© Crystal Cox/Business Insider It's easy to take a screenshot on Dell computers. Crystal Cox/Business Insider
  • You can take a screenshot on a Dell laptop or desktop computer in several ways, but the easiest is to simply press the Print Screen key, which Dell usually abbreviates as 'PrtScn' or 'prt sc.'
  • There are several ways to customize your PrtScn screenshot using keyboard combos.
  • You can find the Print Screen key in the top row of your Dell's keyboard.
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Whether you have a Dell laptop or desktop computer, it's easy to take and save a screenshot.

The process is the same no matter what kind of PC you own, so once you learn the process you can repeat it on any computer.

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How to take a screenshot on an Dell desktop or laptop

ScreenieScreenie vita

There are several ways to take a screenshot on any Windows computer. But the quickest way is to use the Print Screen key.

Dell typically labels this key 'PrtScn' or 'prt sc' (though the exact label may vary from model to model) and is found along the top row of keys. On most Dell laptops, you'll find the Print Screen key beside the Delete key.

© Dell; skitching by William Antonelli/Business Insider The Print Screen key is found in the top row near the Delete key on this Dell Inspiron laptop. Dell; skitching by William Antonelli/Business InsiderScreenie definition

Once you press the Print Screen key, a picture of your entire screen will be copied to your computer's clipboard. Once it's there, you can paste it into another program (like Paint) to save it.

You have many options for how you use the Print Screen key – using keyboard combos, you can screenshot specific windows or just a portion of the screen.

Screen Picture Windows 10

For details on getting the most out of it and how to save your screenshot once you use the key, see the article 'How to take a screenshot on Windows 10 computers in several different ways.'

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