On 7th May, scrap mechanic, the sandbox vehicle construction game, make the long-awaited update about survival mode. But how to enable it?

Scrap Mechanic - PLEASE NOTE: We’re still hard at work on Scrap Mechanic! New content is being added and optimizations being made regularly. Get started right away in Survival Mode, Creative Mode and Challenge Mode! Please watch the latest Scrap Mechanic trailers to see the game’s latest state.Tool up and enter the creative paradise of Scrap Mechanic! Scrap Mechanic is an all-new creative multiplayer sandbox game which drops you right into a world where you quite literally engineer your own adventures! Choose from the 100+ building parts you have at your disposal and create anything from crazy transforming vehicles to a house that moves.

Scrap Mechanic Survival released recently and lets you bring your friends with you as you struggle desperately to survive during a robot apocalypse.EDITED BY. The latest tweets from @ScrapMechanic.

After many tests, this is the method that should work correctly for all players.

how to turn on mods in survival?

To enable mods, you need to have save of survival, if you don’t have it, do it.

  • Go to this folder : C:UsersPC_nameAppDataRoamingAxolot GamesScrap MechanicUserUser_xxxxSaveSurvival
  • Move your save file (*WorldName*.db) to C:Users*PC_name*AppDataRoamingAxolot GamesScrap MechanicUserUser_xxxxSave

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Start the game, In-game menu press “Play” and open creative mode, you see what you saved in creative mode, then turn on any mod which you download, for my example “ModPack” by Durf.

Join the creative menu into survival mode, but with enabled mods, to use block or items – everything that you have in your mode, you need to make craft by editing game file “Scrap MechanicSurvivalCraftingRecipescraftbot.json.”

You need to have ids of mods items. Also, I already make crafts, but “ModPack” outdated and has some bugs.

To download The “Modpack” and “craftbot.json” :


How to Install the Modpack?

Move folder “Modpack” from archive to:
“C:Users*PC_name*AppDataRoamingAxolot Games
Scrap MechanicUserUser_xxxxMods”

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Then file craftbot.json move to “Scrap MechanicSurvivalCraftingRecipes” and replace it.

Encryptor in warehouse
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Encryptor is an object in Scrap Mechanic.

Protector in warehouse
  • 2Variants
  • 4History

Overview[editedit source]

Encryptors are used to prevent players from removing objects in Warehouses. These cannot be deactivated, as they are hidden in an inaccessible area and using Explosive Canisters to blow them off does not do anything after they are detached.

Encryptors are currently unable to be obtained by players without editing the game files.

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However, if you blow the Encryptor off the wall and manage to move it into the elevator and take it to the roof, you can then pick it up with the Weld Tool.


Creations with Encryptors attached cannot be placed on the Lift.

Encryptors have a 'use' prompt, but currently only work like switches.

They currently cannot be connected to battery containers.

Variants[editedit source]

Encryptor[editedit source]

Prevents players from viewing/editing connections with the Connect Tool.

Protector[editedit source]

Prevents players from removing objects.

Upcoming[editedit source]

Encryptors in Warehouses may be able to be deactivated at some point in the future.

Encryptors may also be available for use by players. Their item descriptions indicate that they will require power in the form of a connected Battery Container, but this feature is currently unavailable.

History[editedit source]

Beta[editedit source]

  • 0.4.0
    • Added Encryptor.
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