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The song Bhajare Gurunatham was composed by Sri Periyava, within a couple of months of Sri Mahaperiyava attaining Maha Samadhi. We (me, my brothers and sisters) were witnesses to HIS composing the lines. He just dictated the lines to a devotee and taught us to sing it in the same tune as Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra's 'Bhajare Yadunatham' set to Misra Peelu raaga and Adi tala (by Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer). Initilally, He always asked us to sing 'Bhajare Yadunatham' first and then 'Bhajare Gurunatham', so that we got the tune correct.
The above was narrated by a Devotee, I forget who.

Bhajare Gurunaatham, maanasa bhajare gurunaatham
Bhasma rudraakshaadi alankruta sareeram
Bilva maalaadi alankruta siraskam
Bhajare Gurunaatham maanasa bhajare gurunaatham
Manthra mahaamani manthra swaroopam
Pranava payodhara pranava swaroopam,pranava swaroopam
Bhajare Gurunaatham maanasa bhajare gurunaatham
Mandahaasa mukham mandaaksha veekshanam
Raajaadhi raajam jagadguru roopam kaamakoti roopam
Bhajare Gurunaatham maanasa bhajare gurunaatham

Here it is in Shri T.M. Krishna's melodious voice:


Here is my crude translation with help from others:


Oh Mind, chant the name of the Guru
The One whose body is decorated with Rudraksham beads and Vibhuti Holy Ash
The One on whose Head adorns Vilvam Leaves

The One who is the Form of the Holy Manthras
The One who is the embodiment of Omkara. He is Pranava himself like the water-bearing cloud.

The One whose Face is enveloped in Bliss
The One who is King of Kings
The One who is the Jagadguru
The One who is Kamakoti!
Oh Mind, chant the name of the Guru


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