Silver.Games in the Saints Row series are set in fictional locales during the current time period, primarily the U.S. Cities of Stilwater and Steelport. Its primary feature is the Saints Row Church, towards the south side of the neighborhood. As far as shops goes, there's a Brown Baggers Liquor store near the church, a Forgive and Forget Confessional on the east side, and a Freckle Bitch's Fast Food just a bit north of that. This neighborhood is controlled by Saints Row.

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Respect is used to perform missions and strongholds. You must have at least 2,000 respect (one full respect bar) to start a mission.
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The following things will increase your respect:

  • Killing rival gang members (10 each)
  • Defending against a pushback (500 each)
  • Spraying a tag (500 each)
  • Completing the 'Back To Basics' mission (500)
  • Completing a Hostage run (variable, 250-1,000)
  • Completing a Theft run (variable)
  • Performing an Activity (Variable)
You will lose exactly one bar of respect every time you start a mission or a stronghold, and you cannot start one of these without at least one full bar of respect (the exception to this are some of the Third Street Saints missions, they do not require respect to start up). Note however that if the mission involves killing enemy gang members, you will still get the normal amount of respect for that while in the mission, so in some cases you will get some of that respect back.

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I will list the amount of respect you gain for activities in the activities section of this guide.

Respect Modifiers

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There are some things in the game that don't affect your respect value directly, but instead have an effect on the amount of respect you get when you do earn it. These are respect modifiers, and you can change this modifier by wearing clothing and jewelry. Generally, the more expensive (and purple) the clothing and jewelry you wear, the higher the modifier.Saints row 2 necklaces
When you fill a modifier bar (which is visible when you are buying clothing or jewelry, or visiting your wardrobe), you will get a percentage increase to the amount of respect you will receive.Row
For example, if you are wearing enough purple clothing to raise your modifier one bar, you will get a 10% increase in respect. Then, if you were to go spray a gang tag, you would get 550 respect rather than the base 500 respect.Row
Note that all respect values given in this guide are the base values, based on having zero full bars of respect modifiers. If you have more bars than zero, you will get higher respect rewards than are shown in the guide.
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