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Ordinarily, you launch the License Manager and enter your Activation Code to obtain a license for your software. When you attempt this on a computer without an Internet connection and click Next, the License 'Could not communicate with the SAi Cloud' window appears. In it are instructions on where to go and what to provide in order to obtain a new software license.

Sigmaplot License Manager Training


A series of Sigmaplot Installer dialog boxes appear. Once the Sigmaplot 14.0 Installer has verified contents and installed components, the Sigmaplot 14.0 Installation Wizard appears: 6. Click Next to proceed. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next. Enter your User Name, Organization and Serial No. SigmaPlot offers a variety of features that make creating graphs easier and quicker, even for non-technical users. It makes data visualization easier through the Office-like interface and offers over 100 2D and 3D technical graph types, including 2D scatter plots.

Note: Leave the License window open; you will use it once you have obtained a new license file.

Sigmaplot License Manager Salary

Zoho books sign in. To obtain a new software license, on a computer with Internet access:

Sigmaplot 12 License Manager

  1. Launch the computer's web browser.
  2. In the Address Bar, type www.saicloud.com/get_license and press Enter.

    The Instructions on How to Get a License page appears.

  3. Complete the necessary account-identifying fields (including Computer ID) and click Submit.

    The license Save File window appears.

  4. Select the Save option and click OK to download the license file.

    The license file is copied to the computer's default Downloads directory.

  5. Copy the license file onto a flash drive or other portable medium.
  6. Copy the license file from the portable medium onto the computer needing the license file.
  7. Launch the License Manager.

    If required, click Yes in the User Account Control window.

  8. Return to the License window and click the Import License File option.

    The Open window appears in the default Downloads directory.

  9. Navigate to the location of the copied license file.
  10. Select the file and click Open (or double-click the file).

    The message 'License successfully installed' appears in the License window.

Sigmaplot License Manager Software


At this point your computer has a copy of the same license file recorded on the SAi Cloud server. If you return to the Software page in your SAi account and refresh the screen, the Current Install page will appear, and the top entry in the History column will show 'Software Installed.'

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