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Dedication to perfection
Building a state-of-the-art aircraft simulation for FSX is not for the faint at heart. It takes skill, knowledge and a lot of patience.

The A300B4-200 series is a first generation Airbus with analogue steam-gauges and a (for that time) advanced autopilot. Some of the current operators have made cockpit upgrades based on various GPS systems where the ADI was replaced with an EADI, the HSI. SimCheck Airbus A300B4-200 Aerosoft GmbH 2010 12 LOADING FUEL Re-fuelling and de-fuelling can be done directly from the panel or by calling a fuel truck. Re/de-fuelling can only be performed: while on the ground with the engines switched off! On the main fuel panel (shift-7) click on the REFUEL/DEFUEL zone to open or close the refuel gauge. Hi, Has anyone tried SimCheck Airbus A300B4-200? Is it worth the money? I would like to get a good Airbus sim. Waiting for the A320 to come out.Greg. How to export facebook messages to pdf.

The external model and virtual cockpit ofd the SimCheck A300B4-200 incorporate the latest modeling developments in animation, reflection and lighting built into the FSX simulator engine.
The model includes features like: automatically extending and retracting landing light, separate opening and closing of all the doors and cargo doors, working windshield wipers, aileron droop, wing flexing, and much much more.
The panel simulates all the aircraft systems to a very high detail. Not only does the aircraft boast 3 hydraulics systems for instance, they are actually connected to the correct controls.
Why the Airbus A300B4-200?
The list of freeware and payware aircraft add-ons for FS is almost endless. From the humble Cessna C150 all the way up to the mighty Antonov 225, models and panels are available in various degrees of detail and realism.
The number of quality Airbus simulations is very limited and the classic A300B4-200 was after all the first succesfull aircraft ever built by Airbus.
Because of that it is one of the most important aircraft in European aviation history.

Simcheck Airbus A300b4-200

What customers have been saying about the SimCheck A300B4-200
This is, without a doubt, one of the finest aircraft I have flown. This aircraft has very few flaws and should be in every Flight Simmer's hangar. Great job SimCheck! - Robbier @ flightsimulationforums.com

Simcheck Airbus A300 B4 200

A300 B4

P3d airbus a300

This plane is ....well.... in a word AWESOME - 767Pilot
I purchased your product from the Aerosoft site few days ago, and it's outstanding, I'm a loyal user of PMDG products, but now, there is no doubt that your A300 has become by far my favorite aircraft for FSX.. - Tony76 in April 2010
Simcheck airbus a300 b4-200
I am loving this Simcheck A300. It is one of the most enjoyable airliners to fly in my hanger - Signmanbob on Aerosoft forum in April 2010
Simcheck Team and Aerosoft - THANK YOU for such a wonderful aircraft. The graphics, ease of use, FPS, etc. are outstanding!!!! - BobL on Aerosoft forum in February 2010
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the A300.
I am a retired real pilot and a fltsim person now for about 10 years and I must say your A300 has the best flight dynamics and AP in the business! It's about time somebody got it right. The A300 actually feels like a heavy jet much more so than anything else I've tried in FS..and that includes many other paywares - JetJerry on Aerosoft forum in February 2010


External model
The external model was developed with 3DSMax and contains all the latest features available in FSX. This means that model will not work properly in FS9.

Some special features:
Bump bitmaps
APU door
Detailed landing gear modeling including pneumatics leads
Ground power unit
Forward and aft stairs
Animated cargo loader
Aileron droop
Low speed aileron movement properly simulated
Speedbrake panel extension as realistic as you have ever seen

Virtual cockpit
Extremely detailed texturized 3D cockpit environment for maximum immersion using 3D animated switches, handles and gear levers where appropriate whilst maintaining high frame rates.

Independent captains and first officers panel
PID controlled autopilot and autothrottle functions
INS navigation based on the CIVA INS
Where necessary we have added ultra smooth running gauges using GDI+ technology
Systems programming based on the actual aircraft systems, in many cases independent from standard FSX implementations

Custom made external sound package using the latest 3D mapping technology available in FSX and based on on real life recordings!
Extensive set of cockpit sounds based on recordings made in the real aircraft and in the simulator
Speedbrake rumble
Gear wind sound

Special features
As an extra user friendly option, we have added the ability for the INS to load FSX (XML-based) flightplans. This will reduce the workload in the cockpit for those who don't like to enter individual waypoint coordinates manually
Flight calculator: this little .NET program allows you to load passengers or cargo, calculate the initial optimum cruising level for your flight, fuel required and estimated flight time.

Avaliable in torrent. File size: 218.89Mb

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